How to Make Money Online in 2022 | 3 HONEST ways

With everything going on in the world right now, I wanted to make a video about How to Make Money Online from the comfort of your home in case it can help anyone!

All right guys it’s time to rip off the band-aid there’s no way to get rich quick there i said it i don’t care how you look at it or how you slice it it doesn’t exist i’m sure you’ve seen ads or videos on youtube promoting things like blowing up on drop shipping or getting rich quick on crypto but even if you do manage to do one of these things it’s not sustainable

And ultimately unrealistic for long-term wealth development if you really want to know the secrets to making money online i’m gonna lay it out for you in the most honest way possible no bush beating this video is just an opportunity for me to tell you how i made money online and the honest ways that you can try yourself we’re going to be talking about different

Ways that you can start to make money online but before we do that let’s get a couple things straight the first thing is you can’t make money doing nothing i’m sure you’ve seen a bunch of videos on youtube telling you that you can make all this money super duper quick for little to no effort but i’m just gonna be honest with you and tell you that none of this

Stuff really exists and if it does again it’s not sustainable there’s no way to get rich quick the goal of this video is to outline for you how to multiply your money for the same amount of time because that’s essentially what everyone means when they talk about passive income we’re looking to make the same amount of money while spending less time to do it so

For instance if you’re selling a service like web design you can make a certain amount of money for a certain amount of time to build the website you could essentially think of it as a one-to-one ratio of the money you make for the time you spent we’re looking to increase the money and decrease the time because after all making money online is about multiplying

Your money and your opportunities there’s three sort of stages to making money online that i myself have experienced and moved through now you don’t necessarily have to move through them in order but they do have an order to them naturally and these three stages are selling services selling products and then utilizing an audience that last one sounds a little bit

Different but i’ll explain later on so the first is selling services which is pretty self-explanatory you’re going to sell your skills by providing services for people whether that be photography or videography web design financial advising coaching or whatever you choose you can literally do anything that you provide as a service over the internet to other people

And get paid for it now there’s obviously prerequisites for this and that’s actually having a marketable or profitable skill and with the amount of free information and videos on platforms like youtube and also paid courses on sites like skillshare or udemy there’s really no excuse for not having some kind of a profitable or marketable skill because you can learn

How to do most of these online pretty quickly a couple of years ago i taught myself how to build websites and shortly after that i was doing freelance work on websites like fiverr and now look at me i have a youtube channel where i teach other people how to build websites now around the same time i would take online courses and watch youtube videos on how to do

Photography and videography now i know how to do all sorts of things like adobe premiere pro and photoshop and a whole bunch of other editing softwares as well so after you’ve finished watching this video get up get out there and start learning by the way our channel is a perfect place to learn some of these things once you set out and learned a skill it’s time to

Start hopping on websites like fiverr or upwork and selling your services i’m not gonna lie to you this takes time to build up trust reviews and progress but so does building any other business you have to take the time to actually go through the process i was on sites like this for a year or two before i decided to start moving into selling products and building

An audience and it really doesn’t matter if the service that you’re providing is tech related or not i keep mentioning examples like photography or web design but you can also offer services up as a writer or you could do a financial advising service you could even do translations for people or even customer support there’s literally no end to the amount of things

That you can do as services that you provide over the internet okay so now that you’ve sold your services for long enough you’ll realize that there’s an underlying problem with the business model and that is the fact that you’re limited by the amount of time it takes to provide the service essentially you realize that you can only provide as many services as the

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Amount of time you have in one day it’s obviously not that scalable this is where you can move into the second stage which is selling products and there’s tons and tons of ways that you can sell products or sell access to those products you can sell physical products or you can sell digital products and a digital product is just an intangible asset or a piece of

Media that can be sold or distributed repeatedly online without any need to replenish inventory in other words it’s just a file you can download off the internet you can also sell access to certain things in the form of a subscription or a membership fee where your users will log into your website and pay you a monthly fee and have access to whatever you’re trying

To sell whether that be information or an online course or something like that now there’s a few different ways that you can make money by selling products online and they fall under a very broad category of e-commerce so i’m gonna go over briefly the most popular options and those are drop shipping affiliate marketing and selling your own products or selling access

To those products so let’s talk about the first one which is drop shipping drop shipping is when you create an aesthetically pleasing online store and you sell somebody else’s products on it usually some kind of a third party service like when you make orders on olliedropship you are placing orders directly with the manufacturer of that product

