I Built a SECRET Hidden Gaming Room In My House!! (PART 2)

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What’s up guys i found the most crazy secret room here at the tumor house and today we’re gonna be finishing the build converting it to a secret gaming room let’s go in the past we searched all over the timur house looking for the most perfect secret room and we finally found one this room is perfect because it’s hiding in plain sight and there’s only one way in

Up through three different hatches in the last video we went to the store and bought a ton of different supplies so we can build this room out and make it epic we’ve even put it to the test and proved how secret it is because liz came over to the house and she couldn’t find us anywhere i spent a thousand dollars on all of this stuff so let’s build out the room

And make the most epic secret gaming room ever of course i’m not doing the build all by myself i need help so let’s see if andrew is down andrew you got you ready to build carter you up here yo you’re three stories down that’s so crazy you’re way out there oh my gosh climb all the way up let’s go oh i’m coming this is the only way up to the secret room you gotta

Climb up these three ladders that was the first ladder here’s the second one got a big belly full of lunch in me because that is literally how you get in and out of this room it’s three vertical ladders straight up that means we’re three stories up this house isn’t even three stories so let’s get ready with the build you ready i think i’m ready we have all of this

Stuff to build decorate and put together and it’s gonna miss my head i’ve already done it so many times man we left this place a mess hoverboard hunter has been gone he has no idea about the secret room so the goal is to get it completely built before he gets back and he said he’ll be back in about one hour so let’s get building first things first we need to add

Some color wow these are dope look at that right it’s a lot smaller than i thought yeah i’m realizing we underestimated the size of how big the secret gaming room really is but it’s almost big enough just this way you can totally cover it like that dude we have like way too much stuff for this little room oh man it’s already getting a lot more comfortable shaggy

Carpets this is gonna be awesome i can’t wait to see what this looks like when we’re completely done all right so my strategies i’m gonna go with an alternating powder between baby yoda and spider-man dude this looks sick yes this is what i’m talking about right here guys this is so sick i literally took like only a few minutes and the best part is this room is

Completely hidden and completely secret from all the people that have no idea where it is or how to even get here we just started the build and it’s coming on amazing we have so much more to do but one of the coolest things is this watch what happens when i kill a light and i turn this on it’s a black light and it makes the colors so crazy oh my gosh look at my

Shirt look at my shorts oh my gosh this is gonna be so sick we have like parties in here he’s back early what the heck why is he back so early wait let’s see if he can find us up here yo hunter look up here we’re on the roof are you silly uh no reason at all but why are you back so early oh but alaska was fun oh okay cool well i’m gonna bet you that you can’t

Figure out how to get up here on the roof we have a huge surprise we’re gonna surprise you with but you got to figure out how to get on the roof first you gotta figure it out it’s a secret okay well hunter you weren’t supposed to be back so early so you kind of ruined the surprise so i’m gonna make you a deal if you can figure out how to get on the roof in the

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Next two minutes then we’ll show you everything we’ve been working on but if you can’t then uh we’re not gonna show you you ready two minutes two minutes three two one oh my gosh i got two minutes to find carter all right let’s see guys let’s see if we can figure it out oh wait the hatch we gotta take the hat oh my god oh no he’s on the way i hear him hurry get

The ladder out i’m going down as fast as i can oh my gosh we gotta get this hatch closed foreign i just heard a noise over here there was a ladder over here when i walked in wait a second something has changed here okay i don’t know what’s up there but there’s got to be an easier way hold on let’s see if we can find anything outside oh no we got liz oh no

This is bad i’m hoverboard hunter normally i would just fly up that route but the board is being shipped to the new team or our house which is here so i’m gonna have to find the next best way and it looks like a ladder is probably gonna be it yo hunter i don’t think that ladder is gonna work i got 45 seconds it’s gotta work i think the ladder is upside down hunter

You don’t even know how to use a ladder you’re better off flying i know exactly how to use a ladder be careful careful you’re gonna slip oh no and there’s liz liz why are you here no we’re we’re shopping at that we’re shopping get down andrew wait liz i’m out shopping but don’t help hunter it’s still upside down yo it’s so upside down fast enough no that

Was my ladder hunter you failed the challenge a two-minute timer was up like a long time ago so i’m sorry to say that we’re not going to show you the surprise that we were working on all day for you i got the ladder from them they’re stuck up there now run andrew run down i guess it’s uh 24 hours on the roof challenge for you too oh i’m saying i’m saying no way

You guys are gonna be able to climb up on this roof this is not how we did it all right ready liz are you sure your back is strong enough i weigh a lot oh my gosh i don’t know i’m almost there just take my hand i think you should just get your hoverboard working again hunter you look like you guys are stuck honestly i gotta get back to what i was doing so i’m gonna

See you guys later just have fun on the roof or whatever hold it hold it hold it don’t worry don’t worry there we go yo what the heck i didn’t think you’re gonna make it to the room i still have 15 seconds left no you don’t that’s negative 15 seconds your timer even finished like five minutes ago yeah now liz is stuck which is actually great pinecone uh liz can you

Pass me my shoes real quick yeah i need my shoes because it’s like really dirty up here yeah let me let me get him real quick no no no no style creator not on the cactus all right hunter well you didn’t get up here in the two minute timers but i’m so impressed you were able to climb up here without your hoverboard so i’m going to show you what we’ve been working

On are you ready to see it yeah let’s do it all right let’s go check this out check it out we found a secret room and today we’re gonna finish decorating with disco balls furniture tv guys this is turtle all i want to do is hang out with carter and the first day he wasn’t here either so i don’t know what he’s been doing and why he’s been avoiding me oh now i’m

