How to Find The Best Mortgage Rate in UAE – Mortgage Finder

❖ How to Find The Best Mortgage Rate in UAE – Mortgage

Hello there and welcome back to a new video in this one we will talk about mortgage first let me start with a disclaimer please note that this is not an advertising video we do not promote or represent this website and it’s purely a personal review alright so if you’re looking for a mortgage you can save tons of time using this website because they

Access almost the whole market and give you the users the best trade also in this website you can check your eligibility and how much you can get as a mortgage alright so the first feature of this website is the calculators in the upper menu hover over the calculators button and choose mortgage calculator in this page you will get approximately how much your

Monthly installments would be if you get a mortgage right now so simply put an estimate or put the property price you’re looking for put the down payment that you are willing to pay normally it’s minimum 25 and then the loan duration choose 25 years or over 20 years and then you put the interest rates this is the interest rate by default they put it as per the

Current prices and then you will get how much approximately you will be paying every month for the mortgage installment it’s very important to know that this approximate monthly installment is based on 2.49 fixed interest rates for the entire duration of the loan but normally a lot of banks they give you a fixed interest rate for the first year or or first two

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Years and then after that the interest rate will change based on the market so if you’re applying for a mortgage and you think that you got the best interest rate make sure to negotiate with your bank that you want this interest rate to be fixed for the entire duration of the loan alright so the next feature will be the affordability calculator in this page you

Will be able to know how much financing you can get based on your income level of debts and the down payment that you can afford simply put your monthly income here for example fifteen thousand put your current level of debts let’s say you have loans of four thousand and how much you can afford as a down payment let’s say hundred thousand and based on the numbers

You put you are eligible to get a mortgage on properties up to four hundred thousand dirhams now another way to check of how much financing you can get and what would be your monthly installment you can click on the pre-approved button answer some questions and then you will find out let’s do it together so the first question is that what type of mortgage you’re

Looking for a new property or existing home refinance let’s choose new property what stage are you in the property buying i’m still searching i’m viewing i’ve already made an offer let’s put i’m viewing properties so are you looking to purchase your new property within 3 months 6 months 12 months let’s choose three months and are you looking for apartment villa

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Or land apartment are you interested in completed properties or still under construction we choose completed one search by location let’s put downtown for example what is the value of your property approximately it’s five hundred thousand how much you’re planning to pay as a down payment let’s put twenty five percent are you uae national let’s put no what’s

Your residency status uh i’m an expert living in the uae now just choose what year you were born in let’s choose for example 1985. what’s your country of origin choose your country of origin let’s say belgium for example what is your employment situation are you employed self-employed or have different source of income choose unemployed is it a joint or single

Applicant most probably it will be a single applicant what is your approximate monthly income i chose 15 000 for example do you have any credit cards or any other debts four thousand you have any other loans i chose zero and then it will take less than a minute and calculate how much would be your approximately monthly installment for that loan so approximately

For that information we put you will have to pay 2 000 dirhams 2082 every month here you can put your full name email address and phone number so they can contact you and they will talk to you in person and connect you with the best bank offering this mortgage so this was our summary video on i hope you guys found it useful if you enjoyed this

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