How To Draw A Tulip In A Pot – Plant A Flower Day

Plant A Flower Day is every March 12th! We thought it would be a lot of fun to celebrate by learning how to draw a tulip in a pot!

Hey hadley what day is today national planet flower day yes so we thought it would be a lot of fun to celebrate by drawing a flower yeah what kind of flower are we gonna draw a tula a tulip a really cute tulip we hope you’re gonna follow along with us you got a marker and some paper paper you ready to start yes now first step in drawing the tulip and we’ve drawn

A tulip before but we thought it would be fun to draw it again right yes we’re going to draw a letter u at the top of our paper and we’re just going to a cool letter u like that right right in the middle but towards the top so like right about here okay yeah oh that’s a pretty u letter u okay now we’re gonna draw a line a diagonal line that’s right here for

The first petal they kind of look like roses they kind of do yeah good now we’re gonna draw a line that comes down and almost turns into the letter y you see the letter y yes now inside we’re going to draw an upside down v yeah and we did it we’re all done well let’s draw this stem okay now we’re going to draw two lines that come down for the stem and draw them

Right next to each other perfect one right next to it yeah now we could draw a leaf right next to it so we’re going to start here we’re going to draw a curve it comes up really tall is that cool you can come all the way up to there yeah then we’re going to draw a line coming back down all right we did it halley we finished drawing our tulips and yours turned out

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Perfect now we’re going to draw a pot because sometimes it’s too cold to plant flowers outside around march 12th so usually you can plant your flowers in a pot and then when it gets warmer you can move the flowers outside yeah so let’s draw a pot okay we’re going to draw the top of our pot and we want to draw a 3d so we’re going to start above our stem right here

And we’re going to draw watch this what it’s like it’s digged in a hole yeah it looks like it’s coming out a hole this is the top of our pot and it looks like a circle that’s been sat on and squished so we could start right here and then we’re going to draw a sideways you could think of it as a sideways u look at that looks like the letter u that’s been squished

Yep or an oval that goes all the way around so start here we’re gonna come out and then we’re gonna connect down at the bottom come out further and then back in good job hallie you did awesome on drawing that little squashed circle now it’s okay that our drawings look different right yes yes don’t worry because the most important thing is to have foot yes to have

Fun and to practice practice it’s okay if your drawings don’t look exactly like ours either just remember to practice ready to keep going all right now we’re going to draw two lines on each side and they’re going to come down just a little ways just short little lines and they’re kind of tipped at the bottom yep next we’re going to draw a line that connects these

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Two lines but we want to match this top line right here so watch this this is going to match the top of the pot is that cool they look like they’re going right next to each other so we’re going to match that same line oh i i like that you even went up in the middle good job okay now we’re going to draw we’re going to repeat that same step except we’re going to

Come in and we’re going to draw longer lines now it’s looking like a pot yeah doesn’t that look like a pot okay then we want these to match and we want them tipped in at the bottom yes and then one on the other side and tip it in now we’re going to match this line with this line up here also so we’re going to curve it see how it’s curved the same now the reason

Why we drew these lines curved is so that our pot looks round or 3d if we drew them straight it would look flat it looks like it’s real yeah it does it looks very realistic okay now we’re all done drawing our pot and our tulip except we still need to do one last thing what is it color yeah it’s gonna look so much better colored it now this part we’re gonna fast

Forward but you guys at home can pause the video to match the same coloring at the very end have a good job on coloring your tulip it turned out awesome and what was your favorite part the dirt the dirt yeah we added dirt we didn’t have that before we just added a little bumpy line and then colored it brown we will be able to draw your tulips yes we do we hope

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You had a lot of fun drawing your tulips and we hope you had fun celebrating national plant a flower day it’s the best time of the season because it means it’s getting warmer we’ll see you later our friends goodbye if you had fun following along in this lesson be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel by clicking the circle then you can click the bell to get

Notified every time we upload new videos i’ve also picked out these two other lessons i thought you’d really enjoy don’t forget to take a photo of your child’s finished artwork and share it on facebook instagram and twitter because we want to see how awesome it turned out

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