HOW TO FIND CAR WASH BUSINESSS TO BUY! My approach to becoming a self serve car wash owner!

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And when i’m looking for a deal this is basically what i’m looking for hey guys it’s chris atkins with the car wash chronicles and welcome back to my channel as you can see for a nice change i’m at the beach i’m not in the high desert of california at the car washes i’m in santa monica and this is actually my neighborhood where i live which is yes two hours away

From my car washes so like the title of the video says today i want to show you in this video exactly how i go about finding car washes and the best way to get into the car wash business with little to no money just like me exactly how i started basically how i got started in the car wash business is you guys probably know from my previous videos is that my method is

I pretty much drive around a certain area that i would like to have a car wash looking for either completely shut down or still operating and run down car washes and by that i mean the paint job is completely deteriorated there’s trash everywhere it looks terrible basically like no one is even there to maintain it or take care of it it might only have two hoses the

High pressure hose and the soap brush so with those two alone i can add in three other options the air dryers the pre-soak and the tie cleaner so obviously that way it keeps the customers in the bay a lot longer and gives them so many more different options to choose on what they want to use my method is i basically drive around town looking for these type of car

Washes and if it’s open i will write out a note and i will put it under the door and later on in this video i’m going to show you exactly what i write on the note so it’s a little bit of a process but again it comes back to how much motivation you have how much drive you have and how much hustle you want to do in order to do whatever it takes to get your first car

Wash because i believe if you’re motivated enough you will make things happen and you’ll basically do whatever it takes to get a car wash i mean i’ve driven around for days and days looking for car washes i’ve done hundreds of notes under hundreds of car wash doors and out of those hundred notes i might only get three or four people calling me but you know what

Out of those three or four that call me i make a deal and i’ve told other people about this strategy and the thing is they might go out and do like two or three notes they won’t get a call back and then they said oh it doesn’t work oh yeah it doesn’t work for them but it worked for me and it worked for my uncle so i guess we’re proof that does work also later on

In this video i’m going to show you what i discovered it was a completely shut down car wash with chain link fence around it on the busiest street in santa monica lincoln boulevard and i’m very excited about following that up because if i get that one it’s going to be a total gold mine it’s going to be a gem it’s going to make so much money that i might not even

Have to drive out to the high desert anymore but keep watching because i’m going to show you that shutdown car wash but anyway that’s enough of me sitting here on the beach talking it gets quite tiring and unfortunately someone’s got to do it but let’s go drive around the neighborhood see what car washes we can find see how many notes we can put under the doors

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And try and strike up some deals to make some money all right let’s go and here we are on main street pulling up to our very first car wash it’s called village car wash without the g but as you can see it’s looks pretty run down from curb appeal face value it looks pretty run down it could do with a new paint job the walls look pretty messy pretty dirty the

Vacuums are pretty old let’s check out the face plates looks like an eight rotary switch face plate yeah you can just see the walls it’s in need of some tlc some tender loving care maybe just a simple paint job to uh spruce it up and make it look brand new again there’s the soap brushes that i’m not a big fan of they’re the much cheaper ones they’re about 26

Dollars i’d rather pay 76 for the top brand hogs hair but trust me when you’re looking to buy a car wash or approach an owner with a note under the door saying i want to buy your car wash these are all good things you want it to be run down because then you got a better argument of hey look i can take this over or you know i can get this for a cheaper price you

Know you can see that the the tip and the water isn’t even coming out straight up and down vertical it’s um kind of angled almost horizontal horizontal which it’s kind of weird but again this is perfect for something that i’m looking for to make a deal with the owner the more problems there are at the car wash the more chances i probably have of getting it i mean

Look at the way the soap’s coming out it’s almost spraying out like a shower or something but yeah i mean that’s just simple adjustments with the air and the liquid soap comes out okay but it could be better you know what i mean could be it could be a little better a little less air maybe a little more liquid but definitely potential with upgrading this one it’s

On a great area main street in santa monica plenty of cars going by i don’t really think there’s many around this one it’s kind of this standalone one which is great that’s probably why they haven’t felt like they’ve needed to upgrade or change much because of simple competition so now we’re just going to write the note basically i’m going to show you exactly what

I write whether it works or not i don’t know i could write something better but for me i wrote to the owner my name is chris and i’m looking for a car wash to buy a lease in this area if you are interested in selling please call me on and then write your phone number and then i just fold that in half i was a little strapped for paper so i had to use my toyota

Book and then i just slipped that straight under the door so that when the owner hopefully the owner sees it not the worker if the worker gets there and sees it they might just throw it away but hopefully the owner sees it they’ll read the note and if they have any slight thoughts on selling hopefully they’ll give me a call and we can uh strike up a deal because

