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This is a video review on how to make money online fast on Amazon using Instagram influencers.

Hey what’s up everybody here i welcome to this video super quick video this this video is gonna be different from all the wheels i have made uh this is gonna be something that i’m learning so a lot of people being asked been telling me that since i know a lot about traffic it’s easy to me to make money but this is something new on instagram that i’m gonna show you

Um um on instagram and amazon affiliate this is my affiliate account i might do a part two or three whatever to keep you updated but yeah this is my stance right now zero on amazon uh what i gotta do right now what i’m gonna do is promoting um books uh free books online worldwide it works worldwide from amazon it’s called just type right here audible associates

So it could be um affiliate and they will pay you let me show you how it works everything um they pay you five dollars per sign up it’s right here is that decide to buy the guillotine dollars it’s a trial a free trial five bucks they give you amazon it’s awesome i knew about this but i was more focus on on cpa marketing so that’s why but now someone told me

About this that they’re making a money five bucks for a sign up in networks worldwide and tpa marketing is different because um you gotta it’s you gotta be from the states from the united states for uh per lead that’s what i’m trying to say but yeah right here is well why so it’s awesome it’s freaking out five bucks so if they buy the upgrading they give you

Attempt but this is recruit recruiting income they will pay you five bucks as long as they act it this um there’s a lot of readers like tai lopez you gotta just um target these people for tai lopez they like to be books tai lopez likes to read books so you can target their their people hi lopez that’s what i’m doing right now this is what i can start doing right

Now starting a lot of people from thai lopez um his uh followers on youtube there’s a lot of ways to promote books to beyonds but yeah i’m usually kind of focus on this on google ads or uh shout outs shout outs people there like to read books nobody knows about this shout outs it’s kind of almost doing it for my i um ig account but yeah it works it works you

Just gotta know who to um um hey could you show me these influencers um they don’t know about this uh audible they don’t know about this or else they will be doing it you see a lot of people don’t know about this a lot of marketers so yeah you can go work your shout outs and uh do your own research who to pay you should have people like to read books when it’s

Kind of a lot of people like to read books but usually sometimes when they read a lot of books they get tired and they just want to listen so that’s why um amazon made out of um but yeah in this one too influencer car so i’m gonna be testing on this one i can’t do a part two how it goes if it’s working for me this like i told you this video is gonna be different

So um i’ll be always showing my my screenshots and everything about this i can’t do it by verse of this video so you can see what i go through i’m testing i might do a part two three or four um for free on my youtube channel but yeah this is the one that i got this is the the in um instagram account that i just made and uh just put this on just test i got a few

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Likes and everything um but yeah i’m just starting i just came back from um the holidays vacations and everything so i just gonna this year gonna start costly on this usually this is the um what you gotta do is follow people and they will follow you and this is the the wet the the website that i send them and then they will click right here they want to uh free

Trial for 30 days or uh get a favorite book um a facebook is like um you want if you want this that costs a lot of money you can get it for free uh usually your personal book your personal book because usually under 30 days trial you can get it for you can listen to a lot of books but if you want to like your favorite that’s what i’m trying to say your favorite

Like the allah fashion or i i know a lot of my friends um they like um uh the secret allah or whatever and other stuff but just click right here then we’ll click right here i don’t know if you guys been listening uh have heard um uh link tree they cost six bucks a month it’s the same as this one where is link trees acoustic spots is free but usually they don’t

Give you a lot of features because if you wanna uh upgrade it because it’s bucks per month and usually it has everything like this where is it like this one this is um i got this uh whichever blanks from um jvzoo or warrior plus i don’t care my car i buy that stuff on warrior plus and jerry zoo so i can have i give it so i did give it to free to my students but

This is what i did and this is the the instagram that i make so next week i kind of show you my results if it’s working on shout outs this for this on my test on this one uh i think it’s more cheaper right here just like over here books they to find out some or you can go on instagram and find people from um instagram that promoted books nothing this person yeah

My this i might test this one or just go to um instagram and type books oh let’s i already follow some people on the book niche so just um how much just another message a dm how much they would charge for a channel where is it profile i’m new to instagram to to be honest people are killing in instagram so i decided to promote it i decided to test it this is

A test i decided to follow a lot um celebrities from hollywood because they like books i don’t know why they like books um but there’s people like right here just put right here oh nice picture whatever since they’re having a lot of likes right here and and comments and everything let’s put something like that like nice um like suppose awesome something so

People can see your um your comment and then we’ll see right here do i get free books worldwide and they will click to your um to your profile they’ll say okay what i have free books for a while people will notice a lot of people that like books they’ll say oh free books for online okay they will go straight to your profile to to your bio and they’ll say okay

