How to remove a Auto Repo off your credit report

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What’s going on everybody this is ari – hustler i am back with another video i’m gonna show you guys how i’ve been successful at getting rid of repos so as you guys see here this is a screenshot so i definitely do screenshot and i also screenshot and send letters out you know with this great shot so you see we have the finance company here lobo finance right and

You know just make sure you check even in this box right here you want to make sure that everything is accurate that’s the point of disputing everything across the board has to be a hundred percent accurate up to one letter your name one number in your address everything so if you know it says right here to account type you know that this box this role here is

Treasury and this road here is experience this row here is equifax so if this box here you know was missing out alone that would have been inaccurate and you know not not consistent with what they’re reporting so what i’m about to do now is look forward and consistent and accurate information for my client so check this monthly payment and that screenshot i use

A tool excuse me use a tool to mark where you know i see a violation transgene is saying the monthly payment was 366 experience saying zero and equifax the same 366 so if you guys are getting the same information from local finance how i report two different days there’s a law that protected us and now we can sue the credit bureaus $1,000 per violation we already

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Got one let’s see what else bam the balance of the car like what did i buy this car for $20,000 or was it for $8,000 again if you guys are getting your information from the same you know creditor which is local finance how are these numbers different bam another one whoof weekend deletions are here break the contract number of terms this means how many you know how

Much do you agree to pay this monthly push pay three sixty six thirty six months or was it zero months again is it lobo fine net doesn’t sitting out in that car information i doubt these three don’t you know treasury experian and equifax they don’t even you know talk to each other so they just reporting whatever on your you know on your credit report look at this

– Hi granny i’m getting the next flight inaccurate is this ridiculous past due balance does my client did he not oh anything experienced or you know treasure you equifax does he owe 20 20 bags and then the last one then i’ma let y’all go i just want to you know show you guys how is so many mistakes on your credit report and that’s why i’m so big on you guys not

Paying collections when you can simply dispute the information and get it removed and save our money if you know it’s not up to us to prove that the dentist ours is of two trilogy experience equally not approve the debt is ours you said i’m saying so look at this boom danny last payments anything with money involved you know it has to be reported correctly so did

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My client make the last payment on january 16 2016 obviously first 2014 or august 1st 2014 these are three different dates my new bike i only paid one person it’ll be different he paid transunion you know experian and equifax you know in three different days he did i’m telling you guys stop paintings collection these collections off until you see what’s on your

Report you asking do this yourself or the web experience can take care of for you but please please please please gain yourself up on this credit is the new dollar i promise you guys stay tuned to the next video

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