I Took the Cheapest Rolls-Royce Phantom to Carmax for an Appraisal: 1 Year Ownership Report!

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Hello people of earth it’s been a year since i purchased this jar of grey poupon and it since expired it expired in february and a year since i purchased this 2005 rolls royce phantom i bought it in chicago at one of the fanciest dealerships that i’ve ever been to and it actually made the trip home despite being the cheapest phantom in the usa and having numerous

Mechanical issues since getting at home and sorting it out it’s been relatively trouble-free with one exception and i do love this car but i’m not sure if i’m going to keep it much past the one-year mark so i took it to my old friends at carmack’s to see what they would give for it actually carmack’s wasn’t the first place that i took it to get a trade-in off for

The local porsche dealer here in town had a turbo s traded in that i was kind of interested in and i took this car in for their trade evaluation and they refused to even give me a number at all they took it to their wholesale manager to give it a bid and i guess that was way too low so then he called around his wholesale sources that he knew from being in the car

Business forever and those offers were even lower so he didn’t even present me with an offer he didn’t want to insult me and make me mad which is a first usually a car dealer was gonna do anything they can to make a deal they don’t care if they make you mad they’re gonna try and sell you a car but in this case they’re like there’s no chance he’s he’s not gonna take

This so it was a little strange and a little discouraging especially when you consider how much i’ve spent on this thing over the past year when i arrived in chicago and saw my phantom for the first time this purple blue paint gleaming in the chicago sun light on their magnificent mile i was wowed especially considering it was the cheapest rolls-royce phantom in the

Usa it was only eighty thousand dollars which was cheap at the time for a rolls-royce phantom so when i sat in it and started driving it that’s what i realized why it was the cheapest rolls-royce phantom in the usa because it had numerous undisclosed issues things they didn’t tell me about before i flew out of course things like a warning light for the suspension

This car has air suspension and it didn’t like something also both of the front windows the regulator’s they either weren’t working or one the driver’s side was on its way out and there was numerous trim pieces that were loose and peeling also once you got up close and personal with the rap that was originally on this hood someone had put a metallic wrap on it to

Make it look more modern but when he got close to it it looked really cheap and these trim pieces they were glued back on with what looked like crazy glue or a hot glue gun looked awful had to peel that off right away when i got home but it did make that seven hundred mile trip home without any issues shortly after i got home though i did have a misfire from this

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Bmw v12 which was very worrisome but thankfully it was only a $25 coil that fixed the misfire for once i was really happy that i had a bmw product under the hood but there was still lots of sorting to do the air suspension area was actually due to a weak pump and that was also a bmw derived part so it wasn’t too bad but the window regulators that was rolls-royce

Specific i would have spent thousands and thousands of dollars replacing those but i sent them off to be rebuilt for about $1500 and with a little bit of glue and ingenuity my mechanic the car wizard was able to get the interior trim pieces back together but the big expensive item were these wheels originally my phantom came with a really good-looking set of wheels

But they were made to mount michelin packs tires and these tires i couldn’t find it’s an experimental run flat system that had a double lip on the tire to keep it from falling off and and it wasn’t too well received by tire shops in the public so they did away with him after a few years and i couldn’t find replacement tires i didn’t want to go all gangster and put

22s with spinners or that kind of stuff that would fit this thing so i sourced actual rolls-royce wheels from a 2018 these were actually the cheapest i could find and they were $4,000 $4,000 so that was the bulk of my repairs there with everything else i spent about $8,000 sorting out this rolls-royce phantom and another 7,000 dollars in taxes and tags to get this

Thing on the road so i was very deep into this car thankfully though after i got this thing fixed this rolls royce did give me a rather long honeymoon which was not forgot about that oh dear a moment of silence for the grey poupon anyway as i was saying i was rewarded all those repairs with a nice long honeymoon six months and six thousand miles without really any

Issues took it on several road trips and really enjoyed the car obviously these cars are put together really well so i was super happy that the deferred maintenance was was all that i needed to do to have six months of enjoyable ownership but it is after all a bmw there underneath the hood and it had a very stereotypical bmw coolant leak which quickly got worse so

I got this thing up to my mechanic the car wizard and he initially thought it was the water pump pulled off the water pump and that actually gave him insights into finding the source of this river nile of coolant coming out of this engine and it was unfortunately the coolant crossover pipe which if you’re familiar with bmws you know that requires removing the intake

