I think Red Bull will SELL Alpha Tauri soon. Heres why.

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This video is sponsored by squarespace in my opinion red bull are gonna sell alpha tarry maybe not today maybe not tomorrow maybe not even in a week or two weeks or a month from now but i think the writing is on the wall why well i’ve got a bunch of reasons so i want you to hear me out and let me know in the comments below whether or not you agree the massive

Multinational energy drink company red bull agreed to purchase the jaguar formula one team from the ford motor company on the 15th of november 2004 the milton keynes-based team that has now become red bull racing 351 days later on the 1st of november 2005 red bull took over a second team purchased an italian minnows minardi from owner paul stoddard and immediately

Rebranding them to scudoria toro rosso tour rosso is rebel in italian now rebel racing with a cool skull to become the main focus of red bull’s attention the team that had eventually become a four-time world championship winner on the trot with sebastian vettel and won last year and right now is looking the most dominant car on the grid not just car team on the grid

Scuderia torasso would function as more of a boot camp a stepping stone a proving ground for the next brightest young talent to line them up for the main red bull racing seat so that’s well over 15 years rebel have been involved in both teams but in that time the sport has changed a hell of a lot and as the sport continues to evolve and continues to change with the

New regulations in 2026 the cost cap audi joining the party as well i think the case for red bull holding on to that second team grows weaker by the year so let’s start with the language that rebel used to refer to this team because since they started they were the junior team that’s how red bull openly referred to scudoria tour rosso but since rebranding of that team

From tour or so to out for towery ahead of the 2020 season rebel have also referred to that team as a sister team not a junior team anymore that implies a move away from that focus being a springboard for young talent and more towards a standalone second team that doesn’t have direct connection with rebel now of course we know they’re still using it for that purpose

But to me that clearly implies a change in philosophy from the higher-ups of how they view that second team alphatari is a separate company owned by rebel they make clothing you might have seen my video where i bought an alpha tower shirt i don’t actually have it anymore i donated it to the charity shop because i’ve i’ve gotten tooth i’m too fat for it basically

When you look at the 2019 tour or so it was just as covered in red bull stickers as the main car was right so you’ve got to ask well if the main class fighted at the top what’s the value in just having rebel in the middle of the grid as well you might as well promote something else that makes a lot of sense but did they have to change the terminology did they have

To call it a sister team instead of a junior team no rebel actually founded out for tarry way back in 2016 although they didn’t launch a collection until 2018. and actually to be fair again at the time when i bought my shirt i wasn’t overly impressed by what i saw but i think their product range these days in 2022 is way better not only from what i’ve seen on the

Drivers but looking at their website i think a lot of this product looks actually pretty slick it’s still really expensive but it looks good though maybe that’s more to do with how super slick minimal and gorgeous their website is which is the perfect segue to today’s video sponsor i did it again squarespace maybe you want a website similar for yourself maybe you

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Comes head to squarespace.com tomorrow f1 to save 10 off your first website or domain so they’re used in our fattari to sell clobber fine what else well alpha tarry have partnered with formula one it was announced earlier this year that after is becoming the official premium fashion apparel supplier of formula one from 2022 onwards on a multi-year deal that means

Domenicarley himself and anyone who works for formula one basically alpha tarry is now their uniform but also leverage max and checo to promote the clothing not just pierre and yuki all of them are always clobbered up in alpha towery gear unless they’re wearing the actual team merch and that makes so much sense i mean verstappen and perez are arguably two of the

Most commercially powerful drivers on the grid the orange army needs no explanation is a world championship winner as well and sergio perez is following not just in mexico but the whole latin american region is fanatical but ultimately these points come together for me to lead me to a conclusion that you know what’s the justification in keeping a second team

Many more rebel have chosen to kind of state that they don’t feel they need a junior team anymore and they’re already using the main rebel drivers who have the biggest pool to advertise alpha tarry clothing why not just chuck the alpha tari logo on the main red bull calf stick it in a prominent position so it still gets some air time and then save the hundreds

Of millions you’re spending on running a second formula one team like sure yeah you get a bit of brand exposure from that car but it’s also in the middle to lower range of the midfield surely you’d get just as much if not more yes it’s a smaller logo on the red bull but it’s fighting at the front it’s winning races i just don’t think it makes sense for that much

