How To Create The Perfect Facebook Ad For Your Home Improvement Business!

Tune in as we break down how to create and write the perfect Facebook Ad for your home improvement business!

Hey y’all clay here and i wanted to go over exactly how to structure a facebook ad for your home improvement business based off of an ad that we have that’s just going absolutely gangbusters right now and i’m gonna break it down into the concepts that i go over in it the book i wrote the home improvement lead generation secrets going over basically ad copy so i’m

Gonna break it down by those elements and kind of show you guys exactly how that works in real time and some of the results that you’ll get from that right so basically to give you a little bit of an overview of what the ad copy breakdown looks like is you start off with five total components right and what that breaks down into is the ad creative the headline

The ad copy the button and then the description so i’m gonna kind of break this ad down by those elements to show you exactly what they look like in practice and how it works right so in this case we’re working with a tiny home builder i’m gonna blow their name out just so that you guys aren’t gonna go harass meri often to everything or whatever because people

Apparently do that but i want to show you first off the offer that we have going on and this is a really good offer because they’re one of the few companies that can offer $0 down financing and so what we basically are doing is just going straight for that offer now in some cases and in fact in a lot of cases you want to educate people first but we’ve actually seen

This one work really well going to cold audiences so everything that we’re getting from this ad is going to people that have never interacted with the brand before people that have never really heard of this company but are interested in what they have to offer which is tiny homes and the really really cool part is that we’re generating leads we’ve generated like

Probably six hundred 50 leads at this point for only you know around fifteen hundred or so dollars of the money that’s been going into these ads so super super cheap cost per lead and they’ve actually been converting really well clothes like three new jobs in the last couple weeks and it’s just been awesome so now let’s go ahead and just dive in right so basically

The first thing that we have here is the ad creative and that’s going to be either an image or a video in this case we used a video that our agency actually put together and basically what it is is just a super simple kind of overview of the tiny home that they built and so forth right so it’s super simple has some fun music it’s pretty just easy it’s not talking

And crazy and you know whatever um but that’s the video that we’ve actually seen convert the best so far we’ve been using images also that have been doing really really well but based off of the cost per lead this is the one that has performed absolutely the best so far now the next thing that we’re gonna go into is you know this kind of grabs their attention pulls

Them in and the next thing is the headline right and so that is the little section at the bottom of the video on the left hand side that is basically the way that gives them a little bit more context right and so here we just decide to go straight for the offer because it is so good and it has been converting it really really well so basically all it says is get

Your tiny home with $0 down financing and a couple of little mo g’s and a finger pointing at the button pretty simple sometimes you’re gonna want to go with a little bit more curiosity or the value that’s on the landing page but in this case just going straight for the offer has worked really really well next we have the ad copy itself that is then broken down into

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Four components so i’ll kind of break that down for you so basically what we have here is we start off with a attention grabber which is basically you know the way that we identify the audience and give them a way of going like oh that’s me right so they’ve watched the video they looked at the headline they’re like oh cool okay and then they go up to the copy and

They it says california residents and we’re targeting specifically california residents it’s like oh awesome okay i live in california so that is the first step is to really grab their attention and give them something to identify with the next thing you’re gonna do is go into their pain points right so get away from the hustle and bustle or reduce your living

Expenses by going tiny now right now there’s a lot of people who are wanting to get out of big cities we’ve seen a huge spike in new loan applications for homes in suburban areas and we’ve also seen people wanting to downsize we’ve seen people moving from you know kind of a larger more expensive areas so like the bay area san francisco be you know just surrounding

Areas of that wanting to move into lower costs of living areas so places like where i live sacramento and kind of the surrounding areas so that they can commute there get the good salary and then you know go back home at their affordable mortgage and so what we’re actually doing here is hitting on those pain points of people wanting to get away from the cities or

The busyness of it people that might want to kind of be a little bit more simplistic with their lives and then people that also want to reduce their living expenses right so that’s pretty much all we did here in regards to the pain point sometimes we’ll dig in the knife a little bit more which means kind of like focus more in and really paint a visual picture of

The real pain point that they’re dealing with but here we just go kind of right into a little bit of our offer and then a little bit more of kind of understanding their pain points right so the next part is so with our with our $0 down findings options you can now get your perfect tiny home designed built and deliver it at no cost to you until the keys are in your

Hand right so this is a really good one because what we’re doing is we’re bringing out a couple of different things and we’re showing them immediately the offer is your dollar dumb financing and now they can get their perfect tiny home design built and delivered so that means that no matter where they’re located we can get it to them they don’t have to go in a

Trailer and pick it up and all this crazy stuff right and then it’s also showing that it’s custom designed it’s not stock things along those lines so the next section we then go to get your new tiny home that you can live in a rent out already saving you money before you have to make any payments right so the next part is kind of showing more about the finances

People worrying about like well i don’t wanna make payments and then they’re still building it for months and months on end they don’t have to pay anything until it’s in their hands and a lot of cases people rent it out so that’s why we set or rent out already saving you money before you have to make your payment’s the savings or rent that you gain from this asset