The injectors basically everything off the top of the engine to access this crossover pipe that leaks it’s a big job and while he was there i had him complete the tune-up because i didn’t have that one coil that went out and it was much easier to do the rest of them while all this stuff was out of the way he could reach all the coils and spark plugs and the water

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Pump even though it wasn’t the source of the leak the bearing was getting a little scratchy so made sense to replace that anyway initially i thought i was getting away with just a water pump and that would have been less than $500 but unfortunately as all that and i decided to do more so i spent $2,600 for my six month anniversary with this phantom could be worse

But obviously still a big repair but the good news is up until now another six months i we haven’t had any issues to speak up this thing has been totally rock solid and reliable a knock on all of what i have in here right now but but still after a year i’m i’m just not sure if i’m going to keep it i love the fact that this is the last great land yacht the last of

The dinosaurs is still in existence and it’s built in the old fashioned way that hand-built custom coach were kind of approach to car assembly that was commonplace a hundred years ago but it’s pretty much dead now this is the last of the dinosaurs but still it is a little ostentatious it gets way more attention than i want or say compared to a mercedes s-class or

A bmw 7-series and while i do love that they focused mostly on comfort and quality this thing brides so nice the seats are so cushy and comfortable and the quality of materials in here are incredible and i’m loved that they focus on that more than they did glitzy technology or trying to make this thing a good performer like so many luxury sedans now but i do wish

It had a little bit more technology in this thing i don’t even have a backup camera and this thing’s massive in that little window back there it’s so small i can’t see what i’m backing into and it would be nice if i could sync my phone to this stereo somehow and the shape of the stereo with the wood and everything else there’s no replacing it for a normal stereo

That i’m stuck with this forever my 1966 imperial which is another hand-built land yacht which in its day was very expensive but i got it super cheap it it rides a lot like this it feels a lot like this despite being generations older it still kind of rides and feels the same so i can achieve this giant luxury land yacht status in a much cheaper vehicle even cheaper

Than my imperial there’s plenty of 70s boats that you can buy for five or ten grand and have a really similar experience to this phantom not quite and this thing is really really nice and beautiful but it’s not that far off so i’m kind of waffling on whether i should keep it but so far i haven’t had anybody give me an offer like i said the dealer didn’t even want

To give me a number but i do know one place that will always give you an offer on their car no matter what and that’s carmack so we’re on our way to carmack’s right now to see what they’ll give me for my rolls-royce phantom clearly this isn’t something they’re going to want in their inventory so it’s going to be a straight wholesale bid and since this thing has an

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Accident on the history report from the original old man owner that had this thing back into it and bumping something not really damaging the car i’m guessing it’s gonna be low i’m over $100,000 into this thing at this point and i think i owe like fifty eight or nine thousand at my credit union still so so we’ll see i bet their offer isn’t going to even pay off

My loan i’m gonna guess around 40 all right i’m back with a number and normally i milk this for all that i can to get you to subscribe and really make you angry because you want to see this number but i’m not telling you and i’m gonna do that again this time so please subscribe to who these garage if you haven’t already it really helps me afford all these who

Please especially with the loss i’m gonna take here if i sold the car max because they offered fifty three thousand dollars fifty three thousand dollars which was way better than i thought i was actually pretty impressed now in the years that i’ve owned this car it has depreciated some eighty thousand dollars was the cheapest rolls-royce phantom in the country

But i suspect you could find a pretty nice rolls-royce phantom one that’s sorted like this for around eighty thousand dollars pretty easily nowadays trade-in would probably be somewhere in the low 60s that’s why car max ply putting this offer 453 because they could take it to auction and sell it and make five or ten grand or or at least for sure not lose money

Because they’re seeing all the wholesale comp selling in the low 60s so they’re giving themselves a pretty wide margin here just in case this thing blows up or whatever so you know around sixty four trade in the private party would probably be around seventy thousand dollars and as you all know i have over a hundred thousand dollars invested into this car at this

Point which is unbelievable so i’m not sure if i could stomach that i mean if somebody came with a seventy thousand dollar offer or something close to it and wanted to buy this car would i take it and the answer is i don’t know i really like this thing i do drive it a lot and despite my short attention span i’m not bored driving this car yet but i feel like if i

Did sell it i could replace it with something just as cool if not cooler so i really don’t know i guess we’ll see and thank you for watching and following this rolls-royce saga over the past year and maybe the journey will continue

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I Took the Cheapest Rolls-Royce Phantom to Carmax for an Appraisal: 1 Year Ownership Report! By Hoovies Garage