How to option trade w/ etrade app (4 min)

How to option trade w/ etrade app (4 min)

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Thumbs up and if you got questions drop a comment below but as always i don’t have our time and i definitely you guys might have a lot of time so we’re gonna jump straight into it so guys as you can see pulled up here guys and girls as you can see here pulled up on them i have the e-trade mobile app so what i’m going to do is show you how to buy our option trade

Right here with td ameritrade so the first thing you’re gonna do at the top right hand side you see the little our not the hourglass but the magnifying glass but search at the top which says dashboard over to the right a little bit you go get bill to hourglass and we’re gonna type in i don’t know let’s type in google goog that’s the stock symbol for google goog

We’re gonna click on google right and when we have the click owner we could click on it or we can go right here where it says call option put option right right here top right hand side where it says call option says put option although the brits up there but we’re gonna do we want to click right on google now that’s when you put when you click on call option you

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Can also click on put option if you want to look at put options and stuff like that you can right here you can click in go change to different expiration dates to pull up you know put options if you want to go to call you click on the call options you change the expiration date is delights over 13 right here all the october 13 call options on the right hand side

You’re gonna have the stripes you click on one and it says specially your quote you click on the call out to you may like it has your price you click on the big green button ss trade you can here trader option or trade the stock or if you want to trade a condition let’s see if we hit trader option you’re going to hit by open or sell clothes or whatever you’re doing

Right and your ticket is formulated now what you do is you can go in here and you can appear you can click and say how many you want and down here you have your expiration date then you can hit select price type turn and right now it’s going to have you want to buy october 13th 1040 much it’s gonna hit if you want to make any advanced strategies or whatnot but

You’re going to pretty much hit preview in place or if you want to buy they may have looked a little confusing so we’re gonna back it all the way up we’re gonna go to this type in google right boom to the second facebook to be a little different type in facebook class a and what you’re gonna do here is when you go down you can stroll down right here you can hit

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Options chain right here on your right hand side say say option click on the options chain and you got your calls and your puts together you can click here to change the expiration date to make it a little bit easy or you can go over and look at the different expiration dates as they change and if you see what you like here’s your strike in the middle you got your

Calls on my left puts on the right you click on the ask or a bid of that particular thing do the same thing just say a trade options if you want to sell open about close whatever you want to do you got it selected you got it done what you want to do you can put any how many you want to do it select price and tight and you’re gonna get preview or place order so i

Showed you two ways how you can do that right there i want to trade mobile app guys don’t forget to hit guys and girls don’t forget better like and subscribe to come and share button until the next video podcast whatever you see me do free do goofy around the blow peace be say i’m out

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