Im Good at English What Jobs Can I Have?

English is the global language. That means that if you have fluent English, you can take advantage of job opportunities from all over the world. This is really cool because you get to work with people from different countries. Plus, you can get paid in foreign currency (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc). Also, keep in mind that most of these jobs can be done online, so you can also have geographic flexibility.

So this is what you’ve all been waiting for,   the mona lisa by leonardo da vinci. wait– thiago,  what’s up reallifers! i’m here in front  of this super cool act volcano. have you   okay, how can i help you? sorry, sorry, do you speak english?  yeah, we do have a couple rooms  yes, yes, just the two of us. fantastic so enjoy your stay

At reallife hostel. hey what’s up? so we here at reallife english  truly believe that being a confident and natural   english speaker can literally change your life.  for example, it could open up a whole new career   path for you. so in today’s lesson we are going  to be looking at 10 possible future jobs that you   could have

As a fluent english speaker. but before  we do if you’re new here, well every week we make   lessons just like this one that help you to go  from being a lost and insecure english learner, to   being a confident and successful english speaker.  if that sounds like something that you would like   for your english, then why don’t

You join our  community of over 300 000 reallifers from around   so you probably already know that english  is the global language. and this is amazing   because if you become a fluent english speaker,  it opens up all sorts of opportunities for you   basically anywhere in the world. just imagine  you could be working in

A job with people from   the pandemic, it’s become more common than   people from all over the world. just like we   looking at some jobs that you can do online and   other ones that maybe you can find in your city  or by traveling abroad. and finally it’s probably   something that you already have on your mind, 

It can be a huge benefit to be making money in   another currency, like the dollar, the euro or  the pound. so let’s get started with our list.   first up you could become a tour guide and this  is a perfect job if you love things like history   art or culture. and nowadays it’s become easier  than ever with different services

Like airbnb   giving a tour in your city for free volunteering   so that you can get a little bit of experience  and oftentimes with these kind of tours (i know   at least here in barcelona) they offer some of  these and they’re completely based on tips. so   if you do a really good job, if you go above and  beyond, then

People are going to want to give you   money. even though you’re just volunteering to  start out with. and many fluent english speakers   gravitate towards the tourism industry, so this  could be a great place for you to get started,   if that includes you. and you could maybe start  out with this in your own city and then even

Look   for opportunities abroad, so it could be a great  way for you to get some traveling experience.   and continuing in tourism you could work in the  hospitality industry. you could of course become   a restauranteer, you could be someone who works as  a waiter or a busboy or bus girl in a restaurant.   that’s the

Person who cleans up the plates after  people are finished eating. a really great thing   if you’re able to do this in a country like the  united states is you would even get tips again.   just great to look for restaurants that are in   more touristic areas and, you know, maybe the pay  isn’t that great, but you’re really looking

For   that experience to start developing your english  with people who are traveling so that you’re using   your english out there in the real world. you’re  gaining some more confidence with your speaking.   a hotel or in a hostel as a receptionist and   people from around the world. and actually i   have some


Friends who have incredible english  speaking and guess where they got their start.   they worked as a receptionist in a hostel and  this even allowed them to meet travelers and   to even make some friends that they have until  this day. something else that you could do is   organizing events, which is something that we used 

To do at reallife english. we would have these   really great big english parties where, you know,  we’d be in brazil or here in barcelona and a bunch   of locals get together and speak english with  some drinks. it’s really fun. so, i used to love   going to other events too here in barcelona. this  would be a great thing to

Look for for improving   your english in your city. but even if you don’t  have these in your city, then why don’t you be   the person who organizes it? even if it’s just  a few people getting together to have some fun   speaking english, it can be a really great way  to make connections and, again, you’re getting  

Some valuable experience that you could then use  to apply to a future job. or maybe you’re already   working in a multinational company but you just  have not had many opportunities yet to use your   english in your job. if this is the case, then i  highly recommend that you have a conversation with   your boss and you tell him

Or her that you would  be really open to any opportunities like this   which can be really great because, you know,  a lot of people have families, they don’t want   to be away from them, so if you show that you’re  interested in this, maybe because you’re younger,   open to that, then maybe those opportunities   send

You on that plane to that other place.   some of these don’t even have to necessarily be  that you’re going for a meeting or something like   that. a lot of times companies will promote their  employees going abroad for different learning   experiences, so maybe it could be attending a  conference at your company’s headquarters

Or   that you look into if your company offers   any benefits like this or even if your company  is offering these kind of opportunities digitally   to attend some sort of webinar or digital event. i  highly recommend again that you jump on it because   getting this kind of experience will give you the  skills that you

Need then to be considered for   great on your resume that you’ve attended   you can apply for a job in another country,   so if that’s something you have as an objective  in your life, then make sure that you’re taking   already have where you are right now. and,   you know, depending what career you’re in or what 

You’re studying, what you studied at university,   working remotely. especially since the pandemic,   finding that it’s much easier to find talent   from anywhere in the world than just limiting  themselves to the city where they are physically   looking into this if it’s something that you’re   getting that experience

Of working with people   in the workplace. there are tons of different   ways that you can do this. obviously you can be  directly hired by a company to work for them,   with different companies or entrepreneurs.   really help other people, then you might want   to check out some websites like upwork or fiverr 

Where you can display these skills. and you can   already be getting paid for doing those things.  if you get enough clients maybe they’ll even   give you the opportunity to travel abroad or to do  other things that you’re really passionate about.   and if you have really fluent english, one of  these potential jobs could be being

A translator.   you know, people always need to translate   documents and websites and things like this into  english and a lot of times they will even have   a person on their team who does that. you could  start your own translation business and work with   different companies, or work as a freelancer with  people

