How Much YouTube Pays You For 1,000 Views In 2022

Curious how much YouTube pays per view? In this video we walk through how much money/ revenue content creators receive for getting a 1,000, 1 million and even per a view on YouTube. I’m going to walk you through how to calculate/estimate how much a channel is earning from YouTube ad revenue in 2022.

How much does youtube pay for a thousand views we’re gonna answer all that and more as we do a deep dive in how youtube ad revenue works so let’s get started youtube ads can be displayed before video during a video at the end of video and even on top and besides a video so basically anywhere you can imagine putting an ad if the video is over eight minutes in length

Then the content creator can decide what type of ads are shown and also place mid-roll ads throughout the video before we get started leave your best guess down below in the comments how much you think this channel earns per thousand views you might assume it’s pretty easy to figure out how much a thousand views is worth if you just happen to know the cpm for the

Channel or the industry the channel is in the cpm means the effective playback base cost per mil or a thousand views and tells you how much advertisers paid per 1000 monetized playbacks well there’s a lot more to it than just knowing the cpm for the channel in the analytics it will tell you how much the average cpm is and for my channel being in the finance and

Investing space the cpm averages around 28 dollars or so there’s more to figured out than how much a thousand views on youtube is worth than just knowing the cpm number first off youtube needs their cut of the money so for all the money that is generated through a youtube program through the youtube ads you might assume that say youtube would take anywhere from 10

Percent 20 or maybe even 30 of the earnings but you’d be wrong youtube actually takes 45 of the earnings so that means for every 100 that the channel generates in youtube ads youtube takes 45 of it and then 55 percent of it is left with the content creator youtube’s 45 cut is outlined in the youtube partner program terms that each partner has to sign in order to

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Place ads on their videos so the cpm minus youtube’s revenue of 45 percent equals the rpm rpm means revenue per mill or a thousand and it tells you how much you earned per thousand views your estimated revenue includes revenue from ads youtube premium memberships super chat and super stickers this is the actual revenue or profits you take home from your youtube

Videos so now we know what percentage a youtube channel keeps but not all video view is counted the same depending what the video is on will impact the cpm and rpm rate for example this channel mostly talks about investing real estate side hustles and personal finance and investing tends to be one of the highest cpm rates all on youtube and it makes sense if you

Do think about it say if you look at the typical viewer that’s watching a personal finance app versus a viewer that’s watching say a prank video the finance that person is probably going to have more money have a higher paying job and overall have more money to spend which advertisers then could pay more for the ad versus a viewer that’s watching a prank channel

They might be 12 years old not have really any income or any savings and therefore can’t really buy anything that they’re advertised to so the type of video and the audience watching the video has an impact how much a thousand views is worth on youtube if we take a deeper look into the audience watching the video where they are located can also impact your cpm

And rpm rate while looking at the mobile youtube insights we can see that for this channel the us australia and canada are among the highest cpm amounts paid the countries that have high cpm amounts are usually wealthy countries and have relatively high income per capita so now let’s calculate how much a thousand views is worth on youtube i’m going to go over the

Different industries a channel may be in and provide ranges for the cpm that way you can calculate for yourself how much a channel is earning per thousand views we’re also going to walk through an example depending what industry or niche the videos are in will impact the cpm the estimated cpm ranges are either from me personally owning different youtube channels

Throughout the years including anything from like technology to car channels or for me doing research i’ve owned several different youtube channels throughout the years including a technology one that i ran for nine years and had over 44 million views and 140 000 subscribers some of the most popular industries on youtube for videos to be in can have the following

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Ranges finance ecommerce and investing usually have some of the highest cpm rates all on youtube ecommerce usually has a cpm from 30 to 50 dollar range but could also have all the way up to 70 or 80 cpms personal finance and entrepreneurship such as this channel can range anywhere from 20 to 40 dollars which is where my channel falls in and last month we received

29 for a cpm rate the technology niche usually receives eight to twelve dollars in cpm i used to have a tech channel for nine years and i would average around seven to nine dollars in cpm software can average around ten to twelve dollars with cpm but depending on what kind of software it is or if it’s a web design you could get all the way up to 30 to 40 dollars

Last up we have gaming which is one of the lowest cpm’s all on youtube and it averages around five to seven dollars i’m going to put up on the screen some other popular industries and their cpm rates so feel free to pause the video the average youtube creator receives a 5 cpm rate and that’s if they’re in a western speaking english country such as the us or canada

For other content creators that are abroad they can receive a much lower cpm rate let’s tie this all together and put it in an example so say if you’re curious how much this channel made per thousand views first you take what industry it’s in and this one is personal finance since i said that is anywhere from 20 to 40 cpm let’s cut that right in the middle and go

With 30 dollars for the cpm then as we know the cpm isn’t the amount that the content creator takes home they only take home 55 of that so we’re going to do 55 percent times our 30 which is gonna get us to sixteen dollars and fifty cents so that means every thousand views for this channel we’re gonna average about sixteen dollars and fifty cents for earnings which


Is surprisingly really accurate if you take a look at this channel’s actual earnings for the last month for the rpm we’re just shy of that 16.50 estimate say if you wanted to estimate how much a million views for this channel would earn us in youtube ad revenue you would take that 16.50 and just multiply it by a thousand and that’s going to get us to 16 500 which

Is how much we would roughly earn for a million views then if you want to do the same thing if you want to calculate how much you would earn for just one view you would take your original amount the dollars and fifty cents and then just divide that by one thousand so that means for every one view on this channel we’re roughly getting about one and a half pennies so

If you wanted to figure out how much a channel is earning in a different industry say gaming for example you would just take that average range for the cpm take the middle number and then remember to just multiply it by 0.55 and that’s gonna be how much the channel is earning roughly for a thousand views and of course every channel is different some channels may

Have subscribers that donate more or have more memberships so that will impact the rpm and it will be higher to other channels in the same industry well that wraps up how much a thousand views on youtube is worth there’s still a lot of other ways you can make money not just from the youtube ad revenue if you guys are interested in checking out one of my latest

Videos where i talk how this small channel with only 35 000 subscribers made well over 50 000 in revenue last year feel free to check that out down below if you guys enjoyed this video remember to smash that thumbs up button let’s see if we can get this video to 50 likes also remember to subscribe so you don’t miss out on future content i’ll see you guys in the

Next one and this is kevin your financial tutor signing off peace

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How Much YouTube Pays You For 1,000 Views In 2022 By Kevin – Financial Tutor