How To Close Purchase Order In SAP

In this video, we will learn how to close the purchase order in sap. It will also cover the query about the short close of purchase order in sap

Hello and welcome to all in this video session we will learn how to close a purchase order in sap but before we start if you have not yet subscribed to our my support solutions youtube channel then click on the subscribe button also don’t forget to click on the bell icon so that you will get the latest updates after every new video upload this is totally free if

You like this video then please click on the like button also you can share our video now we will start the topic first we’ll take example and then we’ll do practicals let’s say our company is abc limited we have one plant 1000 this is our plan code and we have raised a purchase order 17247 for 50 pieces so out of this 50 pieces vendor has dispatched only 45

Quantity 45 pieces okay so 45 pieces is a actual quantity received and our plant or warehouse persons has posted a ghost receipt for 45 pieces and also we post our vendor invoice these five pieces are yet to arrive or yet to come at our plant 1000 so for our system these five pieces are open quantity so because of these five pieces our po is open now let’s say

We don’t require five pieces due to some reasons we don’t require these five pieces now then in such case we have to close these five pieces of the respective purchase order now we’ll do practicals and we will use two different methods or two different ways for this now first of all we will generate a open purchase order list so to generate open purchase order

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List we will use the transaction code me2l we have to give our vendor code purchasing organization plant will also give our metal code 100-100 and in selection parameters we will select we101 we101 for open goods receipt and now execute now see there are two purchase orders one of this is one seven two four seven so this is our purchase order number one seven

Two four seven now the first method or first way uh we’ll use the transaction code me 23 n for display purchase orders so this is our po number 7 now see our gr content is 45 pieces and open quantity five pieces okay this is our open quantity now first we will click on this display change button then click on the delivery tab and we have to activate our way

Or to tick on this delivery completed indicator okay when we active or when we click on this delivery completed indicator then the system will not expect any further quantity for this line item okay now we will save this purchase order and change now i will check it again click on the delivery schedule now see now there is no open quantity why because we have

Activate our delivery completed indicator so this is the first way or first method now we will use or we will apply the second method so first click on the display change button again and then delivery we will first deactivate this indicator which we have uh activate for our first method then again we’ll save the record and uh first of all we will check the

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Delivery schedule tab okay now see the difference now there is open quantity for five pieces again because we have deactivate this we have unticked that delivery completed indicator okay now second method is select the line select that line item and click on the block okay so this item is blocked we can unblock later also if required okay then now see there

Is no open quantity okay because we have blocked this item we can save the purchase order so these are our two methods or two ways which we have discussed in this video that’s all for now if you have any query or suggestions regarding the video topic please feel free to comment thanks for watching keep in touch and bye

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