How to properly file a UCC1 – Step by step instructions The Secured Party Creditor Process Online!

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What’s up guys it’s your boy the bad wolf all right so due to overwhelming requests and you guys actually hearing me taking my advice and supporting the channel um i’m going to bring you guys how to do a ucc one properly right here right now all right so of course the file will still be available for those people who want to get more information and be able to copy

And paste some of the stuff that goes into the collateral box but essentially guys it’s time to break the mold all right so we’ve already done videos on the wabn for in the w4v on how to get rid of uh paying federal taxes and now we’re going to bring you the ucc one okay so yes i know some people out there are like yeah but you know it’s not how you make money yes

But we have to grow and evolve okay so let’s do it all right so just continue to support me guys because as they say you know i’m uh cutting my own arm here to to bleed for you guys all right so but before we get started on that i just want to thank everybody for well supporting the channel um the wolf pack is growing i think we have up to 100 people remember

Guys we don’t we only get us artists here um on youtube or whatever other platform we only get a percentage of you know the money that you guys provide for support so it does help but the more that we can get on there not to sound greedy but obviously the better it is because like i said literally i think we only get like 40 or 50 out of you know whatever and my

Cheapest package for the wolf pack area which is a private information area um which is obtained through the joint button on youtube’s main page for me just jmc love it so the cheapest one is like two dollars so i only get like a dollar out of it okay so even if 100 people join i’m only getting 50 bucks but uh and that you know it is what it is so i definitely

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Appreciate it all right so don’t don’t take anything away so other than that guys check out and don’t forget to hit that bell like subscribe i definitely appreciate it all right let’s get going okay so the ucc is a uh it’s a international commercial um platform where you are able to place a lien on a company or business or whatever else okay some

Type of entity or legal person and this should not remember this educational information only but it should never be used for any fraudulent malicious or negative reasons you have to be able to show there’s a relationship there and that you either have suffered a loss or you financed something or whatever else okay so same thing be careful on just putting random

Liens on people because you feel some type of way because if you can’t show that you have a contractual agreement or a relationship occurred you’ve done some investing um you have a loss or whatever it is they will come after you okay and rightfully so because it is a fraud you don’t want them frauding you do not fraud them i don’t care how mad you guys are at

Some of these officials or whatever else you can’t like oh someone so arrested me or this or that unless you can show damage or whatever else okay so just saying okay entertainment this is entertainment but still yet think don’t do stupid stuff with good information all right and get yourselves in trouble because you feel some kind of way all right so the ucc is

Operated and owned by a company called unidroid unidroid’s parent company is the vatican okay so there’s a relationship there and that’s why they’re worldwide so through this platform which they’re all corporations and countries and whatever else um at the end of the day you’re basically letting the world know that you have a interest in something so the ucc is

More so used for an investor or a corporation that has financed somebody or another legal person or corporation or business and you just want to make sure that you get paid before anybody else can jump in so you protect your investment now the things that people do put in there well i guess let me just back up don’t forget to hit the subscribe button while we’re

Here go ahead hit it there you go awesome appreciate you um so you fill out a ucc okay against your straw man so your strong man is your name in all capitalized letters it’s your business trust it’s also known as a nom dagor which means your war name and so for the detour you are going to put your name in all capitalized letters just the same way it is on your

Birth certificate because your us birth certificate and all capitalized letters that name which is your first name your entire middle name spelled out and your entire last name that is your business trust legal name okay it’s the legal name of you or that entity it’s not you it is a business separate than you but you are utilizing in such a way that it’s called

Alter ego where you think it’s you okay it’s not really you it’s a business representation of you and the maritime admiralty jurisdiction as a dead entity all right so the all caps name done that way is the debtor you are the creditor so for the debtor’s address you would use your same address with the zip code the creditor is you so you’re going to put your

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Name in all lower case all right and you would put like your first name middle initial then last name now every state’s a little bit different so this information may vary depending on your state and their situations and their jurisdictions but essentially you’re going to use your address for the creditors the same address but without the zip code if they make you

