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If you’re thinking about starting a clothing line by slapping your logo on a t- shirt, you’re in for a surprise when no one buys. In this video we show how to design a clothing line the right way. Get your FREE online training + PDF’s:

Clothing line or perhaps you already have a clothing line you should be designing a clothing line to do it the put some power to marketing and your sales behind that some references a little bit of what we’ll be working on later today but yeah let’s check it out on the desk so why did you why did you put those up kind of cool but uh i guess we have everything digitally

Anyway so okay or if you’re a new visitor to this channel make sure you hit that subscribe latest video drops that we create on this channel mike tell us a little you’ve been in the industry for many years an art director for many and in the past i’ve worked with brands from skate to street wear designers have been able to take me under their wing and teach me valuable in

Their their little details and what makes it really how people should be thinking about when they’re trying to design their that you want to share i think one of the really cool things again not just the clothing so you’d see it could be a photo of a guy on a this guy wears a sweater he wears these kind of boots he wears this kind of shoe can create the story for us and

Maybe we give you a slice of what they do in a day and that then allows you to be like to put of just like that’s a cool shirt right right it really has more substance um so tell us a little bit about for everybody watching tell us about how this might work like from beginning to like an applicable designing for escape brand right tell us a little bit about how that works i

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Love skating and i love surfboard surfing i’m not that good at it either what makes it so cool for me is that it’s like the perfect mode of just walking and it’s like the perfect thing for me to be able to board go in a store like oh that looks really cool let’s check out you know on a bike you got to lock that thing up if you’re walking i might have never that lifestyle i’m

Going to take that and put it into a collection wake up in the morning i’ll probably hit up some of my friends maybe go out solo am i going to wear a short sleeve am i wearing a long sleeve that day i’m going earth and whatnot so i’m going to pack myself a reusable water bottle as i take off throughout the day and explore the city i can find new places i create a collection

From it so the initial idea here to kind of pair with anything that i’m wearing if i’m going out that day these this is like a great start for uh if i’m following great way to start if i want to plan out the pieces and not t-shirts a long sleeve a hoodie coach and then now let’s add a backpack pants joggers sweatpants whatever you want to do that fits this collection cool

I’ll stop by in little tokyo and i might find this for me that drink is great and it has the cat on it i start to look at different things like this kid here who’s and later i’ll maybe find something similar to that or design something that how it should feel you’ve got the skaters at the park and of the mood and how this collection should feel now that here i’ve got this

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Get lucky with the cat on it i’ve got this commuter bottle the skate tool and then the backpack uh broke don’t fix it this actually i pulled from the inspo on you know the person walking and uh the city streets because that was if you do do it it’s just nice to have little things like maybe you took i would take notes on everything that you see and things that inspire you

And i’m a starting brand and maybe i’ll create a capsule collection from the kimora kamenoseki uh cat i’m not sure if i’m pronouncing that right we have this here the drop one and so drop one i have my and we have the standard noir monday coach jacket here release your accessories and your jackets however you want but for me i the skate tool they can buy it together and

They don’t have to spend that much afford any of these pieces now you can kind of look and can drop two months later it’s part of the same collection and now it comes out in these three pieces and in the last drop you can see the socks and i really love the playing of putting messages on socks i can wear the coach jacket and i can have the hoodie underneath and from inside

If you have your jacket unbuttoned and same thing if i and then it also says it on the long sleeve so if i was wearing the no fun cool pairings that you can create to supplement each other and have your speak for itself so when i look at this it’s like why do these do the research live the lifestyle and tell your story um is something for your consumer for the where to feel

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On an emotional level at that point it’s not just an image that they think is yeah so whether it’s a something that’s nostalgic right from like uh if you want probably eating hot cheetos and you know like like you’re really diving mike took the time to come out here and to to really share this knowledge that for multiple brands and if you guys want to learn more about uh

They’re launching a youtube channel it’s gonna be live and they’re gonna brand’s overall visual direction and before we leave i mike where he really jumps into the reasons why your clothing brand will related playlist that is going to be linked right up above single one of you guys watching and i’ll see you guys on the next one

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