When a customer places an order on your website you then place the order with the manufacturer and then send the product directly to the customer most people like this option especially beginners because you don’t actually have to deal with physical product and there’s relatively zero startup cost as well you basically just have to pay for your own website and build

It yourself and then you can instantly start selling products however because you’re sending the product directly from the manufacturer to the customer when the order is placed the shipping takes much longer because you don’t actually buy the product and have it in stock so it’s ready to ship you’re basically telling the manufacturer to create the product and then

Ship it from the warehouse straight to the customer now the second e-commerce strategy i want to talk about is affiliate marketing this is similar to drop shipping because you’re going to create your own e-commerce store however this time you’re gonna sign up with an affiliate program of a company that already has a brand for instance you could sign up with amazon

For their affiliate program once you sign up you’re allowed to advertise amazon products on your website when someone clicks on the product to buy it it will use the affiliate link and send them straight over to amazon’s website there they can buy it and you’ll receive a commission from it now because you’re just facilitating the sale this is also a very easy way

To make money because again you’re not dealing with physical products from these websites similar to the drop shipping website however the company of the affiliate program that you’re signed up with is handling the physical product for you so they already have it in stock ready to go and ready to ship quickly the only issue is you’re making a smaller commission on

The sale compared to drop shipping which is when you’re selling the product directly from the manufacturer to the customer so you might make a little bit less money for sale the last avenue that i want to talk to you guys about under the e-commerce branch would be selling your own products or selling access to your own products and this would be a segue into the

Third stage of making money online because you’re building an audience and the third stage requires an audience selling your own products or selling access to your own products is simple you can either sell a physical product or a digital product and if you choose to go the physical route you can partner with a specific manufacturer where you can customize your

Own products and the aesthetics all the way down to the materials used and their quality you’re basically building your own product and then you’re going to sell it online this is a bit of a difficult process because it involves constant communication with your manufacturers and modeling a product from scratch which is its own whole process it’s a lot of time and

Effort and it’s quite difficult but people do make money off of it you could create digital products which would be creating an online course on how to do specific skills that you already know how to do you could build your own website and input online course software or you could sign up with another well-known website like skillshare or udemy where you can sell

Access to your online course people pay a monthly fee or something like that and they have access to the information that you provide this is the second step after learning how to do a skill and doing it for a couple years by selling your services because at this point you already know how to do it so well so you can teach others how to do it too another way that


You can make money online is becoming a blogger or a content creator this is the third tier of the process of making money online this is where you are actually selling your audience products that you recommend to them or products that you know would be a good fit for them so technically it’s the second and the third tier essentially if you can get enough people

To look at a specific blog post and you have affiliate links in that blog post that means that you can make enough profit off of sales of that product the same goes with the amount of views on the page being sold to advertisers so you can become a blogger and write articles that educate and help your audience and then you can place links into those articles and

Make money that way on the other hand you can become a content creator of some kind this would be anything from social media influencers to youtubers or anything of that sort so you can create educational content or entertaining content for people as you create educational or entertaining content for people over time they begin to follow you or subscribe to

Your platform after you develop a large enough audience you can make money off of that audience itself you can sign up for bigger affiliate programs with larger commissions and you can push your audience towards that product or you could create your own online course and let viewers know and maybe even give them a discount code when they sign up at this point in

The timeline you’ve already built up an audience that knows you and trusts you and when you can tell them that you recommend a certain product or that you recommend an online course they will most likely follow your recommendation another important part of shifting from selling products to using your audience is realizing that you’re going to create valuable and

Prominent information and you’re going to give it out for free in order to get people to listen to you you have to say something of substance take me for example i teach people how to build websites for free i do it and i do it well showing people how to do it from start to finish which is in turn saving them a ton of money rather than hiring someone else to do

It i give these videos for free and in turn i use my audience to leverage my affiliate programs and products that i sell the reason that this is the third tier is because it’s the most difficult in terms of starting out because you already have to have an audience built which takes time and effort so usually people start with selling services or products now if

There’s one thing i want you to know it’s this a really important thing to pay attention to when you’re looking at how to make money online is not only the different numerous ways that people tell you how but also you need to look at how those people are making money themselves for instance i’m here telling you guys multiple ways on how beginners can make money