Put one in put in all zeros um otherwise worst case scenario if it absolutely won’t let you do anything then just put it in there okay at the end of the day um so there have been some situations with the name thing because some some states say that the creditor and the debtor can’t be the same person um if you run into a situation like this um you’ll have to do a

Consultation with me we can kind of step through on how to deal with that situation um in the private because not everything needs to be in public but otherwise you’re going to jump down from there to the collateral box now the collateral box is where you’re going to put in everything that you want to protect so your house your car if you do use your bank accounts

Or birth certificate or social do not put in all of the digits okay put x x x x x for half the number or whatever else okay because otherwise they remember this is going out into the public so certain people can have access to it so you want to protect that all right um and plus they nine times out of ten they will not approve it if they see that in there all

Right so in the collateral box you’ll put your you kind of want to itemize your stuff like i said i have a template with this so it’ll still be available um you can copy and paste so you’re going to want to put in even like your name okay your name and all capitalized letters your name and lowercase letters and there’s another other if we do a consultation i’ll go

Into some deeper detail that you sh for stuff that you should protect otherwise in general this will help out the average person so once you put all the stuff that you want in there okay uh you’re gonna put in there uh five thousand dollars for my shoes hundred thousand dollars for my car um no you do not have to actually have the entertainment purposes only the

Funds uh for the lien you are just saying that you have a controlling interest and it’s worth this amount on that particular property because everything that you think you own you don’t own it your straw man owns it you might have purchased it but nine times out of 10 it was attached to a loan or this or that with your name and all capitalized letters somewhere

I mean look at your look at your driver’s license right now go ahead i got time yeah see uh yeah your house same thing you’re this you’re that whatever probably the same thing your credit cards you bought that stuff with same thing okay so a business is doing business with the business so now that you’ve itemized each thing okay you’ll get through it and there’s

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Gonna be some other options now each state is once again it’s a little bit different so i can’t guarantee that yours is going to be the same way which is where the consultation might come in for those people who need it which can be set up by going to but in general you’re going to look for the option bailor bailey okay one’s the bailor one’s the

Bailey one’s in control one is in the subservient position um so you’re gonna want to hit that as an option but at the end of the day your state might be more agricultural it might this might be considered a commercial or business transaction a business commercial lien um a trust business trust so you’re gonna have to kind of go through options and see what makes

Sense for your state and your situation but those would be the key terms that you’re gonna wanna look for after that it’s going to basically ask you is everything look right blah blah blah you’re going to click yes and either they’re going to give you a really long number right away which is your final claim number so keep that i highly suggest using that when you

Send out certain documents putting that on the bottom to end on your letter saying i’m a secured party here’s my claim on this because as if you watch other videos you’ll understand why that is going to come in handy in the future or for the now or you’ve already used it so announce the past whatever so um after that if it if they deny you once again that might

Be where we need to do a consultation but typically that is going to get 99 of the people through that’s how you do a ucc one lane that’s how you basically control that aspect now we did talk about doing a a estate number over the straw man social security number in order to obtain or control it so but we’ve done that another video so if you want more information

On something like that and other things then go to james c lovett on youtube click that subscribe click the like button always so right now you guys watching this click the like thank you yep youtube yep and you yep and you hesitant person oh i got all day i’ll just wait there you go all right appreciate you all right so that’s about it guys um definitely thank

You for your time thank you for everything don’t forget to hit that bell like subscribe check out blacksight32 and if you guys want to see me do more like i guess personal stuff on how to improve your life and everything around you to know what’s really going on then go to the bad wolf media channel also on youtube fire information otherwise guys that’s about it

Things should be populating right about now for you guys to click on new videos new information and whatever else take advantage of that stuff take care of yourselves and i got more videos to make why because you guys love it by james c love it talk to you guys later

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How to properly file a UCC1 – Step by step instructions "The Secured Party Creditor" Process Online! By James C Lovett