Good morning ladies and gentlemen i hope you are having an awesome day today is about to get absolutely ridiculous about a year ago i was handed the keys to a vehicle known as the res vani tank the most apocalyptic looking suv i have ever seen in my entire life i only had a short period of time with it so it’s thought it’d be awesome to take it to rodeo drive

To see what people thought of the tank it turns out it garnered more attention than any vehicle i had ever driven it was fun to drive looks like it was ready for war and stood out in a place that’s almost impossible to do so well it turns out res bonnie liked the video they hit me up and said hey we’ve actually got a fully bulletproof military version would you

Like to shoot it with a gun that’s right today we are going to corona california to test out the military edition red bonnie tank and shoot at it with weapons it’s about to get interesting let’s roll well guys here it is the res vani tank it comes in three different trim levels the base model tank that i drove in beverly hills then there’s the tank x and the

Ultimate most badass vehicle you can get from res vani the tank military edition which we have today the features on this thing are absolutely insane and i can’t wait to share them with you guys just look at this vehicle guys while it started life as a jeep wrangler the incredible modern futuristic yet military inspired design looks like nothing else on the road

Name another vehicle that looks more ready for the apocalypse than the res vani tank the tank starts at a hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars and climbs from there depending upon spec and options the tank i drove in beverly hills had a cute little v6 motor the tank military however comes standard with a six point four liter v8 that makes 500 horsepower but

It doesn’t stop there for people who are power crazy for $29,000 you can upgrade to a hellcat motor that’s right 6.2 liters supercharged v8 making 707 horsepower something that looks like this well the base model has a range of options that you can add on the military edition comes with a bunch of standard features that will absolutely blow your mind for one the

Glass as well as the body of the tank are bulletproof which we are going to be testing out later on check this out the door itself weighs about 400 pounds when you this thing up it is extremely heavy but the most impressive part is how thick this glasses it’s legitimately over an inch and a half thick and when you knock on it doesn’t feel like your typical glass

It almost feels like you’re banging on steel when this thing closes i also absolutely love the design of the door handles and inside here is something i’ve never seen on any other vehicle this is a safety protection vehicle that you can drive on the road and it has electrified door handles what does that mean well there’s a button on the inside that when you click

It it prime’s the system and if somebody who’s unwanted comes up to open the door it actually shocks their hand now i’ve been told it’s so painful we’re not gonna be doing a demonstration but that it’s pretty cool if you look closely in the door handle you can actually see the electrical conductors where you’d get shocked all you have to do is flick this switch

And we’re primed and ready to go the underside of the res vani tank even has protection against explosives that’s right ieds and pipe bombs that can explode no problem underneath the res vani and you’ll be completely safe inside it’s like a cocoon of protection this military tank has the extreme off-road package which means a 6-inch lift 37 inch tires upgraded


Front and rear drive shafts and axles and two and a half inch fox shocks so not only can you survive the apocalypse you can also go off-roading in this as well let’s take a look at these wheels squatting down next to the tires they’re almost the size of me and they’re actually run flat there’s a rubber tube on the inside so these go completely flat the tank can

Drive no problem at all in fact it doesn’t need a tire at all it can still drive forwards now the wheels have been designed to protect all of the brake components so you’re safe no matter what let’s hop in the tank shall we it’s got automatic side steps to make it easier for you to climb into the tank be careful though these doors are ridiculously heavy especially

On this windy day they could crush you pop on in the interior of the tank is nicely appointed with leather there are some cool convenience options as well 8.5 inch touchscreen with apple carplay so you can easily connect your phone and listen to music there’s also two different levels of speaker system upgrades the highest of which comes with focal speakers and a

Jbl amplifier so you know your musics going to be sounding good obviously this being a tank there are a range of controls that you would never see in a normal vehicle check out this panel up above the rear-view mirror that gives you controls for electric shock for the door handles there is a magnetic deadbolt lock so that if somebody shoots the lock and the normal

Part of the door you are still secured then my favorite the smokescreen which will demonstrate later there’s front lights and rear lights that absolutely blind any intruders coming from the front or the rear and strobe lights let’s go ahead and fire up that 6.4 liter v8 sounds so much better than the v6 now because this is bulletproof it weighs 4,000 additional

Pounds over the standard tank this thing comes in at 8,000 pounds so it’s the quickest vehicle in the world but actually 500 horsepower does pretty well let’s go ahead pull her out onto the road listen to the sound of banks that is awesome surprisingly for such a big vehicle it’s actually pretty easy to drive the steering is nice and light the visibility out

The front is fantastic same with the side windows the rear visibility however is not the best the leather seats are incredibly comfortable and we’ve got tons and tons of headroom you do sit relatively close to your passenger but you get this level of comfort and security like no other vehicle it actually feels like you’re inside of a bank vault it is incredibly

Isolated from the road they did a fantastic job of not being able to hear any real road noise but at the same time you do get to hear that incredible v8 soundtrack there’s also a pa system so you can communicate with people on the outside without having to open the doors you can actually listen to what people are saying as well so they’ve made five res vani tanks

So far two of their customers you guys may know chris brown who has a very unique taste in vehicles and then we’ve got exhibit from pimp my ride he has one of these as well and the rest of the vehicles are scattered in colorado texas even africa i can’t believe this guys this is one of the craziest things if not the craziest thing to happen on vehicle verges we