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Alone more than pays for itself blah blah blah so this is a little bit more of like the benefits right so we’re giving them reasons on what are the benefits of this so basically the structure is now grab their attention hit their pain points and then go into the solution that you offer right so the solution that we’re offering here is obviously a tiny home with

$0 down financing and so now we’re really diving deep into what that solution does and how it solves their problems so then we add actually a little bit of urgency here which is a little bit more of kind of an advanced technique so we’re only off we’re only able to offer this and select a zip codes and only have room for 10 new tiny homes right now before we are

Booked up right so what we’re doing here is giving people a reason to see if they qualify because it’s not available everywhere then we’re also giving people urgency because if they want a tiny home they want it quickly in many cases if they’re ready to take action now they’re looking at $0 down financing and so we’re telling them hey we only have limited spots

Left before we booked up and so we’re not gonna be able to make them for awhile and so this is just kind of creating a little bit of urgency for them to take action now the next part is where we go into it in our breakdown where it’s to see if they qualify and so basically what that is is the call to action and so that is where you tell them exactly what you want

Them to do next so we’ve grabbed their attention we’ve hit their pain points we’ve offered them the solution and now we’re telling them exactly what to do to take action right and that is called the call to action or cta as a lot of people call it so here is to see if you qualify for $0 down financing just click the button below but hurry we’ve already gotten

Dozens of inquiries from all over the state will be completely booked up very soon right so a little bit more urgency here telling you exactly what to do clicking the button below which you know depending on where it’s placed it won’t always be below we have it place where it always will be but regardless we have that and then we have a last little like kind of

Anticipating objections right so it’s a little bit more of that solution and their pain points and a mix of ok we know about their pain points and kind of what’s going on and so we’re going to now offer them the solution and create a little bit of b getting rid of that objection there so a lot of people are worried about where they place it and so what we do is

We basically immediately address that so they’re thinking about clicking milk aha but where am i gonna place this thing are you worried about where you’re gonna place it well don’t worry you can get started today by seeing if you qualify for financing and we would be happy to talk with you about where you can place it and develop a game plan together so now we’re

Showing ourselves as the expert in the authority here where we can help them still right so they really want to tiny-home they be really thinking about it but they’re like ah where do i place this maybe they don’t want to place it in rv park or they don’t know if they can maybe they don’t know if they can place it on private property is an adu or whatever right

We’re getting really into the technical components here but with a deep understanding of our target audience we’re now able to get rid of some of those objections to get even more people to click through right so that’s the breakdown of the ad copy here and exactly how its apply to me literally you know that exact framework is exactly what’s in this ebook right

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And then we go on to the last part or the second-to-last part let me correct myself and that is the call to action button and in this case it is learn more which is the one we almost always recommend for our campaigns it’s the one we’ve found to be the most consistently successful in regards to you just plug it in and it almost always works sometimes you can

Add buttons that will decrease the cost per click i’m sorry will decrease the number of clicks and increase the cost per click and you ultimately don’t want to do that right unless you’re being very specific about you know only specific people coming through but a lot of times you’re actually losing more people that you’re gaining so you want to just start with

The learn more button but you can test a bunch of other ones other ones that we’ve seen that work really well are sign up get offer things like that so ultimately the button isn’t gonna make or break your campaign those first three elements the ad creative the image or video the headline and then the ad copy are gonna be the most important parts of a successful

Ad however you then have the learn more button here and then the description which is kind of the icing on the cake that ultimately is not going to make or break your campaign unless you give people a way to keep scrolling right so if they read the the headline and then they look down and it says something that immediately disqualifies them they then go oh okay

Well i’m just gonna keep on scrolling right i have no i have no reason to read your copy i have no reason to click through to learn more instead it’s just like i’m this isn’t me or that turn you know that just like gave me a bad taste in my mouth so i’m just gonna keep scrolling so a really good thing to do is to reiterate your offer or headline and/or just say

Something along the lines of like five-star rated company or licensed and insured contractor or something like that right something really simple that doesn’t immediately give them away – just keep scrolling and go on beyond your ad so ultimately that is the breakdown of a successful facebook ad exactly how we go over it in our home improvement lead generation

Secrets book you can actually i’ll include a link under this video where you can actually go and get it where for a limited time we’re actually only giving it away for three dollars and 95 cents super super cheap super valuable has a 100% money back guarantee so if you just completely hate it we’ll go ahead and give you your money back but i think you’re gonna

Get a lot of value from it this breakdown of exactly how to create an ad is only one component of the entire book it’s jam-packed with pretty much everything that we have learned in our years of running ads for home improvement businesses from offers to how to design a website to google ads to facebook ads even to email marketing so it covers a wide just array of

A bunch of different components of your marketing and it is super super valuable so i’ll include the link to that below but otherwise this is how you create a successful facebook ad and i hope you guys learned a lot from this so until next time see you then

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How To Create The Perfect Facebook Ad For Your Home Improvement Business! By The Contractor Marketers