Is Data Science a Good Career ? | Interesting Applications

Here in this video, you will learn about some interesting examples and applications of data science. You will also learn why data science is a good career path. This is the third video of the playlist.

Hello everyone this is dr sadek and you are learning how to become a successful data scientist in the previous lecture we have learned different uh different skills of data scientists i have learned from social media that researchers belong to deep learning machine learning and artificial intelligence they’re mostly associate data science with finance and business

However this is not true so today we will learn what are the application of data science in our real life there are various goals of data science application in our real life so the first one is a search engines the well-known search engines are google search engine on facebook twitter youtube and linkedin we play with this search engine and daily basis this

Particular search engines use a very huge amount of data to train in their complex algorithms these algorithms follows various rules to prioritize a website your post and youtube video the video you are uploading on youtube so how to prioritize that videos the second example is autonomous agent systems the autonomous agents can range from a simple program to

A very huge system such as a driverless vehicles border monitoring drones and the prediction system for a business applications in business areas we need continuous data monitoring and data analysis so autonomous agent replies humans and act on behalf of a humans on the other hand the driverless vehicles learn from their experience such as analyzing different

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Objects exploring the reason behind the accidents as well as analyzing the speed of other vehicle so all these agents learn from their experience data science have various application in business and finance few examples are customer insights fraud detection boosting a profit in sales and i have introduced a new term and that is applying data science to the data

Collection process later i will discuss about this term the customer inside are very important for promotion and discount related decision what customer like what item and what was their age and gender also specific day week month and event related data plays a key role in producing effective intelligent decisions the customer insight will give you a complete

Flow towards profit and loss also it will give you data about a specific item in which a specific group of people will take intros here the group can be based on age gender country students or the aged male and female group there are many examples of customer data insights in business so there are many examples of business related application i will discuss it in

Detail later on the next one is fraud detection data science is highly recommended for fraud directions the same customer inside are used for for detections they detect unexpected and malicious activity of a customer and predict fraudulent activity so the third one is boosting profit and sell once the data scientists detect increase in a cell of a particular item

Then they try to explore the main reason and motivation behind the specific event or the cell or increase in the cell once they investigate the the material the motivation behind the cell and increase in the profit then they can give you more intelligent decision and they can boost the sell and the profit so the fourth one is applying data science to the data


Collection process actually i have introduced this term so it means that if you apply data science to the data collection process then it can give you meaningful data and in future you can have more effective intelligent decision what does it mean this term actually mean exploring what you are collecting for example collect the more relevant data about customer

Activity that can be online or then can be offline so here i can give you examples such as uh online shopping or purchasing something in malls so if you apply data science to the data collection process then it can give you a better decision what kind of data you need to collect and what kind of data can better help you so uh there are various application of data

Science in healthcare side such as medical image analysis uh i will add something more data scientists are working in psychology side as well they are developing machine to identify emotions and different personality to replace the psychologists in various activities finally i will add one more thing such as student cognitive skills prediction and you can say

Student performance prediction in final examination or you can say student performance prediction it can be final examination it can be assignments it can be quizzes so here data science here data science plays a key role in evaluating various students attribute to identify at risk students such application will very helpful in detecting weak students for further

Counseling and guidelines data science can also help in detecting frustrated students so you can use data science in various areas and so in the next slot of the playlist we will explore the general problem solving skills of data science thank you so much

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