Online yet at the same time i’m using the third tier i obviously enjoy making youtube videos on how to build websites and how to make money off of them and i also make money off of youtube and affiliate marketing using affiliate links and programs to partner with other companies and get commissions off of their sales the absolute most important part of using the

Third tier or using your audience to make money online is to genuinely try to create valuable content that helps other people i don’t know how else to tell you but people can see through the if you’re not actually making content that actually helps people or is genuinely entertaining to people they just won’t have a reason to follow you and your audience won’t

Naturally build but if you genuinely take the time to do the research and provide information content or entertainment for your audience and you genuinely pour your soul and heart into it and people actually like it then and only then will you start to develop a larger audience and with a bigger audience comes more opportunities to make money using that audience so

Take me for instance i try to genuinely create content that helps my followers build their own websites the cheapest way possible and i encourage them to do it themselves so they don’t have to pay someone else to do it i am providing immense value for free i’m teaching people a skill that you can charge upwards of a thousand dollars per project and i’m doing it for

Free i’m also teaching them how to replicate the process and make money off of that process what do i get in return for providing this educational value for free i develop a following of people and subscribers who follow my channel i can then market to that audience of 350 000 people a certain affiliate program and advertisers and get paid from those advertisements


The commissions from the sales that i get and also straight youtube revenue so at the end of all this how does this actually apply to you what does this look like if you were to try it all the way through well let me give you a little example a hypothetical let’s say you learn how to build websites from the videos that i provide on my youtube channel make sure you

Spend a lot of time doing all of the research and necessary prep work to understand how to do the job fully don’t just watch a couple youtube videos and think that you can provide a great service and get paid for it but let’s just say that you learn how to build websites and you’re really good at it you take your time and become a professional your next step would

Be to try and sell your services online you could create a fiverr account or you could do word of mouth and help people in your neighborhood or friends and family you’ll realize that you’ll start by selling websites for a cheaper price but as you go on you can sell them for more and more money after building websites for a while let’s just say for a year or two

You’re gonna start realizing that you’re limited by the amount of time it takes to build a website you can’t build more websites for the same amount of time and this is important next you need to start learning how to automate your workflow or create passive streams of income so maybe instead of building websites for other people you start building your own website

Where you can put instructional videos on how to build websites as well as sell website templates or web design courses now you’ve moved from selling services to selling products even if they’re digital now you’ve created a passive income stream because your website can sell your videos presets and templates 24 7 even when you’re not sitting at the computer now

That you’ve sold enough templates or whatever digital product it may be it’s time for you to move on to the third tier which is using your audience at this point you would have amassed a large audience from providing quality content at low prices as well as instructional videos and other free resources as well now that your personal website is growing big enough

You can put ads on your website or you could create youtube videos or you could participate in affiliate programs to collect commissions on the sales that you’re already marketing for not only are you selling products digitally and passively online but you’re also doubling that money by making money off of the same audience that’s already buying your products do

You see the trend here you’re trying to multiply and automate as much as possible but it takes time it takes effort and it takes passion you can’t create poor quality products or fluff videos without any concrete content you’re going to have to accept the fact that you’re going to create valuable and expensive content or products and give them away for free in

Exchange for a following or an audience realize that at first it’ll feel like you’re losing money but eventually it will multiply and you’ll make more money than you had before this is the process of becoming a digital marketer or an online entrepreneur you’re probably thinking to yourself this sounds like a huge commitment with lots of risks and time and effort

And you’d be right by thinking all of that you’re essentially creating your own business and with that comes certain risks and trade-offs but you don’t have to start out the gate spending tons of money you can learn how to build websites for free online or you can learn how to do photography or any other skill as cheap as possible once you learn how to do that

Skill and do it well you can provide it as a service once you provided it as a service enough you can teach other people how to do that skill and once you’ve taught other people how to do that skill you can also sell them products to make money off of your same audience but the number one thing that you need to take away from this video is this learn how to do a

Skill that’s valuable and marketable and learn it well this is the seed that will grow your online businesses and this is how you will make money online you have to know how to do something that’s valuable and then you can sell products associated with that skill or you can teach people how to do that skill so if you want to grow your skills in web design or just

Build a website to start selling your services online click on the video in the top left corner and if you want to learn a little bit more about how other people are making money with their websites then click on the video in the top right corner see you in the next video

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