How To Get Rich Online | 5 Deadly Mistakes Keeping You Broke

5 Lessons You MUST Learn To Get Rich & Stop Being Broke!

So you want to make money you want to create time freedom financial freedom for you and your family but you’re still broke you might not be aware but there are several thoughts and habits that are sabotaging your efforts and keeping you broke hey it’s leah rae from toddle neo raycom and in this video you will learn the 7 thoughts and habits that are keeping you

Broke and how to avoid them so that you can create the time freedom that you and your family deserve now number one is a very common concept for us at least growing up here in the us and that’s simply only looking at wages how much money that you can make per hour where you focus your money making activity on maximizing your hourly wage just trading your time for

Money doing some sort of job or task yes you can make good money this way even a hundred dollars or more per hour if you’re in the right profession and are skilled enough but you will never become rich you will never create time freedom or financial freedom if you continue to think this way trading hours for dollars is most commonly done in a job setting where

You are an employee for someone and getting paid an hourly wage or salary but it’s still prevalent amongst some folks who consider themselves entrepreneurs even if you have a business if you’re getting paid for doing work for someone like freelance and gigs on fiverr or if you are personally mowing someone’s lawn as part of your landscaping business you’re still

Simply trading your hours for dollars rich people people with actual time freedom and financial freedom income that comes in ongoing for either investing time or money into it at the beginning when you switch from trading hours for dollars mentality to a passive income mentality you will start to get yourself on the correct path and in doing so you’ll actually set

Yourself up to correct broke thought number to just focusing on the quick win when you’re trading dollars for hours you are only looking at the short-term picture how much money you’re gonna make for the work that you’re doing right now when you work towards passive income you aren’t concerned about the immediate money but are playing the long-term game playing

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The long game instead of seeking short-term wins is how you get rich you are willing to accept delayed gratification to put in the hard work upfront knowing that the payday it’s going to come down the road when you focus on the long game you are able to strategically set up your business and build online assets that will pay you long-term not just get you quick

Money for example doing a facebook providing value and then leading up to an offer is more of a short-term play you can get leads you can get sales today but not a year from now compare that to doing a youtube video putting in the works that people can find that video a year from now when they search for specific terms that single video can continue to bring in

Sales bring in leads for years to come now the third thing that will keep your broke is trying to do everything in your business for free now that doesn’t mean that you should just need to spend a bunch of money for no reason you should that you shouldn’t use free tools or services when it’s appropriate you don’t always have to be spending money but you need to

Understand that you’re always gonna pay for something it will either be spending your time or your money and honestly i’ve met very few people who have said they have ample amount of time to do everything they want to in their business time is truly the most precious commodity that we have in life so don’t waste your time don’t waste your time messing around with

Free tools and strategies if there’s a better way to do it a simpler way that’s gonna save you time and speed up what you’re doing if you invest a little money treat your business like a real business invest in it so you can start making money sooner so when it makes sense be prepared to invest money into your business now the fourth habit that will keep you broke

Is spending what you have on your lifestyle instead of your business it takes a lot of blood sweat and tears to create the type of business that will actually make you rich money that you earn from your business or even from your job while you’re still building your business it’s a much better spent helping your business grow so if you have the option of getting

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A brand new car or keeping the old reliable one that you have that should be an easy answer of just keeping old reliable and investing in your business instead who actually needs cable tv or satellite tv anymore nobody it’s obsolete no one in today’s day and age needs that if you have the option of going to a restaurant or grabbing something quick at home eat at

Home businesses require investment and for most people that means some level of sacrifice so simplify your lifestyle now so you can create the dream lifestyle that you want in the future broke mindset number five is that you think thinking that you need to live rich to be rich as you start making money you in no way have to or should start spending it all living

Rich some of the richest people in the world live simple lives that in simple houses they drive simple cars don’t feel like you need to spend everything that’s coming in in fact the more you simplify your life the sooner you’re gonna be able to reach your time freedom your financial freedom when there are fewer bills coming in you’re gonna have more freedom to do

With your time or your money whatever you want the sixth habit that will keep you broke is letting your emotions control your decisions so if you feel like stuffing off do you sit down and start a new netflix binge or do you still sit down at your computer and do the next video or whatever work that you know needs to be done you must learn to stay focused on what

You need to do and do it no matter what you’re feeling sometimes this is easier said than done it takes discipline and you have to know exactly why you’re building your business what you’re working towards so that can help drive you to put in the work even when you don’t feel like it i find that it really helps if you just close your eyes and envision the future

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That you were building whenever you really don’t feel like doing the work that needs to be done it can give you a little bump that you need to stay focused and put in the work that’s needed now the seventh and final thing that you may be doing that’s keeping you broke is by hanging out with broke people birds of a feather flock together you are the some of the

Top five people you spend the most time with these sayings are around for a reason they’re true the power of association has a huge impact on how you think and how you think is how you act if you are around broke people you will think like a broke person if you think like a broke person guess what you’re gonna act like a broke person and if you’re not yet broke

You’re gonna become broke on the other hand if you surround yourself with the most successful people that you can find they will push you to think bigger to accomplish more to be better creating an atmosphere that supports your success and challenges you to keep growing learning to correct these seven broke thoughts and habits will help you become rich or reach

Whatever goals that you have for yourself now to learn more about our number one recommended program for making six figures as soon as possible make sure that you click the link at the top of the description now please know that we are rooting for you we are here to help you create the time freedom that you and your family deserve so if you’re new to the channel

You’re gonna have to subscribe so that we can help you do that say hi so we can welcome you to the community again this is leah rae from todd and leah raycom head over to the next video up above and i’ll see you soon

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