How to Make Money Online as a 16 Year Old – This really works!!

Being 16 will always have challenges when you attempt to make some money. No one takes you seriously, but what if I told you there were websites where your age meant nothing and no one even knew how old you were but you could still earn thousands every day. This is totally legit, not one of those scams you see all over the internet.

How to make money online as a 16 year old kid all right i’m sure if you’re 16 or even younger you’re probably searching on google how do i make money online well you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what i’m going to tell you in this video it’s very simple using this simple website and you could probably bring in a couple of thousand every single

Month just by doing this this could be a full-time job i know you’ve probably seen in school but it could still be as good as a full-time job so before we get started consider hitting that subscribe button so that you know when i bring up new videos because i’m bringing up videos like this all the time and i felt like they’ll be able to really really help you so

Subscribe to that and let’s get strangers i’ve got my laptop here let me record my screen okay so you can see the website i’m on i am on up work alright and you’re probably thinking what the hell is this well i don’t know if you saw my previous video a couple of days ago about fiverr and how you can make about 300 dollars every single day using fiber

This is similar except you can charge a lot more and it’s a lot more professional and it works per hour so it’s like working freelance it’s basically a freelance website so you’re probably thinking as well what can i be doing well let’s having a really simple job okay let’s do a typing so there’s no age to being able to type i’ll be able to touch type at 14 so you

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Can easily easily touch type and make a lot of money so firstly we want to do so i’m assuming you’re from the united kingdom or the united states so let’s do filters and do location united kingdom and that’s another location united states because obviously united kingdom and united states will make a bit more won’t be able to charge a bit more as you can see here

1416 rather than four and five okay and why the filters so we’re gonna say your english is native because i assume if you’re from this country you’ve probably got native english and you can just hide the filters and let’s have a look at what people are charging this could literally be you alright she’s charging 40 an hour to proofread to transcript basically this

One is 1667 an hour this was 15 an hour this was 15 hours 150 an hour 30 an hour ten an hour 35 and our 20 now and ninety an hour okay so you can see there’s a lot of money to be made here all right and this is all they’re all doing typing jobs they’re doing other jobs as well without doing typing so what you could do is you could start by being the cheapest one

So you see here so far the cheapest one is ten dollars you could go down to nine dollars per hour and this is just to get yourself started this is just to get your first few jobs all right once you’ve got your first couple of jobs then you can up your price to $12 $50 $20 however much you want but even as a 16 year old $9.00 per hour is still a lot of money and

If you just did let’s say let’s say you charged $10 an hour cuz easy for math and you did three hours a day right you’re looking at 20 to 3 hours a day looking at $30 extra a day right and if you did that seven days a week that’s 210 dollars a week and eight hundred and forty dollars every single month extra just from working three hours a day right $840 as a 16

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Year old there is a lot you can be doing eight hundred forty dollars and that’s only when you’re charging $10 after you’ve got quite a few reviews you can see if they’ve got the job success rate once you had done all of this right you can see and 30 grand 314 jobs 290 hours of work once you’ve worked maybe 30 40 50 hours you could up your price and you can keep

Upping your price so point where you’re gonna be able to make thousands every single month just doing this and if you’re worried about what to do after school you don’t like really have an idea and if you lose university if you start something like this it’s a good backup right because if universe doesn’t work out and you just don’t know what you’re doing if you

Start someone this in school you can continue it after school and it can be a full time income look at this okay let’s just have a look this is erica right 30 grand and okay let’s have a look at this one this is a nutri 7,000 earned okay so look at this one 7,000 and as well you can see it right here $500 and the 3,000 and 7,000 8,000 8,000 10,000 20,000 there

Are pages of people so obviously early you think maybe it’s a bit of a saturated there’s too many people well firstly you can make yourself stand out by being a bit different if you see these photos you can just make your listing different like we teach people how to make goodness to what amazon you can make a good listing on up work right now that’s that’s this

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There are so many others let’s have a look at social media marketing right now i’m assuming as a 16 year old you probably pretty good at instagram tip-top facebook all this kind of things so why not do other people’s social media right and i come up to they’re charging 29 per hour 20 power a hundred power seventy four hour 30 power 30 power 25 hours you see it’s a

Lot more this person’s earn a 500 thousands of dollars that’s insane right and then let’s think of another one some what about let’s see you’re pretty good at photoshop right i mean i really say what i was doing when i was 16 i was fully using photoshop so let’s say photoshop see how much they charge 30 per hour 30 per hour third-year power sixty-five power 40

Power sixty-five power 30 power and no one cares about your age because it’s it’s all done via this so just have a good picture of yourself where you maybe you look a bit older and i have a very well written description and all these kind of things and you’ll be absolutely fine so like i said this is absolutely perfect for anyone doesn’t matter if you’re 16 but

The reason i’m aiming this is 16 euros is because i had a few 16 yours asked me how they can make money online so i thought i would just target a video directly to them but if you’re 14 it will still work and if you’re 40 it will still work so this is a great great way to freelance some jobs and make quite a bit of extra money so give it a look let me know in the

Comments if you’ve ever heard of up work or if you’ve done anything without work before and hopefully he’ll see you in tomorrow’s video thanks for watching

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How to Make Money Online as a 16 Year Old – This really works!! By Shimmy Morris