How to Make Money Online With the Nerdwallet Method

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In this reviewing how to make money online with the nerd wallet method and how complete beginners is earning 100 to 700 a day with no experience more at that afternoon hey guys how’s it going mike fasil here welcome this video before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week’s free workshop where it’s the fastest and easiest way to

Make money online we literally have a 62 year old woman go from zero to 160 grand profit in 90 days sign up for it now with this new method so this probably is one of like my favorite business models that i’ve ever seen and i’m literally modeling it to t because of the fact that how successful they are and probably if you’re watching this video already know what

That company is it’s nerd wallet now a lot of people don’t know what nerdwallet is right but the craziest thing is they’re just a simple affiliate marketing business where they don’t have any products yet they do 200 million dollars a year in fact here’s a simple blog that’s an affiliate marketing business that recently just went public right and had an ipo and

Turned out that they’re literally pulling in 228 million dollars in revenue in 2019 245 million in 2020 and a lot of it a lot of it is actually really really profitable right really really profitable without actually having their own products so when you see what they did and you really have a simple blog that just had an ipo you’re like what the heck is that

Possible and if people are able to go ahead and do that making 200 million dollars a year without owning their own products can you go ahead and make money online and make your first hundred dollars a day you know this is a concept that we keep on breaking in because for example when people go ahead and come into our community you know and you know they’re on our

Newsletter and they go from like zero to 30 grand a month in five to eight weeks right like dina at age 47 or ilio who made 100 grand in two months right or uh greg at age 58 went from zero to 30 grand a month in five day weeks or even like for example francisco who’s from chile who only like the monthly salary in chile is only 500 a month go from zero to 30 grand

A month they’re like oh my god that’s cool for them maybe they’re smart that can never happen to me but they’re literally that’s like literally nothing compared to how much nerd wall it makes right so there’s a method to make money online that’s proven and when you start seeing what’s actually possible you start realizing that oh my god i should be able to ask

For more when it comes to making money online so let’s actually break down what the nerdwall business model is and their uh ways of making money online and how you can actually go ahead and do it for yourself so they have a very simple business it’s just an affiliate marketing business now you’re probably wondering if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is

It’s like you go ahead and make money by matchmaking somebody to a product that they’re already looking for right so if you break down nerd wallet you can see exactly what it is they go and they say best credit cards and this like most of their money actually comes from this one blog article right here best credit cards right here because what it is is they kind

Of like compare all these credit cards and all of these offers right here whenever someone goes ahead and signs up for this chase card or this wells fargo card they can earn anywhere from like you know nerdwall will earn anywhere from like 700 bucks and maybe upwards i’ve heard to like a thousand or two thousand bucks for whenever someone signs up for like one of

These credit cards right so you could see how that like literally adds up now nerdwall doesn’t have their own credit card they’re essentially a matchmaker service recommending you credit cards that they recommend and when you go ahead and for example apply now you immediately get transferred and redirected to a financial institution where if you go ahead and sign

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Up for this credit card nerd wallet gets heavily heavily heavily heavily heavily heavily heavily compensated for like you can see this look chase sapphire now you’re not on nerdwallet anymore you’re on if you literally apply now and you know literally get the card nerdwell gets money for it now here’s the thing they make all this

Money but yet they own no product and i think that this is literally where the business of the future is going into like if you really think about it facebook is the largest media provider in the world they can write no content alibaba is the largest manufacturer in the world they own no warehouses you know airbnb is the largest real estate provider in the world

They owe no real estate uber is the largest taxi company in the world they own zero vehicles nerd wallet is one of the largest like credit card companies in the world recommending credit cards but yet they own no credit cards like do you see the power of this business model of affiliate marketing that’s why all these people you know they went from zero to 30 grand

A month because they did not have to worry about the product they just focus on the distribution which you’re probably wondering well then what’s nerdwallet’s distribution nerdwallet has one main client acquisition machine and that’s just ranking on google ranking on google you know there’s people ranking for like random things on google and you’re like oh these

Bloggers make six figures a year you know nerdwall does the exact same thing as these bloggers but because they were just more consistent at it they now make more money right and it’s not just them you know i think more people start to realize that when you see people like for example dollar sprout do the exact same thing dollar sprout is a similar business model

To nerd wallet where they essentially recommend you know products that they don’t create themselves they have no products themselves and they make 347 in two months but here’s a crazy thing right all their businesses is they create content based off of a product that already exists right and when someone goes and sees that content and reads the blog article

And then takes action on that product they get a commission on the back end now let’s actually see how much they made in the first year zero dollars right look at that one year they’re doing it for zero dollars the second year they only got it to the point where they’re only making a thousand dollars a month right now let me just put this in a retrospective to

Other business models because like i i want to here to show you which is how important this thinking is so i literally went from 1.0 to 1.6 million that first year in one of my business right but no one understands that that business literally if i go ahead and do money right here in time right here that business literally looks like this zero to 1.5 million

That first year let’s actually make it smaller zero to one point million that first year and then it just crashed and it went negative because i lost a bunch of money but you literally have nerd wallet in dollar spro just publish content year after year after year the first year i’m a winner because i made more money than them right within year two year three

Year four year five years six years seven years you’re eight nine ten and then now it’s like up there this is the traditional way to make money online people are like oh look how much money they’re making right now this is how nerd wallet and dollar sprout make money it’s through compound interest it’s literally picking something so simple stupid not focusing on