Who are just working on projects that need   to be translated. if you get really good at this,  then you could even specialize in it, you know,   get some sort of certification and even become a  live interpreter. just imagine being at some sort   of event where you’re listening and you’re having  to translate as it’s going. it

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Would be pretty   exciting, right? you know, if you are looking  for job opportunities, one of the most priceless   network of different people, so you obviously   want to build the people that you have connections  with on linkedin and one great way for you to meet   people from around the world is with the reallife 

App. because this is the only place where you can   download it, log in press a button and instantly  be connected to another english speaker in   another part of the world. so just imagine all the  different people that you can meet with these fun   it can be a really great way for you to start  practicing your english which is

Exactly what   you’re going to need to do if you actually land  any of the jobs that we’re talking about today.   try something new. you can download it now  by clicking up here or down the description   okay so maybe you don’t have so much confidence  when it comes to speaking yet, but you’re a really   great english

Listener, so if this is the case,  have no fear. there are still opportunities for   you’ve never done this before, you definitely   are going to want to get some practice, because it  requires really fast typing, but once you get the   hang of it, then this can bring you all sorts of  opportunities. you can connect with people

Online   on websites like i mentioned earlier like upwork  or fiverr. and this could open up a whole new   job for you. you could even become an entrepreneur  now i’m a bit biased but i think this is  definitely one of the coolest options that we have   here on the list today. so i’m not sure if you’ve  been following us

For very long, but if you have,   then you might know that over on our learn english  with tv series channel, i used to actually film   videos on my old iphone. it wasn’t even this one,  it was a much worse one. and so you having a phone   nowadays gives you so much power, because you can  become a content creator, so lots of

Businesses   hire people to create content for their social  media or for blogs. you could even just create   your own content. maybe it could be around english  learning or something else that you’re skilled   or passionate about. a lot of people nowadays can  make a whole career out of becoming an influencer.   or

Maybe you’re really into travel and if you’re  having some plans to backpack around europe,   for example, you could actually document the whole  thing on your phone and trying to do it in a high   quality way and then you can actually take all  these adventures that you’re having and turn   it into tips for other people. so you

Can be a  travel vlogger or a travel blogger, if you prefer   writing. and even just doing this as a hobby just  for yourself or maybe for your friends or maybe to   connect to a few close fans. then this can be  a really great way to practice your english by   recording yourself and watching yourself. trust  me, when i first

Started out doing this i felt   super awkward seeing myself on camera, hearing  my voice but you get used to it and it’s a really   great way to build your confidence to identify  different mistakes you’re making and to improve   and you have an entrepreneurial spirit,   you want to start your own business or perhaps 

You already have started your own business.   knowing english and being fluent can help you  really if you don’t know english, it’s  you can start doing marketing in english, so  that people from other countries can discover   what you’re up to. or maybe you’re a more creative  type, maybe you’re an artist of some sort. so  

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Many famous actors like arnold schwarzenegger,  penelope cruz, sofia vergara would not be where   they are today if they didn’t know english and  if they hadn’t worked really hard at getting to a   really high level of confidence with their english  speaking. even with some mistakes or even with a   bit of an accent. or maybe

You’re a musician. if  you start making some of your music in english,   it doesn’t have to all be in english of course,  it can again help you to gain fans from other   countries. people like anitta wouldn’t have gotten  her huge fame that she has acquired recently,   if she didn’t start creating some of her music in  english

As well as in spanish and in her native   portuguese. or maybe you’re a writer and, once  again, you could of course have someone translate   your writings. but why not just try writing in  english yourself and acquiring first hand that   audience? and of course this last one is near  and dear to my heart. you could become an

English   that you can go about this. you can, you know,   get a proper degree and you could teach at schools  in your country. you could get a job at a language   school maybe if you’re still studying, then it’s  something that you could do to make some money.   on the side you could teach privately, you know,  either

Online or by having people come to your   house or going to students house. you could tutor  people, even. maybe if you don’t have any official   degrees yet but you still want to try it out to  see if you like it, or just get a little bit of   that initial experience, then you could, you know,  ask any of your friends if they

Know anyone who   needs a good english tutor. and tons of people  need someone to help them with their english.   so you can really use your skills to help people  out and make a little bit of money on the side.   or you could even volunteer to help people in  your community who can’t afford to learn english.   so it

Was actually my case that i got started  teaching english as a tutor. so when i was living   in mallorca when i was 21, i got some jobs just  teaching younger kids, tutoring them at their   homes. and this got me a little bit of experience  in learning, you know. how to make it engaging   university i decided to get my teaching

English   as a foreign language certificate. and i moved to  brazil and i got my first job officially teaching   school in belo horizonte. from there i was able   to acquire my own private students and then as  reallife english grew up, i didn’t even depend   on the income from teaching english anymore. so  if it’s the

Case for you that you’re a bit curious   about it, you could just start small trying out  tutoring and then you could get the certifications   that you need later and you can build your way up.  and who knows what opportunities it’ll bring you?   you might start your own business or you might  even start your own english learning

School.   absolutely love teaching, that you’re going to   become really passionate about it, because you’re  not doing your students any service if you’re not,   different methods, even if you just start out   tutoring, you need to get better and better. as a  teacher you need to be passionate about learning  

Languages and, of course, you need to continue  working on your own english and perfecting it.   all right, so now i’m really curious to hear from  the most interesting? which one do you think you  would be most interested in pursuing? or maybe we   missed one, why don’t you let me know down in  the comments below? and probably it’s

The case   some point you’re going to need to actually   super nerve-wracking to do in another language,   might want to check out next this lesson   so let’s check out a clip from that now.

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