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So you can now auto trade in pokemon go disclaimer this is only for samsung phones so if you don’t have a samsung click away from this video or you can watch it and increase your jealousy let’s start by giving credit to the person who brought this to my attention shrek skywalker hit me up on discord with all this information so you guys can thank him for all this

And he supplied all the footage in this video okay so if you have a samsung phone you know that you can download two different versions of pokemon go and sign into two different accounts on the same phone you can download pokemon go from the google play store and from the samsung store and it technically counts as two different apps so you can sign on to different

Phones this is pretty much where this concept is gonna come in with using blixby routines we can set auto taps onto your phone to get your phone to auto trade for you so first thing you’re gonna need on your samsung phone is to download both versions of pokemon go and the app blix b routine now quickly before i explain exactly how to do this i recommend you guys tag

Your pokemon for trades on both accounts so you and your friend should go through your pokemon storage go ahead and select you know hey these are all the pokemon on the trade make sure you select up to 100 click tag come down here new tag and then click trade and then bam i’m gonna select trade be done with it and then later you guys will see how that is useful so

You can instantly pop up what pokemon you’ll be trading and let the bot do the work for you now one quick thing before you can actually do this you’re gonna have to get an extra app so you can unlock features not normally available on blixby you’re going to go to your galaxy store make sure you go to the galaxy store not the play store in the galaxy store you’re

Going to want to go ahead and search for the app good luck this is pretty much an app that has extensions for the blixby app so you can activate the touch features in the app once you’ve gone ahead and downloaded this is what the app is gonna look like and you just wanna click on the routines plus this will go ahead and download the app or the extension you could

Say so make sure you have that installed and you will see how the routines plus comes into play a little further in the video just make sure you have that activated okay so shrek sent me this beautiful video explaining how to do this we’re going to go ahead and dissect it first of all of course he has blixpe routines you’re going to want to go ahead and open it

Up this is what it’s going to look like and first you want to do is click the add routine button at the bottom once you click add routine this is what’s going to pop up it’s pretty much going to ask you for an if and a then sequence the if is how to trigger the routine and then the then is what the routine is so first thing we’re going to do here is we’re going

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To set up the if so you click the plus button here and then you can choose how you want it to start he’s going to ha go ahead and scroll all the way down and choose button action now let me just explain this real quick it pretty much allows you to press a certain button on your phone whether that be your power button or you know your volume buttons you guys know

You have buttons on your phone he’s gone ahead and chosen the side button and the double press so pretty much to start the routine you just pretty much double press the side button i think the side button is the power button and just set up how you want to start the routine there’s other things you can choose to start up your team as well like you know down here

Unlock with a fingerprint user fingerprint it will start the routine kind of thing but for now it would go with the button choice click done and then go ahead it’s going to put in the if statement now you want to choose the then statement click the plus there you want to come down to the routines plus and choose touch macro pretty much what touch macros are imagine

Pressing the phone but without actually pressing the phone the phone screen itself will press the buttons for you and you can get the phone to automatically tap things type in sentences by just starting your routine he’s gonna go ahead click touch macro and then you’ll want to click the add button now it’s gonna ask you to select an app this is if you wanna actually

Select macros in an app but for us we just wanna use the general screen so you can just go ahead and click none at the bottom click next there you go now this thing’s gonna pop on the screen on the side it looks like it’s a screen recorder we’re gonna explain what to do now what you need to do now is you need to pop out both versions of pokemon go in split screen

And have both of the accounts both yours and your friends who temporarily signed in on your phone side by side like this on the other friends you know screen so obviously we have shrek skywalker and you know uh swimstar account one account two if you don’t know how to open split screen honestly i don’t have a samsung phone so i don’t understand how to do it but

I will just link below a video that i’m sure that i could find a tutorial for you guys on how to just open split screen like this but make sure it’s vertical split screen because vertical helps it so it’s easier to choose the trade button and it doesn’t mess up with the formatting now what you can do is once you’re on the split screen is you can click record and

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You’re pretty much going to go ahead and start recording your touch macro so you’re going to click record here and then now it’s recording what you do to turn into a routine so he’s going to click trade on both phones that’s one and two and zero as you can see give a little bit of lag for everything to open and then now he’s gonna do a second tap number two and

Then number three bang give it a second and then go again number four number five and then confirm and then confirm now you’re gonna let the trade play out because it’s recording everything right now it’s recording the time as well it’s taking into consideration how long between each press you do you’re gonna go ahead and let the trade play out i think his screen

Is a little bit glitched so you don’t really see anything but here you go then bang trade is over and then the final buttons you want to press is at the bottom eight and nine to close and then now you’re back on the same screen now you click the stop button and then there you go you’ve gone ahead and recorded the trade itself yeah i hope that makes sense you’re

Kind of like recording what you’re doing on the screen so the bot can replay that over and over again later and just do all those presses for you instead of you having to press them and then you click the little save icon there and you want to give it a little bit of a name so auto trade would probably be the the best thing you can give it a starting delay if you

Want it to delay once you start and then choose how many times repeats i would recommend putting 100 because you know you you can do up to 100 trades a day but you can do less and he puts less here in case you want to make sure it’s still working after 35 trades you know just make sure the bot hasn’t crashed or something you know your your pokemon go crashed or

Something got messed up now once you’ve gone ahead and saved it just open back up blixby routines click the automatic trading like that click done this is like saving your thing click next in the bottom right corner and then you can just give it your routine a name if you’d like this is pretty much like saving it again it’s like saving in the app while the other

One is just saving the routine itself if that makes sense i think that’s what it is but just do that now there you go it’s been saved and it is ready to run whenever you want so now you can open back up the split screen and then all he’s got to do is press on whatever he started before i think it was like his home button or his his side button and then there you go

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The bot’s gonna start running and in the bottom right corner you will see that it is running the routine and it will repeat a hundred times if you set it to 100. now a couple very important things first of all make sure that none of the pokemon you had in your trading sequence are shinies or legendaries because that will trigger a special trade and special traits

Have that pop-up menu saying hey you want to confirm and obviously the bot doesn’t know that is so i can’t press on that it’s going to continue trying to do the thing it just just don’t include special traded pokemon make sure you do your special trade manually before if you want to do that then also of course he recommends doing the first trade manually so you can

Input the traded tag we talked about before so that every time the trade menu opens up and the bot is trading always choosing from pokemon you’ve already selected and predetermined to trade if anyone is still confused i will link below he made a pdf here explaining how it works i’ll just link that below if you want to get the full step-by-step guide for setting it

Up and this video did not explain it enough you can also if you guys want to not you know do split screen download blixby routines each other on each phone do the sequence yourselves on each phone and then just make sure you start your routines at the same time so the bots are going on separate phones but it’s still working because those routines are in sync you

Don’t technically need to do the split screen thing now if you guys know any ways to do this on phones other than samsung devices if there’s like an app similar to blixby routines that allows touch macros and allows you to touch your screen without touching your screen feel free to comment them below be very interesting to look at i don’t think iphones would ever

Even have an app like this because you know iphones are pretty strict with what they put in their app stores but i could see you know just regular android devices having maybe an app in the google play store like this but i don’t know so if you guys know feel free to comment below that’s the video though appreciate you all tuning in hopefully guys use this is going

To save you plenty of time when trading trex skywalker says the best way to use it is you meet up with a friend and you guys can set this up and you guys can just hang out and chat while still trading in the background but actually you don’t actively need to take care of the trading because it’s being done automatically appreciate y’all tuning in guys comment

Below what you think of this we’re gonna see on the next one fall for tips peace

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How to AUTO-TRADE in POKÉMON GO! By Poké Daxi