A product because it’s hard creating products right but focusing on one simple thing that compounds year after year after year after year right so i started seeing this and i was like oh my god that’s literally their business model you see this that’s literally their business model look at this nothing nothing nothing nothing bad that’s slowly the dollar of the

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The the nerdwall business model nerdwallet their way of making money line i think they made like five hundred dollars their first year like a couple thousand dollars i think eight thousand dollars the second year maybe year three or year four was like sixty thousand dollars that year right and any startup that would see them would just laugh because dude seriously

You’ve been at it for years and you’re not making any money right and and you got to start thinking about like these ways of making money is a lot more longer thinking than possible right and that’s what happened with the founder he literally had a vision he was like okay if i just stick to creating high quality content consistently like things are just going to

Add up over and over and over and over again if i just focus on good content and recommending products that i don’t have to create i don’t have to take a lot of my mental bandwidth to make this product better because there’s financial institutions that will make this really good of a product i just gotta focus on creating content and if you really think about it

When i started seeing that i was like dude i gotta start doing the same thing so what did i do right i did multiple things to follow this method and i’m going to reveal all of them and how i’m literally doing the nerve wall business model right now i realized that this compound interest this thing right here works on so many different things anything related to

Content and search has this potential to make money with nerd wallet with the nerd wallet model so if you see my business what is it it’s youtube and then it’s google and then it’s pinterest right this is where i see the nerd wallet approach right uh nerdwallet makes all their money on google so i’m doing it on google i know people that make six figures a month

On pinterest alone and say more on youtube right all of these are search engines and all of these have the ability to create content which has this compound interest growth like for example nerd wallet or dollar sprout now the thing is i gotta just focus on doing that so even if i run youtube ads and facebook ads that’s still not the most important part of my

Business right all the money that i make from my youtube ads and my facebook ads go into building these things because that’s what compound interest and the more money that i make from youtube ads and facebook ads i just grow these further so how did i do compound interest you know in the beginning this year i told myself oh let me go ahead and start making like

Three videos a day right why because everyone else is not as crazy as i am and they won’t be able to do it but i know that that will just compound and compound over time and guess what it did financially you know half of which you could see like now pulls in like good money 35 to 46 grand and this is just half of my income that comes from me creating all this

Content right so you can see that the common interest actually happened a lot faster when i was willing to be a lot more crazier in my average daily velocity of content because nerdwallet they were doing like a couple articles like you know a month and then they got it to the point where they’re doing like 300 to 500 articles a month right so that’s literally like

10 articles to like 15 to 20 articles a day that they were publishing i was like okay if i want to do the nerd wallet method as opposed to people that make youtube videos most youtubers make only three videos a week or three videos a month nerdwall publishes 10 pieces of content a day right so i need to go and try to get to that maximum and i realize that three a

Day’s like my limit or else i will literally just explode out of exhaustion right especially when you do the long-term things so you can see that already that financially was already really really rewarding but now that i started making money guess what i did i hired people to run you know my google ads and my youtube ads and i ended up making more money in which i

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Now am investing heavily in my blog right because i know breaking on google is what nerd wallet does that’s literally their bread and butter so i was like okay how can i find my niche that is similar to nerd wallet but a little bit different and how can i do it so it’s very uncompetitive to me so i started realizing i’m like okay i’m kind of like in the e-commerce

Space so i’m just gonna start making as much pieces of content on my blog as possible right so now we’re literally compounding on our blog we’ve got to the point now where we’re making anywhere from 20 to 30 articles a month but i want to get it to the point where we’re publishing like i told my partner um who was also like helping running this blog with me my dude

We needed to get to the point where we’re publishing um 10 articles a day because that’s what nerdwall did now we’re not there yet because it’s very expensive to go ahead and do it so all the money that we make is literally going to fund that nerdwallet raised a hundred million to go ahead and hire all these people i don’t want to raise money right but i realize

Like with my business model i can literally go ahead and create money up front with my skill set of youtube ads facebook ads and just creating content and hire the people to go ahead and you know help me create content on my blog right so that was really the model that we saw in like right now we’re at about like 20 like i said 20 to 30 articles a month i want

To get to the point where we’re publishing 10 to 20 articles a day we’re not here there yet but it’s it’s just really really good to know where we’re going and then you have people like making a lot of money on pinterest again it’s very similar to google and youtube it’s a search engine that a lot not a lot of people are taking advantage of it but the people are

Due are making a lot of money like this girl makes a lot of our money from pinterest 100 grand a month same thing with these people they make 86 000 a month a lot of it comes from pinterest right so i was like thinking i was like dude people are sleeping on pinterest it’s a search engine i got to go start compounding on it and now look at this we’re getting about

91 000 91 000 monthly views to our pinterest account right all of it are going to my blog which then is helping me rank on google so that in essence is the nerdwall method applied to multiple different platforms the original one which is google but you know they raised a lot of money to go ahead and do it so i had to raise money by just building my business on

Youtube and funding my google machine and my pinterest machine but the secret about this is are you willing to be patient when you’re not making any money for the first couple of years knowing that literally within the time that someone normally takes to finish college it already creates life-changing income and the way that i’m starting to think about it is i’m

Like if i was willing to spend 40 grand a year for a college education just so that i could get a 60 grand a year job and not make any money in the process in those four years i might as well just see this as my education of learning the nerd wallet method and just scaling that way and if you want to learn exactly how people are doing this and building the skills

To acquire the distribution method on exactly how these people are able to go from zero to 30 grand a month in five day weeks sign up for this week’s free workshop below and check out this podcast in this video right here hope this helps i love you guys see you guys later you

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