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That’s the goal but definitely lots of potential hmm here i am in lincoln boulevard in santa monica and look what i found i found quite the nice little gem as you can see it’s completely run down it’s completely shut down and when i’m looking for a deal this is basically what i’m looking for something that was mismanaged by the previous owner so when i see these

Deals i get really excited because this is how i got my first two they were completely shut down for unknown reasons but i’m going to investigate and i’m going to find out in terms of contacting the owner of this property there is a number on the building but it appears to be a real estate company so that worries me a little bit because it’s always tougher when you

Don’t deal directly with the owner because my goal is to go directly to the owner and make a deal i don’t want to use brokers or real estate agents and from the looks of that sign it looks like a pretty big real estate agency and that usually means they’re either going to sell the whole property probably demo the building which is just demolish the building knock

It down and probably rebuild apartments or another big huge uh shopping mall or whatnot so that’s what it looks like to me but there’s no way i’m not going to investigate what’s going on with this car wash because it’s on a busy busy road lincoln boulevard in santa monica as you can see there’s just thousands of cars that go by me every day as an example this is

Exactly what i’m looking for so if you guys are driving around your neighborhood and you see a car wash it shut down it’s got a chain link fence definitely investigate it the first step i would say is to look up the address see what you can find online and if you can’t find much online then probably contact the city give them the address and they should be able to

Tell you a little bit more information about what’s going on with the property but let’s have a better look at what’s going on with this car wash so the building itself looks pretty good it’s obviously tin not brick the roof looks pretty good condition doesn’t look like the booms are there so you’d have to get new booms looks like i would put new face plates in

Build changer looks pretty old might want to upgrade that but if you can get that working that would be good too dicks more time as a missing so you probably have to get some more dicks more timers but the faceplates are there vacuums look pretty good condition but i mean i would just put brand new ones in and i would put some brand new vending machines in too

Now the best case scenario is that i do contact the owner they’re keeping it as a car wash and they’re just looking for a tenant to put in place and i would be the perfect tenant i would restore this car wash i would bring it back to life and for this area in santa monica on this busy busy road probably the busiest road in santa monica i would be happy to pay ten

Thousand dollars a month rent because a car wash like this i can easily bring up to probably bring in 25 to 40 000 a month anyway i have the address i’m going to go home i’m going to look it up and i’m going to find out exactly what’s going on with this property i’m going to contact the owner i’m going to contact the city and do what i can to try and tie this car

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Wash up but in terms of leaving a note under the door i don’t think it would be essential for this one because no one’s going here so my best bet would be to contact the city and see what’s going on with this building and i’m actually going to do that before i call the number on the building because i don’t really want to speak to any real estate agents just right

Now i will go to the city first get what i can out of them and then i will call the number on the building a huge potential and let’s see what happens and just a little tip for you guys always keep a pen and paper in a car because you never know when you’re gonna stumble across a car wash and silly me i have the pen but i’m out of paper so i’m gonna have to

Scramble some together out of the glove box and hopefully i can find a bit you might be driving along the street and you’ll just see a completely run down car wash and it’s a great opportunity so you’ll have the pen and paper ready to write a note and leave it under the door today was a great day i went to a car wash it was pretty run down in a great location right

Near the beach and on a busy road and i put a note under the door so next time when the owner shows up at their business they’ll open the door and they’ll see my note they’ll read it and even if they’re thinking of selling in the slightest they might just give me a call but you just never know you don’t know their personal situation even if it’s a nice new looking

Car wash freshly painted everything works great and it’s making good money you don’t know the owner’s personal situation they might be going through a hard time they might have just had a death in the family they might have had a divorce the owner themselves might have passed away and the kids got it and the kids don’t want to run a car wash and they don’t have a

Clue about running a car wash so you just never know it’s always great to leave a note there you have it guys that’s my strategy on how i find car washes i drive around i leave notes i call the city and i pretty much hustle to do what it takes to get a car wash because i’ve worked in the business for years i now own my own and i know how much of a great business

It is and that motivates me to get even more anyway i hope this video helped i hope it motivated you so go out drive your neighborhood put some notes under some doors and go get some car washes thanks for watching guys chris atkins signing off at the car wash chronicles don’t forget to like and subscribe so that you don’t miss out on any more great information

About the car wash business and just one more thing before i go i just started an instagram page called the car wash chronicles so go along and follow i’m going to post the realities of owning a car wash the ups and the downs the highs and the lows the break-ins the money-making everything to do with car washes so go check it out see you guys next time

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HOW TO FIND CAR WASH BUSINESS'S TO BUY! My approach to becoming a self serve car wash owner! By Car Wash Chronicles