How to Sell Your Car Online (Dealer, Marketplace, and More)

Bill explains the best ways to sell your car online in 2022. Watch to see the dos and don’ts as well as some of the best places to list your car online for sale.

Around three or four years ago we did a video on how to make a proper classified ad to sell your mustang while a lot of things in that video are still valid today being 2022 many things have changed today we’ll talk about what it takes to sell your mustang in today’s market so what has changed between now and three years ago well basically the biggest difference

Is value prices of mustangs are skyrocketing fox bunny mustangs are going through the roof but even the newer cars are going way up in value but even your brand new mustangs or ones only a couple years old still have a lot more value than they used to now why is that well basically supply and demand now these older cars obviously there’s tons of them out there the

Supply hasn’t changed but overall the supply of used cars in this country has gone down because there’s no new cars being built and you walk into a dealership right now you’re not going to see rows of new mustangs and rows of new f-150s all the manufacturers are struggling to produce vehicles so what does that do that makes dealers look for used cars so now some

Of the used car values are going through the roof now that’s mainly your newer cars classic mustangs people are looking to spend money on them who had them when they were younger and have more disposable income so the value of your 93 cobra your salines you know your rare foxes is skyrocketing but any fox body and even some of the sn95s are starting to inch up in

Price now if you’re looking to sell your mustang there’s a lot of ways you used to do it i mean back in the day it was park it out front with a sign on it put in the newspaper go with auto trader and then craigslist kind of took over everybody was using craigslist and craigslist is still available they do charge you to put your car for sale there but it is still an

Option but if you’re gonna sell your car there’s basically two places to do it these days either online or through a dealer so a few years ago i would never have suggested selling your car to a dealer but times have changed now you’ve got a lot of online dealers if you’re looking to sell your mustang that’s honestly one of the best places to start check out vroom

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Carvana carmax any of the online dealers and also check out your local dealers it’s like i said these dealers don’t have inventory so they might give you a lot more for your car than you expected now if you’re looking to sell to a dealer i’m talking mainly 2015 and up cars you know they’re not gonna buy your fox body they’re not gonna buy your sn95 but if you have

A newer car and again preferably unmodified car the dealer may be interested as far as modified cars go most dealers don’t want those because again modifications can mean a headache to a dealer and could be a smaller market they want that stock car that basically has a lot of customers that could be interested in it now the pros of selling to one of these dealers

Is basically ease of use you know you don’t have to deal with the general public which to me is a huge one you don’t have to worry about financing whatever you know they’re going to show up with a check they’re going to pick up your vehicle and it’s gone out of your life now the negatives to selling these companies be careful with the pricing a lot of times the

Quotes they give you are good for 24 to 48 hours and sometimes they don’t even reply in that window and the price change so once you agree to sell your vehicle to an online dealer make sure you have the price locked down before you say yes all right so if you tried the dealer and that wasn’t the right place to sell your car or you have a modified car or an older

Car the dealer wasn’t interested in that means now you’re gonna sell it privately and like i said the days of sticking your car out on the street or doing an ad in the paper whatever those days are gone today you’re gonna sell it online and more than likely that’s gonna mean facebook marketplace now facebook marketplace one of the huge positives of that is it’s

A massive audience and a ton of people are gonna see your ad the negative is it’s a massive audience and a lot of people are going to see your ad so if you’re trying to cash it on your car take advantage of that aggressive market and get good money out of it be very important to do a proper advertisement so when it comes to making a post online about your car a

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Proper classified ad a lot of the things we said in the original video still hold true but they’re even more important now especially since like i said in this market you have the opportunity to possibly get more for your car maybe 20 or 30 percent more than it was worth just a couple years ago so a very very good quality ad is gonna make it a lot easier to get

That money out of your car now for starters like we talked about before grammar is huge now you are selling your car it’s not for sale it’s for sale you know make sure you get stuff like that correctly spell things properly you know make sure the grammar is good it’s not hard to read there’s proper punctuation the people are going to read your ad are interested

In your car want as much information as possible in that ad also you having you to deal with when you post like that you’re going to have a ton of people who have no interest in your car but are going to still comment and ask questions and make comments and find things in the background or question your choices or anything else about your car so again the more

Detail you give the less trolls you have to deal with which again will be huge especially when selling a car on facebook the other thing put a price on your car you know not one two three four not make offer you know figure out what you want for your car and put a price on it and try to make it an honest price the market is strong right now you can get good money

For your car but be realistic you know you’re not getting 179 000 for your new gt500 you’re not going to get 50 grand for your 2013 california special with 10 000 miles on you the market is not that great but the market’s good and you can get some decent money for the right car also put the mileage down especially if it’s an older car even if it has a new motor

New trans new everything still put the mileage on the chassis when the car is sold you’ll need to know that and people are going to ask so again make sure the mileage is there so again a good description proper grammar make sure you have the price make sure you have the mileage and then describe the car correctly you know list all the modifications people say

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Mods don’t add value you know what basic ones don’t springs exhaust shifter not going to add a lot of value supercharger turbo air ride if you’re into that wheels and tires you know high quality wheels and tires stuff like that can add value to your car so again make sure you list those modifications but don’t list the price next to each one you know we can all go

On cj’s website and see what that air ride costs see what those wheels cost see what that hood costs don’t list all the pricing and expect to get your money out of it it just doesn’t work that way but again high quality mods can add value and also talk about any issues the car has if you know it won’t go into second when it’s cold you know list that there’s a good

Possibility depending on what your car is people may travel to see it don’t waste people’s time by making them come there and the first time they drive it won’t go in second you’ll be like oh yeah it does that again more detail in the ad and when it comes to detail one of the best things you can do is pictures and video everybody has one of these these days these

Phones take amazing photos and amazing video take a ton of pictures inside outside under the car under the hood and also picture any flaws if there’s a couple spots in the paint that have issues show them off and then do a video and not just a startup video you know do a walk around video the interior walk around the outside of the car again the more information

You give potential buyers the better chance of finding a real buyer and not dealing with a ton of people who have no interest are just trying to waste your time like i’ve said in just the last couple years pricing for mustang has gone crazy and that’s not even just the new ones you know the older ones the classics the values have definitely gone up across the board

So again that’s where it comes down to making a really good classified ad the more information you have the more details you get the more money you might get for your mustang you

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