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Hello there my name is richard mcmunn from the interview training company past my interview comm and in this tutorial i want to help you pass an ibm interview so if you have an ibm interview coming up for any job role whatsoever please do make sure you stay tuned and watch this presentation fully from start to finish because this is what i will cover i will give

You a list of ibm interview questions that i strongly recommend you prepare for i will give you great suggested answers to challenging ibm interview questions i will give you some brilliant ibm interview tips to help you be the standout candidate during your interview and finally i will tell you about further resources you can get access to to help you succeed so

There’s four reasons why you should stay tuned and watch the presentation fully now just very quickly before i get going with the training a very warm welcome to this ibm interview presentation my name is richard mcmunn that is me there in the center of the screen i’ve been helping people for over 20 years now to successfully pass their job interviews and i always

Do that by creating and giving you top scoring answers you cannot find anywhere else please make sure you subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on any of the content that i’m uploading you can connect with me on linkedin as well i’ve put my linkedin link in the description below the video and it’s always great to connect with like-minded professionals

Such as yourself and finally please don’t forget to give the video i like i like that that tells me you enjoy the content and therefore it motivates me to create more for you and also answer any questions you may have thank you very much so the first question i would like you to prepare for is tell me about yourself and why you think you’ll be a good fit for ibm

So ibm is a fantastic organization it sets very high standards so within this first interview question answer we need to get off to a flying start now it is imperative you create a positive solid answer to this first ibm interview question that talks about the skills the qualities and the experience you have that meet the requirements of the job you are being

Interviewed for so here’s my suggested answer to this first question tell me about yourself i have studied both the job description and the ibm work culture in detail prior to applying and i feel strongly i have the necessary qualities the skills and the experience to excel here i always take ownership of situations i work hard and always to a high standard i can

Be relied upon to solve challenging problems and make the right decisions that are in the best interests of the organization and i have a passion for my work and a drive to succeed for example in my previous job my manager always praised me during my annual performance reviews for my strong work ethic and my ability to bring a positivity to the team i understand

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There comes a lot of responsibility working for a company such as ibm and i can assure you i will make a positive and sustainable impact if you hire me within this position so an answer of that caliber gives you the confidence to move forward with the remainder of your ibm interview now you can either pause the video if you want to and take a note of the questions

And answers as i progress or if you want to wait i will tell you soon where you can download my full set of ibm interview questions and top scoring answers including the ones we are working through together today so the next question i want you to prepare for is why ibm why’d you want to work for ibm now in your answer to this guaranteed ibm interview question talk

About the research you have carried out and what attracted you to the company so the things i recommend you research are a little bit about the company history i would go onto their website have a look at their about us page i would also go on the linkedin ibm corporate page and have a look a little bit about their latest news stories i would have a little bit of

Knowledge about their company products and the services they offer and also have a look at some customer and client reviews and also have a look at some reviews that former employees have left i’ve carried out some research for you and the reviews are extremely positive about ibm so here’s my suggested answer to help you why ibm i want to work at ibm because you

Have a strong set of values you clearly have total commitment to not just your employees but to your customers and clients too this is an organization i’ll be able to grow thrive and develop long term in and i will get to work alongside an immensely talented group of people who are all passionate about the future success of the ibm brand i researched the history

Of ibm the customer reviews that are left online and also feedback from current and former employees of the company there hasn’t been one thing that put me off about working for ibm and i see this as a unique opportunity where i can really put my skills and qualities to good use if you hire me in this position i will not let you down that’s another strong answer

And you can see how we are building confidence as we progress through the ibm interview with the questions and the answers that we are giving now don’t go anywhere because i still have lots more to work through with you but when you’re ready if you want to click that link in the top right hand corner it will take you through to my website pass my interview comm where

You can download my full set of 22 obm interview questions and top-scoring answers including the ones we are going through together today within these slides the next question how would you make sure everyone within your team completed their tasks to the right standard and on time now one of the important competencies needed to work at this great organization is

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Collaboration which is essentially teamwork now although you may not be applying for a leadership position with ibm you still need to take responsibility for the effective functioning of the team you are a part of so the answer that comes right now is applicable for those people who are not applying for leadership roles and those who are so it’s a generic response

That can be used for this common ibm interview question here we go there are five things i would do to make sure everyone worked effectively within the team i was a part of at ibm number one it’s important to make sure everyone within the team has the right training and the right experience to carry out their to ask to the necessary standard number two i would make

Sure everyone was fully aware of the project brief number three i would communicate regularly with all team members throughout the project to make sure everyone was supported everyone was happy in their work and everyone knew what they needed to do number four i would keep everyone aware of the time we had left in which to meet the project deadline this would be

Important because i don’t believe it is acceptable to miss deadlines especially when working for a company such as ibm where customer and client expectations are high finally number five i would encourage the team to learn from the project experience so we can see if there’s anything we can do to improve for next time i like that answer because you are focusing on

A set number of things and in this case it’s five so if you learn those five different things you are demonstrating you understand what is important when working with other people and don’t forget collaboration skills or team working skills are vital in all roles within ibm the next question in your opinion what are the most important qualities and traits needed

To work for ibm now traits are essentially competencies and to be successful at an organization such as ibm you will need a lot of these now i have conducted lots of research on your behalf and here is my suggested answer that includes the most important traits i feel you need to work with in this great organization here we go in my opinion you need to be a good

Team worker and somebody who is able to collaborate with others to achieve the commercial objectives of the organization you must be adaptable and ready to embrace change positively which serves to ensure the ibm brand stays at the forefront of its market you must always put the clients and the customer first in everything you do this is important because without

The client or customer there would be no business you need strong communication skills both in writing and when talking to work colleagues or clients clarity and communication is vital you must be prepared to take responsibility for your actions and be accountable for all aspects of your work finally in addition to responding positively to problems you must have

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A genuine passion for the ibm brand if you are passionate your work you will continue to improve and the customers and clients will benefit from this also that is a brilliant answer that shows you fully understand the different qualities and traits needed to excel at ibm the next question what’s your biggest weakness this is a very tough interview question to

Answer and it is one that is highly likely to appear at some stage during your ibm interview do not give a weakness that is a match for the person specification for the job you have applied for at ibm here’s my suggested weakness to assist you what’s your biggest weakness my biggest weakness is the fact i find it quite hard letting go of projects i tend to get

Really engrossed in my work and i spend too much time seeking perfection when i need to learn to let the project girl once it has been completed having said that one of our main strengths is my ability to take on board feedback from others i said you genuinely want to improve on that basis if you see an area you want me to improve upon i will go away and work

On it that’s a safe witness and it’s actually in my opinion a pretty good witness i’ve worked with people before who struggled to let things go because you know they want to get it absolutely perfect and you have to encourage them to let the project go once it gets to a point so i believe that’s a good weakness to have and i don’t think it will do you any harm at

Your ibm job interview now the next thing to do i would recommend you do this you click that link in the top right hand corner of the video go through to my website pass my interview comment on that page i have answered some of the more common questions people ask about ibm interviews during their interview preparation you can also have a look at my full set of 22

Ibm interview questions and you have the opportunity to download all of the answers including the ones we’ve gone through today in pdf format so you can literally have them in your inbox within 2 minutes from now and it’s a great resource for helping you pass your interview thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe come join the community we have over three

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It motivates me to create more content for you thank you for watching and i wish you all the best for passing your ibm interview have a brilliant day

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