How To Buy & Ship A Motorcycle From Out Of State | 2021 Kawasaki Z900

This is my experience and details about how I bought my 2021 Z900 in California and had it shipped to Arizona.

So what’s up guys welcome back to the channel thank you for tuning in as promised today’s video is all about how to buy a motorcycle out of state so that is exactly what i just did obviously there are multiple ways to do this probably but i’m going to give you guys my experience it was honestly super easy and i never really thought i would do this but now

Having done it i might do it again just based off how easy it was so stay tuned for all the tips and tricks and let’s go for a ride alright guys so first things first i highly recommend if you can find a bike that you like within your area that should be your primary option you can go look at the bike you can personally talk to the dealership the salesman ask

Questions and all that stuff so if that’s an option i highly highly recommend do it in person it’s just easier but like in my situation i could not find this bike for the life of me this specific colorway and everything else anywhere near phoenix i was trying to find this specific bike i’m a little picky it’s probably a bad trade of mine but i literally only

Wanted this color i did not want the white green and black 2021 model so i’m calling all over the place i can’t find any the dealerships are like oh we just sold it and i finally found this one it was in ventura california and he said that they still had it in stock so i put a down payment on it pretty much or not a down payment a deposit like 250 they hold it

For seven or eight days and allow you to figure out how you’re gonna get the money and all that other stuff so that was step number one and from there the dealership did not finance out of state so i got the money and everything sent over through a wire transfer it took like a day or two super easy they let me know that they got the wire they mailed me all

Of the paperwork the dealership mailed me all the paperwork i signed it mailed it back super easy they sent you an envelope with a postage stamp or postage label already on it i didn’t even have to buy anything else i literally just dropped it off at the post office so from there i had to figure out how i was going to go get the bike and i pretty much had two

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Options so i could ship the bike which is what i ended up doing or pay for a u-haul trailer and take the time off work or just go for a weekend and drive all the way out there and and pick it up and bring it back or ride it back and i just did not want to do that so i chose the option to ship it and the dealership did not ship it i did not ship this bike back

To arizona from the dealership i had to use a third party called i’ll have a link in the description and this thing was super super easy literally like i was expecting the worst and it just blew my mind how awesome this was so how you ship works is you create a listing on the website you’re gonna tell them what you are shipping where it’s shipping

From and where it’s shipping to that’s pretty much the only three things you need and from there the contractors or whoever they are that um have accounts with you ship they will send you an offer some people will be higher than others some people will be lower and i just went through each person what the heck that’s arizona for you so every contractor is

Going to have different prices they’re going to have reviews on their profile so you’re just going to have to go through and kind of sift through not so much bs but find the best deal for you and something that you’re comfortable with and somebody that has insurance and everything else so after i got a couple of offers it was only like one or two days it did not

Take long at all to get like a bunch of offers and i accepted one i got a good price the guy said he had insurance he lived here in phoenix and he was already in california so he’s like this will help me get home and i booked it you can talk with the person that’s going to pick it up before you book it but i ended up booking it with this guy so the listing that

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I chose they offered me four hundred dollars and it was like a thirty dollar service charge so it ended up being four hundred and thirty dollars and he literally did everything and of course if you’re in florida and you wanna buy a bike in california and ship it it’s probably going to be more so just keep that in mind but california to arizona i got some offers

In the 300s from you know they were companies that didn’t have as many reviews or as many good reviews or they had a few bad reviews so i just went with what i thought was going to be best for the situation and everything worked out honestly perfectly so you might be thinking like do i need to communicate with the dealer do i need to communicate with the shipper

Do i need to let the dealership know who is coming to get the bike blah blah blah and really no so i told the dealership that i was not going to come personally get the bike that i was going to have a shipping service do it and they didn’t even ask like any information really they just require that the shipping company gives them a bol bill of lading when they show

Up and that’s got my name on it and everything and all your information from when you created your listing on uship all of that information transfers over to the bol so they match names serial number everything else so they can confirm it the shipper picks it up brings it back and literally drops it off at your house and unfortunately in my case the guy that was

Driving the bike back in his trailer he had something happen to his truck so when he got back to phoenix he’s like i gotta go home i can’t drop it off the next day it rained all day and he was communicating with me the whole time through this process so i wasn’t worried or anything and so like the following day after that whole rainy day i ended up just going

Over to his house picking up the bike if you guys saw the first video that i posted with the z900 um then you know what i’m talking about but i picked it up from his house it was super easy um inside the app you don’t pay the shipping company until you have the product whatever it is you’re shipping so once i got to the house i saw the bike everything looked in

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Good order it started blah blah blah everything you literally just hit a button in the app it pays them and you right away super easy super simple it really exceeded my expectations i was i wasn’t expecting the worst but i was i was figuring there were going to be some hoops to jump through and really it was as straightforward as you can get so highly recommend

You ship guys if you need to buy a motorcycle out of state like myself if you’re picky and you just can’t find the right bike that you want that is an obviously good option and there are plenty more options out there in companies just like you ship so do your research and i’m sure you’ll be able to find something man that’s so much more fun than the 500r like

No hate but this bike is insane and as you guys couldn’t tell or if you couldn’t tell um you know as i get more and more miles on this thing the break-in period just gets more and more irrelevant but i’ve heard that it’s good to get a different array of rev ranges um really breaking the engine so that’s exactly what i’m doing all right guys well that’s going

To do it i hope that’s all the information you need to buy a bike out of state if that’s the situation you’re in and i hope the process for you is as easy as it was for me i really i can’t complain about it so i’m super happy thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe like the video we got tons and tons of content coming with the z900 and along

With the 500r the selling process and the last ride and a bunch of stuff so stay tuned subscribe and we will see you guys in the next video peace you

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How To Buy & Ship A Motorcycle From Out Of State | 2021 Kawasaki Z900 By Andrew Hartsock