How to Buy Your First Rental Property with No Money

It’s not that difficult to purchase your first rental property, but not many people know that! Some people even get scared when they don’t know anything about purchasing real estate! In today’s episode, let me help you understand what it takes to buy your first rental property with no money at all! Stay tuned, this is going to be fun!

Property? wanting to get rental properties but you don’t have a lot of lots of rental properties now. i love it it so that you can start making money too. lets go. properties now with no money. and i want to tell you exactly where you should be one. noelle here. i am a real estate investor. i have tons of real estate properties. so, i am a big fan of rentals as you can see

From this video and the because it is so important for you to know exactly why you should be getting investing in real estate, i started in like 2002, 2003. i was in atlanta. i was what i was doing. so, when 2009 happened i ended up back in my parents basement with my husband and my kids. it was a eventually i started getting rental properties. and eventually, i quit my job

Not hard to do even if you were a total so, we got to start though with your first rental property and you got to rental properties for was cash flow income. so, each month while the tenant is to get properties in the right place, okay? because i got a coach and he told do that. so, that the values were going up. able to do throughout my time will sell those properties with

The tenants in it thousand dollars at a time. just by having someone pay the mortgage for check and then i had came in with. and so, it’s amazing thing with rental those lump sums of cash when you go to sell your properties. which i totally children, to family members. you can leverage them, you can borrow money properties. so, if you are thinking about what it is that you

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Want. know that you want that monthly income coming in. yes, and start getting 6-figure checks. so, let’s get into that part. so, when we are no money down, i did it and you can do it money. i know you guys have heard this term before. if you haven’t, it’s a big you got to come from a wealthy family, things like that? no. that’s not what i buying the home for in many cases

Can lend you money or give you equity. so, want to get over leveraged, okay? you don’t want to mortgage all of the value you sell the property, like i said, you do kind of talk about other people’s money. property, in most cases, i’m talking about using either a hard money loan and fixed up a little bit and you put in some effort and you fix that property up the house is

Fixed up. and you put a tenant in it, okay? this is a very popular rent, refinance, repeat. so, essentially, what you do you buy the property and that you have a tenant in there and they’re paying the mortgage. that is that person is paying, okay? that future it makes it easier to get qualify for a won’t bore you on it. but then the last r our portfolios we get tons and

Tons of properties doing it this way. and it is have to find people with property problems. it’s the best way to do it. as i use to start getting properties with no money is finding people that are in a some repairs. but if you fix the property up, it would be worth more. lenders that will literally lend you money to buy the property, fix the some reserves, okay? in case

Something goes wrong. they can lend you all of that shows on hgtv where people are fixing and flipping properties and things like keep the property and put a tenant in it. and it all fits into this one big is in distress and needs repairs and they don’t have the money to fix it. and situation where they are behind on the mortgage payments or they’re getting that. and you’re

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Able to acquire that property for just the money that they’re key, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you don’t have a lot of cash okay? start going to real estate investor and finding hard money lenders. start connecting with people that want to do people with property problems. so, when you put those 2 things together, with property problems. and you marry those

2 things together, that is how say no money, we’re talking about your money, you don’t have to put any money that i just gave you. alright, i’m giving you one more tip so that it all to this is many of them can sell you the that they have will stay in place. or they’re in a situation where they need to you, okay? where you don’t actually have to buy the property. you can

That property by putting a tenant in that property or furnishing the property on airbnb. that is what you want to do, okay? so, start thinking about finding to do lease purchases, okay? again, i have total complete videos for you. if you and leave that existing financing in place and then you take over those loan never came in your name or anything can actually lease the

Purchase from that person that’s in financial distress. need to do with the property and start making money. and so, i have tons of right now. i literally just had a student that found a property that was in free and clear. the guy had inherited the property from his mom. and now my out of pocket with any money. so, this is possible. just educate yourself, keep just super,

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Super bonus tip, i have to give you this one because i would just be first rental property… again, you can find new way, super, super new that almost anyone can do is you can do a real this. i used to partner in jv with lots of my students. jv stands for joint agreement on every single deal that we did. but with a crowd fund, you literally can go to different websites

Like trucrowd and kickstarter. in fact, i have one here nuurez. you can go to it’s a platform for crowdfunding. we literally have on for our real estate investments all over the country and splitting their revenue and the profits this exact same thing if you want to. the opportunity is there for you. i did it in just a matter of months. and we have over

A hundred… and we are rocking and rolling and you can do the same thing. and you can invest in ours and start getting is wide open for you to not spend a lot crowd fund, you don’t have to spend any you and then you start buying properties super easy. win-win situation. if you want to learn a spending very little money, i invite you to come to our webinar. we literally

Do the same thing. you don’t have to invest in ours but i would like you to want to invest, the door is wide open for and go ahead and click on the invest and come to one of our free informational webinars. they’re live calls that we do every single week. me and my business partners talking about the business, what we’re doing properties, how we’re splitting

The profits with regular people. how you can get involved and do the exact same thing.

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How to Buy Your First Rental Property with No Money By Noelle Randall