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Hey it’s john lewis today i will do a review about attero we will talk about the benefits first after that we will talk about how to trade how to use the copy trading system how to avoid risks and for last we will talk about the bad things if you have not subscribed to my channel do it now let’s talk about the benefits first i will share a few things you should

Know about attero let’s speak about deposit the minimum to get started is just $200 ataru is worldwide company for cfds they exist since 2007 their long time on the business and have high trust score ataru of course has regulation they provide support 24 hours five days a week the minimum trade starts with just $25 and last thing the work on more than 50 countries

Their platform supports all devices without bugs or lags let’s take a look at the demo account they provide it is free and for unlimited use sign up now to a demo account and let’s take a look at the platform together links to sign up can be found below remember while trading with real money you put your capital on risk as you see i use a power rec if you record

Videos as well try it so this is the dashboard very user friendly and clean design as you can see i use virtual account means demo account you can try it as well let’s buy a stock for example apple i just choose the amount i want to buy and it’s done in this case i choose $200 you can choose any amount remember you dog buy the asset but trade on the movement now

Let’s look for other asset to buy for example amazon my favorite company as you can see here i buy it on a different way but units you can choose any unit or part of a unit quick click on order and another click here now we see my positions my trades the design is pretty amazing and the platform is so easy to use now let’s check the trade markets let’s try bitcoin

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I can put stop loose to minimize my risk this will help me control my money on bad market i can take leverage by one or by to leverage changes from asset to asset and i can take profit means put order when to sell a bitcoin and of course the way i want to use buy dollars or buy units that’s the beauty of trading cfds one of the cool things on @ro is they have a

Lot of cryptocurrencies as you can see here 17 different crypto currencies another important thing as you have noticed this platform is self-service only no body will annoy you never they have most of the main coins that pretty cool that you can trade on their price without actually buying them most of the platforms had just few crypto coins check this cool thing

The newsfeed lets try to search for tesla as you can see we have a lot of news and tweets about this company that’s nice place to get some more data and information about the company you are willing to trade just read what other people say or think about this company get better understanding on what you are going to do ataru is kind of social trading this is kind

A nice idea you can look at stats to get even more information the reserch works only for real account but you can take a look at chart to see some history of the asset you are willing to trade and if you want add it to you watchlist now let’s talk about the copy system basically the system copies other traders moves on similar asset to what you look this way you

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Can let other good traders trade for you it’s called social trading here we see other traders stats we can filter them by whatever we want return assets and more this will help you choose the best trader for you now let’s take a look at gold and see what we can find you will see news lists and updates below you will see accounts to copy click on see more now we

Click on random account the platform is so easy to use we choose the amount and we are ready to go we can play with the numbers or play with ratio remember to try small first let’s go down see how many traders you can copy here you can add the trader to your watch list and follow him moves you can see returns of every trader and how many people copy them let’s click

On random account and check his stats this will give you all the information about the account that you want to copy spend some time finding good traders to copy check out what they say what they trade what is the number of wins and lose this is very important for you this is your money use it wisely let’s talk about more benefits of yutaro low fees for trades it

Is great for day trading great place for beginners to start and last one it’s easy to get your money out one click and up to three days the best thing in a taro they provide education program for traders this will help beginners to get started very easy even if you know how to trade you can use it remember knowledge is power now let’s talk about ways to deposit or

Take money out first one is paypal second one is via credit card another way is via online banking or wire eat arra has all online payments like yang dex nutella scrolling more now let’s talk about how you can avoid risks if you are a beginner never loan money this will make you do stupid mistakes try to trade for long periods you will have more chances as beginner

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Try demo first for a few days see how it feels read about assets you want to trade before doing any movement never be in rush take your time and manage your money every day has its own new opportunities split your risk via many assets you understand or view many traders you can copy never rely on one asset or one copy trader for beginners trade only what you can

Lose pro traders work a bit different in the last and most important tip use risk management tools like take profit or stop lose now let’s talk about the bad things depends on your gio there is a fee of twenty five up to fifty dollars when you take money out ataru does not provide signals for trades huge leverage it is too big go for assets with lower leverage

Like ten or twenty ready to trade links can be found below remember trading puts your capital on risk etoro is a multi asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and crypto sites as well as trading cfds hope you learn new things about a taro and cfds trading if you like my content don’t forget to like and ask questions on comment if you haven’t done it

Yet subscribe to my channel on the next video i will talk about mine state of investor and how to practice it will explain the secret of how to make money invest money on assets not on cars or other see ya

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