How to Join Connexus Credit Union 2022 | How to Get 5000 Connexus Credit Card | 0k Connexus Loan

How To Join Connexus Credit Union 2022 How To Get $75000 Connexus Credit Card $50k Connexus Loan

Houston here for those of you just finding my youtube channel welcome please remember to hit that subscribe button in that bell and for those of you that’s been following me and supporting me salute and for my favorite patrons always double salute now today’s video we’re actually going to be talking about connectus connect us credit union okay now either i’ve

Been asleep on this one or not too many people up on this here uh credit union because i’m looking at the data points on this this here credit union may be just as good as navy federal okay and i’m gonna tell you why in a minute especially with some of the products that they have and the scoring the low scoring they’re actually looking for in order to help you all

Right now let’s talk about these internal scoring i’m going to tell you all something all right more banks are going to this internal score and more banks and credit unions are going to this internal scoring and i think this is going to this internal score is going to be more um it’s going to have more influence than your credit score down the line all right

So let’s look at in terms of what can possibly build an internal score with connectus internal score okay um you check they check check systems that’s for one they do a soft pool on your transunion to join okay um now the way you join you’re going to pay your five dollars to for a savings account all right now here’s how to build up the internal score so this is

Going to help you if you’re able to do a direct deposit awesome if not hey there’s other options uh doing some type of a loan secured loan with them also they offer high yield checking accounts so this is something that i really want you all to pay attention to because there’s two different types of checking accounts that connect us offers there’s a regular one

And then there’s the high yield and so the high yield is no monthly fees no minimum deposit uh requirements no balance requirements okay um you can also they offer money market accounts savings accounts and cds all right so if you don’t have a long history with them that’s some things that you can actually do that’s some things that you can actually do to help

Help you now utilization on your credit cards no insufficient funds in the account on time payments and credit card these are some of the same data points as navy federal but this bank here like i said i think they got navy federal and it just haven’t been popularized yet but i think they’re gonna bypass navy federal okay now let’s look at i talked made a video

About the best uh business credit cards that are better than navy federal and this is one of those cards connectors and the reason is again talking about how to join with five dollar donation to their connectors association um business credit score starting at about a 6 30 up to 7 19. uh no annual fee on the business credit card that’s another thing about this here

Is because they are like a navy federal they’re offering not only regular accounts but they’re offering business accounts as well okay and you can see that it doesn’t take a lot of high scoring in order to get one of their business uh credit cards okay now here’s the thing about it i want you all to understand like when you’re trying to go for their loans they’re

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Gonna pull transunion they use uh experian eight for the credit cards and then experience a transunion on the loans all right now the credit cards are issued through elon financial and that’s very important and the reason it’s important is because elon financial issues out a lot of different uh credit card and bank cards and stuff like that now if you just wanted

To go directly to get a a business uh credit card or or for for to connect connectors card or the connectors business card and connect this regular card if you just want to go you can go through elan financial okay but one of the tips that i’ve learned that you would have to have a vpn so in terms of making sure that the data that they’re offering up mean that

You went putting in the application in that state so that’s the reason you would use a vpn okay now that being said this business credit card that they offer 20 billion cycles on purchases and balance transfers okay so no interest that’s on 20 billion cycles so that’s very important now i want you to stick with me because i’ma start proving to you why this here

Bank excuse me why this credit union is more important than navy federal okay and for those of you that ever did business uh with connectors put a comment below let me know what do you think if i’m right now they have a credit card 75 000 okay now their credit scores for their credit cards started at 5 30 at a 5 30. so like a navy federal like i have the video

For the uh late night hack with a navy federal and getting 5 30 credit score getting a 25 000 credit card and stuff like that their credit cards they have credit cards that go up to 75 000 okay and the same thing on the credit cards is uh elon financial so just keep that in mind now here’s the thing about this platinum card it’s 24 months navy federal’s platinum

Card is only no interest no balance trend no per for purchases and balance transfer is only 12 months theirs is 24 months okay so on the business credit cards no interest uh on purchases and balance transfers on the connectors is 20 months on the personal side 24 months on the platinum card okay now here’s another one they have uh secured cards right now they

Offer secured cards but they have two types of secured cards they have one secure card that offers rewards and then they have a regular superior card as well now here’s the thing how do you get two trade lines out of this secured card with connectus if you’re an individual that’s paying rent okay uh if you’re an individual that’s paying rent and everything then

And you’re paying with cash and money order like in the other video i tell you to stop doing that what you want to do you want to sign up for a company like plasticpla stiq dot com take your secured card say that you’re paying 500 600 000 a month you’re sharing rent with somebody right instead of giving them the money order or instead of giving them