Longer anymore yes back in the day when they wanted a junior team fine but that doesn’t seem to be the plan anymore i mean look what the rumor mill sound at the minute about nick devries going to alphatari that’s not a very red bull move the al-fittari name is out there they can keep dressing max in it keep dressing checker in it fine or you subscribe maybe the

Retraction away from a junior team has something to do with a certain driver who is excelling in the present but will continue to excel into the future by the looks of it because of course max verstappen isn’t just the present of that team he is the future red bull we’re gonna get what at least 10 years out i’m actually got to think that’ll take him to 34. he’s

In his eighth season in formula one and he’s still only 20 24 that is insane by modern f1 standards illegal because he was 17 when he got an f1 car which isn’t allowed anymore because of the super license red bull don’t really need the next big hot prospects what they need right now is a driver just like checo someone who’s happy to sit in that seat not happy of

Course like of course checker wants to be winning but he’s not naive he knows what he’s signed up for in that rebel seat he’s not going to be able to push max because max is just that talented and why would rebel want a second driver to jump in that is gonna annoy nip at the heels of max you look at the schumacher barakello relationship one of the most dominant

Periods we’ve seen in formula one if anything the fact that seb and mark webber used to scuffle a few times over those four seasons where seb won back to back to back to back championships that could have actually derailed seb’s chances f1’s never going to be short of drivers in their you know late 20s early 30s who have had solid careers and aren’t necessarily

World beaters but would be more than happy to sit in that second seat and don’t get me wrong i’m not saying this from a place of criticism either i think if rebel want to maximized their chances of winning as many drivers championship as possible they have to go all in on verstappen maximize the car’s performance in a way that he first and foremost can extract it

He’s committed his future to the team at least verbally anyway we heard in his team radio after abu dhabi can we do this for another 10 50 years together you know unless the rebel drops off a cliff i don’t see him leaving even if that car fell back to you know maybe where the mercedes is now relative to red bull and ferrari i think he’d stay i think he’d still be

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Able to pull out some worldly performances because he is that good and he clearly has a really strong affinity with that team now maybe accepting that you’re going to have one driver up there and one driver down there might affect their you know constructors chances because you look at again you look at charl and carlos you look at george and lewis and i feel like

They are very close which helps him pick up more constructors points and maybe checo not being as close means that he won’t be able to take points off other teams which could affect max verstappen if you can hear him in some barking i don’t know why either but i don’t know as much as teams say that constructors is is the most important thing to them i don’t buy it

Who remembers that ferrari won the 2008 constructor championship lewis won the drivers no no one cares even last year mercedes won 2021 constructors championship no one cares it was all about max and lewis from a marketing point of view from a legacy point of view yeah sure the constructors might care internally but the wider world like when you look back at these

Records no one looks at constructors championships the amount of additional revenue driven by max verstappen winning that 2021 drivers championship versus not winning it in my mind totally outweighs but anyway back to the second team back to earth atari and i was having a chat last week on the last lap podcast which you should definitely check out link below with

Me all my x rebel systems engineer dan otherwise known as engine mode 11 and from our chat there was a really interesting little tidbit that kind of typical surprise because i hadn’t heard this before yeah the whole time i was working at red bull it was always common policy that alpha tower used for sale if you’ve got the money really and apparently it’s always

Been like that oh wow i think helmet and dear chick have always said that if anyone wants to buy an eiffel tower it makes us a decent enough offer they can have it if that if that has always been up for sale then surely today this modern era 2022 formula one is the most attractive that proposition of purchasing an f1 team has ever been cross cap f1’s popularity

Explodes in the increased electronic component going into 2026 not to mention the fact that the alpha towery team are actually pretty good they’re certainly a lot better than the minardi team that rebel initially purchased back in 2005. now look of course i would rather see teams starting afresh right i want to see more than 10 i want 12 teams that’d be lovely 24

Drivers 12 teams but the costs associated with building a facility hiring competent top quality staff and developing an actually competitive package we don’t want any more virgins the racing team that is plus the 200 million buy-in that gets spread between all your competitors that is a huge ask for a company to come in and find that appealing even now i mean hass

Only made their new from scratch entry work because they bought those of auctioned off mauritia parts including their banbury headquarters so even they didn’t really start from scratch they kind of more evolved from russia so what potential suits are there well andretti have been banging that f1 drum for a while now there were significant talks with salba talking

