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Building a granny flat or even bigger second dwelling on your property is a huge decision, almost as huge as the house purchase itself. This year we’ve been following several families who have taken the leap to create another home at their place, either for a family member or extra rental income, and this time we meet Deepa and Manish, who are heading down the same path. They’re creating a budget granny flat – only instead of handing over the cash and waiting to move in, Deepa has become an owner-builder. It could be risky business because the couple, who recently had their first child, must oversee every aspect of the new build and try to stay on time and on budget. We’ll follow their build, along with the all the tips and tricks…and, of course, help out along the way. Plus, finance expert Sarah Leslie will be giving us the financial lowdown on budget granny-flat builds.

Well on this show we’d love a granny flat in the last couple of weeks we’ve shown you we are more expensive version and one that’s pretty much a granny flat off the shelf what if you’re looking for an even cheaper way to build one well deeper monisha about to build their first brand new foot is where they plan to raise their family but they are doing it on the

Tightest of budget so yes it’s a cheaper way to build before there is a lot more work involved it’s only day one and in the pouring rain the guys again preparing the foundation’s everything is herb weather nothing’s holding you back from sticking to your schedule and we’re really happy the work is being done even the weather is so variable today deeper in monisha

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Building a 60 square liter brennick but in their backyard one bedroom right there and mixed with a bedroom there’s a bathroom there’s going to be two bedrooms one bathroom an open-plan kitchen lounge and dining room the difference here is the deep has done her owner builder’s course and become certified to project manage the whole build and that way they will save

Thousands that they had always planned to buy a house that was big enough to build a granny flat good-sized vlog came under a good budget and i think it was meant to be but the pressure is now on to get this build finished because deeper in maneesh have a 17 day old baby how do you look so fresh if you’re up or late as well as laboring on the build manesh has

Taken on a second job i got uber says yeah so you’re both hard-working so what was your budget then for the granny flat lessons 80,000 we’re hoping but yeah that’s that’s the budgeting it would be great if you gets built they were dreaming about a granny flat for over 12 months and it was always part of a grand plan so we’ll move into that one and we can rent

This one so you’re effectively going to have the renters will be paying off your mortgage and take that pressure on exactly is this bill gonna take 12 weeks 12 weeks to lock up yes to lock up that is awesome yeah look it’s really exciting we’re excited to be able to follow your build i also think we might be able to help you out with a couple of things along

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The way without a thank you i couldn’t be more excited to lend deeper and mini shahan not only because i get to help a beautiful family create their new home but i’ll get to work with something new steel frames daiba has really got our research and worked out this is it shaped this way for them to build from the floor to the walls to the roof everything is

Pre-cut and assembled off-site and then delivered here on the back of a truck it’s cheap lightweight and efficient in fact it’s so efficient the guys have already started let’s check it out i’ll bet okay well one of the benefits that i’ve already noticed which is still is i don’t have to worry about bows everything is dead straight that’s wrong because this

System is so quick we managed with just a small team to put the whole floor down and the walls all in one day

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