How to create SAP Workflow (Using Purchase Order scenario in sdn wiki post)

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Hi welcome to the screencast today we are going to build a workflow in sa p it gets triggered when an end-user updates a purchase order we are in transaction swd the workflow builder the process itself is very simple but uses quite a few elements we have the condition step at task then send email functionality and a process control the screencast is based on an sdn

Viki post and it’s a great place to start i used it to learn i say p workflow and following is the wiki post it is very detailed and desi to this through the step and this screencast as follows the steps closely so let’s get started create a new workflow we begin by creating the workflow container objects i’m gonna keep the name the same as the one in the wiki

Post and keep it as close as possible so you can use both media types as reference workflow container is the data area for the workflow tasks can exchange data with one another using this workflow container the second object that we create is a it’s going to be of type business object type we have an option to use the above class but in this case we’re going to

Use the business object type and the one for purchase order is likely was 2012 that we search and we select the purchase order now that we are done creating the workflow container we’re gonna move to the next step let’s save it you go select the local object let’s go back to the wiki post to see the next step as well as the names that we use in there so we used

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To create a 14 and bus 2012 okay the next step is defining the start condition and for that we’re gonna click on the hat it’s the basic data that we define this step it set the status to released and we’re going to define the start events now when triggering a workflow okay i think i forgot something let me go back to the container and the two elements that we

Defined we want to make sure that it’s we check the import box in the properties tab this is done so that program that invokes this workflow can pass values for these two elements so any external program is going to invoke this workflow by triggering the start event and when doing so it’s gonna pass these two parameters as input okay now that we have defined them

As import parameters you can again select the business object type here as opposed to the above class define the object type bus 2012 and i set the event to changed so the purchase order gets changed this workflow get here it gets triggered so we after at this point set it to active define the binding and the condition as well now whenever user modifies the purchase

Order this workflow is gonna get triggered but we don’t want it to be triggered for all purchase orders so we define the condition in there okay in the binding step i already went through this process once myself so the binding said between the parameters we can define the condition and just to make sure this is one of the few places where our screencast deviates

Slightly we’re gonna select the purchase order deviate slightly from the details in the wiki poster i’m gonna select a purchase order set the operand equal to and go back and select a purchase order that i know i can edit pick up the purchase order id okay set the request so we have the start even defined now if he’s notice all these buttons are disabled that’s

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Because we’re in the step the even step we go back to the steps i can see all the buttons are enabled and we have defined the start event said to changed so the purchase order gets changed even gets triggered the workflow starts okay now we’re gonna double click on this to define a condition no this overall process is to say that if the user who is modifying the

Workflow if it’s same as the creator don’t do anything else create a work item for the original creator so in this case we just verify if the person who is modifying it which is the workflow initiator is the same as the creator or not so if it is the same we say that the creator is back we don’t do anything else not the same as creator okay so if it’s somebody else

Modifying the purchase order we are going to do something about it we’re going to notify the creator that hey somebody else is modifying your purchase order okay we’re gonna create a new step in this case we’re gonna create a task and defined the object type this is the mapping between the tasks and the elements in the workflow container so we have the binding

Assign the agent you can define your user id in this case and here we define that if the work when the work item is created if for the next nine minutes which is kind of a timeout the person who has the if the creator doesn’t look at the email or doesn’t do anything we send a reminder at that point so we defined activity as well as defined the next step which is

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Send reminder at this point add another step to send email someone is modifying your purchase order i just put in my user id in there kay we have another step defined now upon sending this reminder email we are going to descend create the final step which is process control see the function to complete workflow so that’s the whole workflow for the scenario so we

Want to save it and activate it and now we will be hopping across few other transactions basically to trigger the workflow as well as oh yeah let’s switch on the trace and we’re going to look at the trace as well you’re gonna go to ma 22 n update the purchase order and id enter in there and save it and we see that we have this workflow triggered if you remember

That was our workflow id that we created with and go into business workplace and see if we got a notification for thee that’s the purchase order that we are working on we got an email with a link to the purchase order and this is how we process the work item and that completes the screencast

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How to create SAP Workflow (Using Purchase Order scenario in sdn wiki post) By Roger Supp