About buying a steak potentially taking over the team didn’t materialize in the end but bringing the andretti name i know american but italian roots there inheriting that fianza factory and that personnel and making andretti italian again i guess that makes sense to me then there’s honda which are the you know serial flip-floppers of formula one but since the

Porsche deal fell through with red bull christian horner hasn’t written off a return from honda i think that significantly increased electrical component in formula one from 2026 makes you know honda a bit more excited because you know they’re very much going down the ev route suggest to me if that regulation had been announced sooner then maybe honda wouldn’t have

Left then of course there is porsha who are clearly interested in getting f1 they even registered that f1 nearly fine f1 finally whatever this means maybe buying out alpha towery in full could be you know seen as a more appealing route in because again from my understanding the reason that broke down is that porsche wanted more control than rebel were willing to

Relinquish this way they get a whole team just to themselves let me know if you’ve got any other thoughts of potential suitors for that team if rebel were to sell up i mean the manukau is talked on record about loads of big investors and big manufacturers interested in getting involved that might all be smoking mirrors who knows but i do genuinely think with these

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2026 regulations finalized there is way more potential but then we come to the final point of this video which i think there’s a question around sport and integrity that has come up numerous times since it was announced that rebel would be owning two teams in formula one is that unfair on the rest of the grid obviously xanville had the conspiracy theories wrath

Did sonoda pull up on purpose was it orchestrated to help out max verstappen well no i i don’t see any evidence to point towards that i don’t see any reason to point towards that i mean if that was the case and it was found out that would mean expulsion from the championship for a race that max was probably going to win anyway if not a minimum on the podium he’s

Got a big championship league so i i don’t see it but the problem is is that that question will always be there now yes they do run very independently and and they share things but they don’t share any more than what they’re allowed in the same way that mercedes share things with aston martin ferrari share things with hats etc etc there’s loads of relationships

Within formula one between the teams actually last thursday i was a mercedes got to do a factory tour with my old mates eight sleep they have has cnc machines mercedes so actually mercedes buy from hass even toco wolf managed esteban okon when he was a renault so you could be like oh well what if ocon getting out the way helps out mercedes would orchestrate that

Would ocon feel pressure when sebastian vettel won the 2010 abu dhabi grand prix finale to win the championship what helped him out a renault holding up fernando alonso vitale petrov kept him behind the whole race and what engine was in that red bull renault conspiracy not a joke of course you know vitaly did a great job that day and he deserves more credit for

That there have been numerous questions particularly asked of hass actually over recent times and there always seems to think oh that you’re only complaining when we’re doing good when we’re not doing good you don’t worry about our relationship with ferrari but it’s true that a lot of ferrari personnel have now moved to hass they’ve literally got a design base in

Marinello headed up by technical director simoni resta who used to be senior design engineer at ferrari i think i remember as well is that f1’s a very incestuous sport and by that i mean that loads of people go between teams all the time it is fairly normal but when you’ve got two teams that illegally owned by the same company i think that does raise genuine

Non-conspiracy theory questions about what happens in certain situations does it raise more questions than you know a has ferrari relationship when you know hass is very very reliant on support from ferrari even though there’s no legal ownership there are they still likely to be influenced by you know having their eggs in that ferrari basket probably beyond being

Able to test out junior talent before giving them the promotion to the main team like they’ve done with with vettel with verstappen and with ricardo there’s there’s less risk for red bull trying out these young drivers at their junior team one other thing one other area that i think red bull have you could argue unfairly gained from having that second team is that

When the honda red bull connection came about it was actually first with tour rosso so they used that as a test bed to test out that engine because they had been with renault which then that all went sour so then they branched its tag hoya for some reason i like a watch weird but then they took on honda and obviously honda would just had a really bad time with

Mclaren but again rebel were able to use that junior team as a test bed to make sure that engine was good enough to get it in their car but what do you think do you think rebel will sell do you think they should sell or do you think they even should be forced to sell because to me do i think they should be forced to sell no do i think it would be ideal if one come

Company didn’t own more than one team yes and i do genuinely think that that team will get sold fairly soon but that’s it let me know in the comments below thank you again to squarespace for sponsoring this video my name is tomo thanks again have good

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I think Red Bull will SELL Alpha Tauri soon. Here’s why. By Tommo