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In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a Purchase Order in NetSuite .The script with a function to generate a Purchase Order in Netsuite and other functions to list the Purchase Order created earlier. A Step-by-Step Guide to Procure to Pay in NetSuite

Hello everyone and welcome to bisp solutions i am c sanjana mishra working as the lead functional consultant at bisp solutions i specialize in synthesizing and analyzing the financial data i have seven years of experience in netsuite hfm fccs solutions is a tech company providing technological solutions across the globe we have a far-flung proficiency in end-to-end

Implementation and support today we will be looking at creating a purchase order in the oracle netsuite application so let’s start moving on to our netsuite application this is my netsuite application now in order to create a purchase order into the netsuite application this is how i can enter a purchase order uh for a netsuite app into a net suite application this

Is a standard purchase order form uh you can have a customized purchase order form depending on your preferences choices the information that you would like to be populated into the forms depending on the organization that you’re working in from here you can select the vendor so here i am selecting cisco technologies this is the vendor that i’ll be uh creating a

Purchase order for any purchase contract that have been entered with this particular vendor employee who will be responsible uh receive by any date that you would like to put in that this is the date until when you like to the this purchase order to be received by and memo anything that you would be that you would like to provide along with this purchase order

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Uh pending approval that is approval status uh if you are just creating a purchase order and the purchase order needs to be approved by your superior then the approval status is pending approval if you have the uh option or if you have the role by in which you can actually select whether it is approved rejected that is the approval status that you can actually

Select so depending on whatever role that you have this approval status is going to change since i have logged in as an administrator so i have the option of approved rejected and pending approval so here i’m just keeping it as a pending approval and over here you can select who is the next approver that is your superior if in the workflow case now here you

Can select the subsidiary class location department if it is an inter company transaction that is a purchase and sale is made between the subsidiaries of your organ of your group then you can actually choose the paired intercompany transaction the currency status all of those information you can actually put up over here into the inter company paid transaction

If there is for this particular transaction if it is an intercompany transaction now this is not available with us the reason because we haven’t selected a vendor if in case you have an inter-company transactions going on you have to select vendors you have to create intercompany vendors and customers then you will be able to select it so the currency you can

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Select the currency this currency is automatically taken up from the subsidiary that you have actually selected the open air expense schedule schedule reporter report creator hs gst amount expense report number amount approver for this particular open air bill and over here we have the exchange rate if the currency your reporting currency your intro currency

Are different then you can select and provide for the exchange rates over here now this is i am creating for items and i’m not creating for any expenses i am going to select the item that i would like to uh request a create a purchase order for so when the name etc has been automatically populated i would like to take 20 units now the rate has not been provided

So i am going to provide for the raids rates also and in case of any other tabs you would like to provide or the billing billing address billing vendor accounting tax id relationships communication to the person uh open air information bill information tax reporting france tax reporting approvals etc all of those information if you want you can actually populate

Over here and after you have provided for all the information that you would like to put and which are necessary in order to create a purchase order you can actually just save the purchase order from here so as you can see i had saved the purchase order and this is the purchase order that we had created this one is the purchase order that we had created and the

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Approval for this particular purchase order is pending so this is how we can actually create purchase orders into the netsuite application of any other information or any other queries or consultation that is required from our site you can of course get back to us at thank you so much

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