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Free books okay you know click the link and they might test this whatever but yeah usually i can get it for free this i have this um i got him on jvzoo was oh hell a lot of taps open there i forget but yeah this is the one that i got traffic um traffic what size or whatever app um i got it for free so you don’t have to pay i got it any kind for free i’ll pay

The reseller license on on warrior plus but this is you can get for free right here on link tree i don’t know if you guys know if you know about um if you know about um instagram you know about this because usually a lot of celebrities are doing this uh using this um platform they painted six spots per month but usually i kind of give it to you for free to 10

People on on my facebook accounts and my um youtube channel because i could get for free to a lot of people because i have the right to get because i’ve already passed our license and return rights but i don’t have time to send to all people all day not even my va my patrol system but yeah if you went for free just let me know or the 10 people the action takers

So yeah this is the this is usually what you pay uh link um free uh a lot of celebrities use this but with me you can have it for free um instead of paying six bucks per month this is a what uh celebrities use for um their instagram so they have a lot of stuff they’re promoting online but yeah um just do your due diligence when you buy from these people on shout

Outs go to social blade into your diligence their um getting organic traffic just put like your instagram like this person just check this person let’s do a test right now that’s what i do testing testing because sometimes i slept too there is something new to for me so it’s kind of it’s all about testing that’s why i make money because that’s what i do out there

Testing so let’s put that right here and just go to social blade right here and put the username on instagram right here if it’s on youtube on channel just put it right there but let’s go on instagram to see if they have organic um followers lags and their polls and everything wow this b minus okay nah i won’t go with this one i will go with someone else it

Might be something they’re using about likes or something like that let’s go with this one this this one i’ll go with that one oh what what you can do is just another message hey how much for a channel if it’s but do you do diligence first or is it the social blade through your due to the legend before you’re buying for this before sending a payment uh people

Just end the payment because they think they have a lot of followers and but they’ve bought some um they’re using bots to get our followers this one yeah this one looks green greenish so just through the late due diligence okay what’s today the second yeah they’re getting this is organic i will go with this i will pay him at least 20 to 50 bucks per shadow um

I will go with this one i will go with this yeah i’ll go just yeah if you if you want to decide if you you can promote everything right here audible um you can promote books just go right here on which one is trending i will go with um best books okay they see you can promote right here where is it right here on amazon you can promote everything right you want

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To sell if you want to make a a video about this book especially like this is the books that are selling they’re gonna sell in 2021 there’s 20 like right here and just check if it’s trending when it’s trending you’re gonna make a lot of money for the name of the book i haven’t seen any of the book but you do your just search books that are selling a lot at the

Moment um this books this is this is what i do on the google trends too was trend at that moment in allow people you can check right here our google trends that’s let’s say this book why what what is just copy to check if it’s trending on google trends he’s very serving a lot and you will check if it’s worth making a video or something i’m showing my the tricks

That i’m gonna start doing this year for this um um 2021 but yes trending right here you can tell we’ll just check on the seven day on this seven days yeah it’s trending it’s going up so usually this this book will work if you make a youtube you don’t have to even show your face just make a slide or something a lot of people i know they’re afraid of making videos

I’m showing their face but just make a slide about this or whatever just go to amazon they have a lot of stuff what’s the name of the book just go right here and they will give you more um the link like me i will promote it on on youtube i will make a simple video i don’t even have to show my character i will just do it uh fast video and that’s it put that link

It does it so yeah it’s right here shortly and promote this link on your youtube or shout outs if you want to get if you want if you don’t wanna do all this shout outs just promote it on youtube just um this people hey um just given your link and that’s it shout out to free like my username channels to investing channels to free books worldwide or whatever just

Make it you buy all interested but i don’t do no video about that how it works i’m new to this this video is gonna was gonna be different because you should like always show that are making money a lot of people ask me hey i mean how come you you you’re making money because you know about traffic that’s why right well as a newbie you will know hey i already paid

My dues uh i’ve been testing a lot and they they don’t say nothing but yeah i can’t be make a part two on this give you the follow-up updated and i might do another third video so you can see because i have 16 followers 50 yeah i’m just starting this campaign uh this um instagram account so yeah i just gonna i just want to show this quick this video so you guys

Can see that what i do i’m testing all right thanks for watching this super video super quick video and follow me on youtube um facebook instagram or whatever social media platform because i’m gonna come with a lot of content this year that everybody’s gonna be surprised all right thanks for watching this super quickly see ya peace

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How To Make Money Online FAST On Amazon Using Instagram Influencers | FREE Instagram Software Tool By Ivan Ramirez