Are headed right now to a shooting range to shoot the rez vani tank and actually prove that this thing is indeed bulletproof i am so so excited right now before we get to the range we’ve got to try out the smokescreen so if you’re driving along and somebody that you don’t want is following you you can click the red button up here to activate the smokescreen and

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Apparently it’s going to release a ridiculous amount of smoke out of the exhaust to blind anyone behind you let’s try it out with one click of a button we can activate the night-vision camera right here labeled cam and up on the screen pops the thermal-imaging camera it actually is capable of tracking humans via this yellow box to make them stand out more

From the background in case you find yourself in a chemical warfare battle it does actually come with gas masks check this out that is pretty awesome and there is an additional line of defense in case all of the other techniques don’t work let me show you in the back coming around to the rear of the tank storage area packs this actually has an automatic tach dropper

Underneath the car that releases 40 tax so it pops the tires and on enemy vehicles to make it lighter weight and easier to open this is actually normal glass inside we’ve got the ultra thick bulletproof glass nice storage area here for guns and other equipment we’ve also got a pistol safe right to the center console in case you want to have your pistol stored away

Inside the vehicle right here you can see the little thermal-imaging camera normally it’d be parking sensors there a front camera on your typical vehicle but that way you can see stuff at nighttime now down below we’ve got a steel-reinforced bumper mess for ramming so if you need to smash into anything this 8,000 pound and bulletproof truck will run right through

It all right let’s go to the shooting range oh yeah and if you want to let people know you are arriving there are a series of police sirens that you can activate using the panel here all right off to the range we go should be pretty interesting funny enough actually yesterday during the off-roading trip we fired some ar-15s that’s the gun we’re going to be using

Today getting the tank ready to go at the shooting range for being shot at this is exciting so check this out guys we’ve got an uninstalled res vani tank window and like i was saying look how thick that piece of glasses get the guns loaded up check out the assortment of guns we’ve got going on today so before we actually shoot the car we’re going to shoot at a

Test piece of glass the exact same glass that goes into the tank it’s gonna be interesting apparently the bullet actually sticks inside the glass i was worried at first about it ricocheting but see what happens wow wow look at that complete look at that none of it went through all right get a little shooting practice of my own check it out one of the bullets is

Stuck right there in the sheet of glass that is epic just look at all of the fractures but the fact that none of them actually penetrated through it’s pretty cool this piece of glass was hit by about 25 different rounds from an ar-15 and then a handgun and none of them penetrated now it’s time to actually shoot the car rolling it downfield just set up one of my

Gopros on the inside window to capture what it’d be like to be inside of the tank and be shot up i definitely didn’t think that when i started vehicle versions i’d be out here on a range shooting a res vani tank but this is awesome here we go all right so what gun are we using to shoot the res money this is a six-hour 516 issues a two to three round and five five

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Six to basically a piston version of an ar-15 gotcha here we go guys all right let’s check out the damage look at that from the inside the crazy part is on the back it’s actually completely smooth there we go two rounds and none of it has gone through so it’s six layers of glass and polycarbonate back to back and it disperses the energy out to the sides looks

Like it did a very effective job well that was absolutely epic not too often you get to watch an suv get shot at by a rifle they’re gonna take this out for a little more of a spin back on the road in the res bonney tank what had taken its a spin absolutely wild there’s something about driving this that just puts a smile on my face it’s absolutely ludicrous and

Not for everyone but if you want something incredibly unique and unbelievably safe the res bonney tank is an awesome awesome sauce ship it starts at 295 thousand dollars for the military edition so it isn’t the cheapest vehicle but how many cars do you know that have electrified door handles smoke screens gas masks and that can withstand rifle rounds yeah i can’t

Really think of any it actually has a really impressive turning radius as well i guess the good news is if you do end up hitting anything that objects gonna lose that battle it’s also really comfortable to drive the ride quality for something that’s this lifted that has 37 inch tires is impressively good some more unique interior features of the tank in the center

Console here lift this up and we’ve got a passcode protected vault so you can store money valuables or a pistol for added safety we’ve also got a full rollcage but it’s nicely wrapped in alcantara just like the rest of the headliner so you can’t really see it but you do know it’s there for added safety we’ve also got like on the wrangler integrated speakers into

The roll bar well it has been an amazing day with the res bonnie tank you can hear the gunshots in the background from the rain what a crazy experience was just looking at this from the outside a breath taken by the design honestly it looks absolutely ridiculous in the most brutal way possible and i really do love the rear of the tank such a unique futuristic

Design looks like something i don’t know from outer space with this rear window and integrated lights in the back well it’s time to give the keys back and head on home guys this genesis just pass us with the most legendary exhaust i have ever seen we gotta catch up this alright we’re coming up on it check out these tailpipes get out of the way mustang look at

That exhaust yes that reminds me of the pep boys exhaust setup that i had on my lamborghini huracan when i visited street speed we’ve got the almighty bumper delete mod see this way he can really show off his exhaust he doesn’t need a huge exhaust but now you can see it much more clearly you can see his muffler almost as much as you can on an m2 it’s true though

Well here’s a new meeting – la standstill traffic looks like we got a police officer blocking the entire road clean the palm trees last generation phantom looking classy as ever that thing is so big back at the house after an incredibly fun and unique day of filming i hope you guys enjoyed it definitely something you don’t get to see every single day i hope you

Guys enjoyed this video like always please browse the channel and subscribe i look forward to seeing you next video

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