Is Moving to New York City in 2022 Even Worth It…

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Things are changing in the big apple and moving  here right now is going to present some challenges   today we’ll discuss the real cost of moving to  new york city in 2022 you don’t want to miss it   we could dedicate an entire video to the stresses  of finding an apartment but you can’t move to new   and case in point my own move

To brooklyn in   october 2020 from manhattan in 2020 my apartment  was sitting vacant for a month the owner had to   lower the price multiple times before we finally  saw it and ended up taking it now fast forward   to the fall of 2021 two apartments in my building  were open and i recall watching rutgers football   and

Then looking outside my window at a line down  the block of people interested in new apartments   in park slope 15 people saw the apartments all  15 people applied the same day if you want to   live in one of the more desirable neighborhoods in  any of the boroughs be prepared for battle no be   prepared for war it is insanely

Difficult to get  an apartment these days and i’ve always chuckled   at some of my friends in other cities who told me  getting an apartment was as easy as looking at it   done but i am curious our apartment’s getting   tougher to rent in other u.s cities tell me in  the comments all right we’ve got hannah here  

Fellow youtuber just bumped into her checkered  channel out we were just talking about how   competitive it is to find an apartment it was hard  especially in june i looked a little bit in march   the market and then by june it was like   the kova deals really shrunk so literally it was  like there were lines out the door for

Apartments   yeah we saw one apartment that there must have  been 15 people at the open house brooklyn bridge   park here is the most touristy spot in the entire  borough but it’s also the most beautiful but let’s   be honest how many places do you have two amazing  bridges and that view of lower manhattan this   can’t

Be b and if you’re curious we have a really  cool guide to dumbo on the channel you can tell   tourists are back circle line is practically full  i’m liking these signals of tourism returning we   want you guys back this probably sounds familiar  for people who’ve just bought a home in the us   with the insanity of the real estate

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Market right  now according to a new york times article from   city the spiraling cost of home ownership has   had a cascading impact on the rental market with  the appetite for single-family homes and condos   driving up their costs some people eager to buy  or instead opting to rent pushing up rental prices   do you

Remember the words pandemic pricing what  pandemic pricing anymore in a lot of neighborhoods   were in 2019 many but not all apartment owners   in new york city are shrewd business people and  there has been countless reports out there of   apartment prices going up over 1 000 from their  pandemic price some property owners say

They’re   adjusting for the booming housing market making  up for lost income and compensating for the   escalating cost of utilities and property taxes i  see both sides here the owners who have lost a lot   of money the last two years trying to price their  apartments at what they can get on the open market   and then

I see the side of the people that move to  apartments and neighborhoods they never could have   afforded in the past and sadly not being able to  pay for them i mean i know cash shorten but i’ve   been monitoring the rental market pretty closely  the last 10 years and i’ve never seen it like   this let’s take my old neighborhood of

Greenwich  village for example let’s type in any apartment   any setup in greenwich village 2500 or less fear  no fee you know how many apartments are available   neighborhood you’re thinking that’s too cheap   let’s up it to three thousand dollars or less  six total apartments we’re gonna add the entire   equation eight

Total apartments available   at three thousand dollars or less a month in an  area that has seventy to one hundred thousand   people i want that to sink in a little bit to  see what’s going on in new york city and how   competitive it is right now to get any apartment  at a halfway decent cost from the streets of the  

East village to the met to moma art is a huge  part of new york culture and artists like warhol   basquiat and keith herring have practically become  a part of the city themselves when i look at their   works in museums i’ve always wondered what would  it be like for a normal person like me to actually   way too expensive and i

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The link in my bio and from the comfort of   investor i just filmed a video about the crime   situation in new york city and boy was i surprised  how well that one did but maybe not shocked   because in the back of any big city resident’s  mind it’s always okay how safe is this area and i   hope i didn’t make it look like

Only new york city  was seeing a rise in crime numbers because it’s   happening in just about every single big city in  the united states now there’s a certain advantage   that native new yorkers and long-time residents  have versus you the new transplant of the city   to their own safety they’ve seen just about   every

Situation and i think they can get into  avoidance mode much quicker than anybody else if   you move to new york city sooner or later you’re  gonna run into something that makes you uneasy   something that makes you uncomfortable and if  you move to new york from a boring suburb in   northern new jersey like i did there’s gonna

Be  an adjustment period because you’ve always got to   be aware of your surroundings and for some people  that can be a little bit tricky because living in   a big city you just never know you’ll have your  good days you’ll have your bad days you’ll have   your days where your train gets stalled in the  manhattan bridge for

15 minutes you see something   disgusting on the subway and you’ll have your  good days where you meet somebody really cool   or your transfer at the next station is waiting  for you right as your subway car pulls in the city   your surroundings at all times it’s not for   everybody moving here in 2022 you’re coming to a 

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City that’s in the process of fully reopening the   vaccine mandate just went away one week ago so  now it’s up to individual businesses to decide   if they want to require a vaccine to eat there  and if they want to require a mask to come inside   i read a really interesting statistic in the new  york post that restaurants were

Back to about 75   capacity compared to pre-covered but showing up  at the office that’s a different story recent   data show that just 28.6 of desks in new york city  are actually occupied during the week i love this   quote going to a restaurant for an amazing meal  worth it the person told the post commuting to  

Sit at a desk for eight hours when i could do that  from the comfort of my own home not so much now   mayor adams is trying to get people to go back  to the office but most of my friends who work   in those traditional settings they have a hybrid  setup or they are fully telecommuting the days of   happy hours every evening and

Making friends with  your co-workers i don’t know when that’s going   to be a regular thing it’s very tricky because a  lot of these businesses sign long-term commercial   leases to have office space and it makes a lot of  sense for them to have people come back but the   employees i hear they prefer telecommuting more 

But when it comes to moving here for a career   within your field and one of the great things   type a personalities people that are fully   some unhealthy competition take myself i am   friends with a lot of the new york city creators  and even from time to time i will compare my   numbers to theirs whatever your

Path is whatever  career field you come to new york for don’t catch   yourself comparing your progress to others because  everybody’s journey is different i don’t know how   the rest of 2022 is going to play out and while  it’s super easy to kick new york city when it’s   down truth is if you really feel like you belong 

Here it’s your dream you should still move because   i think there’s a lot of opportunities as well  with the city fully reopening and people just   video right here we talk about manhattan versus   brooklyn the two most popular boroughs to move to  we answer so many questions go check this one out

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