The cash what you want to do is put that money on their security card right because this secured card is reporting to the credit bureaus every month then i would sign up with plastic and then i would have plastic to send the check over right so then now you can sign up with uh one of those ramp reporters they have a rental what is it called uh rental boom uh you

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Have um it’s a couple of them i have a video that that talks about the different rental places and stuff but what you want to do you want to sign up with those rental places okay signing up with those rental places so they can report as a trade line plus you’re using this security card and that’s reporting as a trade line too so that’s how like most people don’t

Understand how you get multiple uh primary trade lines out of one account especially if you’re paying rent or you’re paying other bills and stuff this is definitely how you would do it okay that being said let’s talk about the personal loans their interest rates are lower than navy federal okay their interest rates are lower than navy federal now again they pull

The transunion for the loans transunion fico 8 now if you don’t know what your fico 8 score is uh you can click the link below in the description and get your fico uh scoring okay because it’s going to give you your fico 8 your fico 9 your fico 2 your fico 5 and the newest one the fico 10 and that’s very important because the fico 10 is supposedly almost like a

Real time credit reporting right that’s giving you a credit score real time now that being said again you really should know your fico score so click the link in the description and get your real fico score and if you want me to go over it then you schedule a 30-minute consultation and we’ll talk about and i’ll show you how to use your fico to leverage to be able

To get more funding okay now again talking about this connect us credit union personal loans the interest rates lower than per uh navy federal okay um in terms of how to get it most of these loans their maximum is up to fifty 000 okay but one of the cool parts about this again is that they’re looking at if you’re having problems trying to get a consolidated

Loan to pay down credit cards and stuff like that we can help you okay so that means the scoring system that they have uh if you have multiple accounts with them you may can get a a personal loan for less than with less than a 600 credit score okay just like navy federal so they’re they’re really trying to help you just like navy federal is trying to help you

Connect as is really trying to help you that’s on the personal loan side all right then they have their personal lines of credit now one thing i didn’t state or i didn’t show in here when they do a hard pull for the personal loan all right uh here’s the thing about it they do the hard pull on the person alone i was trying to figure out well you may can use that

Same inquiry to get a line of credit as well okay but you couldn’t use that inquiry since it’s transunion you can use could not use that inquiry to get a credit card okay so if you’re going to deal with them if anybody ever dealt with them in the past and you think that uh or have you ever used uh one inquiry with connectors to get multiple accounts put a comment

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In the comments section now back to the personal lines of credit all right so they have two different types of personal lines of credit they have a line of credit from 3 000 to 15 000 then that’s the flex line and then the flex plus goes from 5 000 to 25 000 okay so they have two different types of lines of credit as well now if you have a high dti because again

With most credit unions most banks if your dti is above 55 they may not be able to approve you so you may have to look at lenders like upstart personal loans where the dti is between 70 75 percent okay and you can borrow from a thousand up to fifty thousand and with upstart again they pulling fico nine plus you know exactly how much you qualify for okay and it

Won’t be a hard inquiry unless you actually accept the loan all right but they focus more on how long you’ve been on your job how much is your income um what’s your education level that’s those are the things that they really focus on now the minimum gross income for uh upstart is 12 000 okay and they operate in all 50 states now here’s the thing about it uh

Credit loans also does the same thing now again if you’re trying to go with connectors um there have been people that said that they couldn’t get credit loans but they had success success with connectors so there was other people that tried to get uh loans with um with um other lenders and stuff and they told them no but connect this credit union actually gave

Them a loan so hey and they had like a lot of inquiries and stuff like that so it may be an opportunity to see if they’re able to help you now with the credit loans they don’t have a minimum credit score their loans go from 250 up to 40 000 active bank account but they have a 90 percent chance of approval now they’re not available in new york and connecticut but

If you have bad credit their loans go up to five thousand no if you don’t have a credit score or you rebuilding your credit and credit and stuff like that you also may want to check out patel they have the patel one and patel two cards and the patel one goes from three hundred up to five thousand and the patel two goes from three hundred up to ten thousand again

Not focusing on the credit score they’re focusing on your cash flow what’s your education level like how long you been at the job how long you been at your encourage you to addre fico 9 so that way you can add trade lines like authorized users like you can add your rent history you can add utilities your monthly subscriptions and stuff to help build up your fico

9 and get as many accounts as you can on your fico 9 continue paying them get as large amounts of money as you can on your fico 9 then switch over to using your fico 8 so that’s how i would leverage it now if you have any other questions about personal credit fund and business credit funding click the link in the description and schedule one-on-one consultation thank you

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