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Stuck on this roof there’s no way up and there’s no way down i’m probably gonna be stuck here all day now that liz is stuck on the roof we have nothing to fear about exposing where this is so hunter’s climbing up right now i’m gonna be behind him and we’re gonna finish this build and show you guys how amazing it’s gonna be when it’s all said and done so let’s go

We have three people so let’s start building and make this room epic let’s go two hours later guys let’s see if liz is still on the roof oh there she is hey liz ard how you doing well you should probably just go home oh it’s not my fault i didn’t tell you to climb the ladder i gotta gosh she’s still stuck on the roof i feel a little bit bad for her comment down

Below should i get her a ladder comment down below and let me know well let’s see how fast car to rips that down hunter what yeah take that off oh here we go i was even thinking so the secret room isn’t just confined to the room because it’s the only way to get up to the rooftop we basically can extend the secret room all the way up here so we are planning

To build the most epic patio that is out here and the best part is you’re not gonna be able to see it from the ground so it’s also going to be a secret patio that no one’s gonna know about step one we got our grass next up we got a tent wow it’s even green carter i can hear you i’m right here what because the only reason why you can’t see colors is because he’s

Not subscribed to my channel ever since he unsubscribed he can’t see colors but as soon as he subscribes check it out we even got a black table obviously this isn’t black this is pink uh yeah you’re right this is a pink table yeah but this is great so you can sit out here we can look at the lake with an amazing view yeah this view is amazing guys i really need

To get out of here i’ve been in the sun and outside on this roof for so many hours now i don’t even know what time it is because i don’t even have my phone on me now it’s time for me to get off this freaking roof because i need to go home and millie and kona are probably starving i need to go feed them the build is nearly complete but we have one problem the most

Important part of this whole thing is a tv but when we were building on the first day andrew dropped this the tv broke so there’s no way that this tv still works so let’s just get rid of it oh my god oh no but it was packaged really well maybe maybe it’s still okay all right guys andrew’s really upset right now about the tv because he because did drop it and

It is his fault but what doesn’t know is i took it out of the packaging and the tv’s fine and i have it hiding over there i’m gonna surprise him with it later okay guys there’s gonna be a way down that’s like not as scary as oh straw right there i can’t believe i’ve been up here for so many hours oh my gosh wait a minute i knew there was going to be stuff up here

I couldn’t be the only one getting stuck up here i think i found my ticket down finally okay here we go freedom woohoo you know what guys i actually feel bad for liz i’m gonna bring her the ladder even though it wasn’t my fault and i told her not to i’m still gonna get the ladder for her liz i’m bringing you the water oh whoa whoa whoa what the heck are you doing

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Liz oh my gosh are you good what the heck where’d that rope come from i found it on the roof i think the construction people left it there oh i’m leaving wait liz i was gonna bring you the ladder cause i was gonna show that i care about you and stuff but you okay you’re gonna bring me the line i don’t even see a liar you’re not holding him what no the ladder is

Right over there liz i promise i felt bad even though i wasn’t going to because it wasn’t my fault where are you going look hey ow there’s nothing going on in that house and you’re not telling me what it is what do you mean what are you gonna do okay whatever i’ll see you later liz maybe we can hang out that was weird oh all right guys this is it the build is

Complete we have a bunch of things going on we got amazing like led accent lighting of course we have a bunch of team roar plushies these are my favorite you guys get the multipurp.com also we have amazing t-shirts other stuff as well let’s keep going on with the tour all right moving on guys this part is amazing like just to give you an idea i can literally lay

Down i could sleep up here i could lounge for hours and moving on to the most exciting part one of my favorite sports is definitely basketball especially doing trick shots so let’s shoot some hoops let’s see if i can make it if i make this first try you guys have to subscribe here we go three two one guys moving on we have a lot more to show and actually you know

Andrew have a surprise for you really yeah so you broke the tv and it’s a real bummer okay but if you have a surprise over here and that is that the tv was never broken the tv oh my gosh i can’t believe it’s still good check it out if you’re on tv right there and you’re about to uh pop the balloon oh there you are andrew and moving on if you’re gaming for a long

Time you’re gonna be hungry so behind the tv we have amazing things we have a real life popcorn machine and this is one of my favorite yes it’s pink it looks a little girly but trust me on this one guys this is a real life cotton candy machine that makes real cotton candy so i can’t wait to plug that in and try it out and that’s not even it this isn’t even the end

Of the secret room we have the secret door to the secret room oh wait did hunter never pop out is he down there i forgot about hunter wait hunter all right well hunter join us on the last bit of the tour because we’re gonna go outside the best part is we have a huge secret rooftop and the only way to get there is through the secret room oh my gosh it’s absolutely

Beautiful i love it we can come over here we can hang out all the cotton candy that we make we can bring it out we have an incredible view of the backyard and it’s gonna be really hard for anyone to see us up here because the way we positioned it is in the middle of the roof so it’s really quite secret really quite private look how big this rooftop is we could

Play football like for real up here guys it’s absolutely huge the possibilities are endless comment down below what we should do next for this secret room build and comment down below if you guys want to see us do a last sleeve or a 24 hour challenge we’ll see you guys on the next vlog peace mark my words i’m coming back tonight i’m gonna break into this house

And figure out what’s going on inside and why the boys are nowhere to be found foreign

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I Built a SECRET Hidden Gaming Room In My House!! (PART 2) By Carter Sharer