IMG Members Frequently Asked Questions on Sun Life Mutual Funds – Morgan De Guzman

IMG Members’ Frequently Asked Question on Sun Life Mutual Funds – Morgan De Guzman

Hi mark rff this is morgan de guzman from wrapper financials and for today’s video agusa pampuna frequently asked questions for img members investing in sunlight’s mutual fund investment so that will especially unite for our img friends for our img partners for this video first question what is the minimum amount required to open a mutual fund in sunlight asset

Management the minimum initial investment unattended for as low as 100 pesos we can start investing in sun life’s funds so pero some money market funds 100 pesos so for their peso funds the minimum initial investment is 1000 pesos with sunlight the world equity index feeder fund the minimum initial investment detail i 50 000 pesos starter fund it starts at five

Hundred dollars at one thousand dollars for their other funds so you see sunlight asset management companies so next question the question is why should i consider investing in mutual fund aside from directly buying stocks diversification for sure diversification detox img so it’s not putting your eggs in one basket and you see need to put some mutual funds my

Restriction was as easy but not more than 15 percent and maximum exposure it’s highly diversified and with that so there are two ways to invest in the stock market in apple first one is in direct and you indirect indirect it’s professionally managed we all know mahira maraming someone’s doing it for us already next question adam am i required to top up to my


Slumsy mutual fund investment account monthly so one benefit poonam it was one investment so strict period commitment we don’t have to pay or we don’t have to top up all right i was informed that sun life introduced a mutual fund called weif which are issued in units so what’s the difference between a mutual fund issued in shares and a unitized mutual fund

With mutual funds we’re actually buying shares elegant shareholder kutaya we are buying a product that’s why it’s called units we are just buying units one difference foreign rights as a unit holder without putting voting rights so next question added number five my question is can i open a mutual fund account for my child who’s under 18 years of age uh 18

Years old below 120 and it’s under uh the agreement to the international ipf house all we have to do is add the file or the form nothing at and once they turned 18 years old next question can i withdraw my investment in mutual funds anytime the answer is yes put them quite into nothing with wrong investments nothing with mutual funds any time we can redeem any

Time we want but take note in your holding period so with the bone holding period it doesn’t mean holding periods like one week two weeks a month three months or six months so meaning if you redeem your investment within the holding period macha charges exit fees with our exceeding the holding period i am ready to invest what is the right sun life prosperity

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Fund for me so again guys this is very important before investing we have three things to consider we have to determine our goal again guys this is very important investment away nothing is this for our retirement is this for our educational funds so we have to know our goal first number two how long are you planning to invest is this a short-term investment

Less than a year or not in terms of investment but like three to five years or is this a long long-term investment in five years or more so we have to know our time rate and lastly in number three we have to know our investor risk profile anu classic investor roberta are we a conservative investor or are you a moderate investor or is a bank aggressive investor

So guys you can check out our website uh risk profiling user website and it’s free you check out that next question next question number nine i don’t have mutual fund account yet with sun life what should be my first step thank you forms for i highly encourage next question how can i manage and monitor my investment in sun life prosperity investment

Funds so limpo wants to invest in so in that message and in that email sumer junk guideline on how you can open your sun life portal and with this portal purely online napoleon that you can check your uh you can check your account anytime so is for my retirement or for your my wedding fund for my dream house okay so with that guys i hope now with this

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Short video it is a youtube channel i mean please subscribe to our youtube channel at sharepoint videos very educational this is morgan because man again saying thank you god bless thank you so you

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