Jobs For Foreigners In Turkey | What Jobs Can Foreigners Do In Turkey?

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Guys wait it’s my hair okay recording this video and in you know some easy guys oh hey guys welcome to my channel my name is sharon and today i have another video for you so this video so this video is about jobs in turkey i will try though i live in istanbul i don’t know much about other states or other cities in turkey but we will try guys we will try so jobs

Are for it a scandal and then i wrote down let me just read for you ok before i read the jobs the minimum wage for tax citizens is two thousand ninety lira or 100 lira but it’s basically two thousand lira which is about $400 120 to $400 okay as a minimum wage for turkish people so the jobs that someone can do the the easiest should be teaching english or teaching

Any other foreign language that you know mostly english is really like many people want to learn english so you could work in a school language school or you could be teaching doing private lessons for business people for kids for students like primary secondary you could ask actually if you have the the skills you could teach university okay the example where

Lecturers at universities i know some i know actually some who are teaching at the university also you could be teaching only maybe at or you’re teaching something like music you know that kind of thing or you could teach math but in english of course marit sciences that kind of stuff and the other job you can do is you can be a nanny if you’re foreigner it could

Be a nanny and also this they need you to be a nanny because of your other love what you have maybe an english nanny german or whatever and also you can be a house help maybe if because the nanny is normally for taking care of the kids and then the house help is on for doing house chores you know mmm then you could work as a nurse power as up as my side person i

Don’t know how are they called must i know the name but i actually i can’t pronounce it so yeah you could work as a doctor to a guide pilot business you could open up your business but you should read about it and i can do a lot of research and you should have maybe a turkish lawyer to help you with the process the doctor also and pylos i have to point that out you

Should have like there are some rules about it you should read about it more it should be skilled it should be an expatriate in these things guys and then you could be a freelance if you have any talents or person or any other skills you can do like maybe writing if you could be a freelance writer you could actually teach online if you’re native speaker you could


That is if you’re from maybe one of these countries netherlands us uk and what other countries are considered they are about six countries that are considered native english speakers so you could actually work on a online teach english online in china you know if your internet is good you have a laptop you have the everything you can do that actually but there

Are some webs websites that don’t that take also nanny native speakers okay you could also be a model or you could be an actor actress that kind of thing you can do your you could be an animator animation that is if you have talent is you can sing if you can dance you can do a crab tics you can do that kind of job guys okay so yeah and then also you can work in

The factory that most people go for this job they prefer to work in the factory because maybe they they have no skills they say like oh i didn’t go to school blah blah so they go and work in the factory and it’s called taboo taboo that’s if you tell an african sample they should know what it means and yeah those are basically the jobs that you can do here you can

Actually open up your own business like if you have if you can do here if you can play african hair braids cornrows very well we’ve all you could put up your saloon somewhere where the africans live and then you can get clients africans also but you should also not be too far also turkish people are interested in this kind of hair and of course because their hair

Texture is different usually they pay a lot more like they ask them for money anyway so if i know someone asked me how much do these jobs pay for example shabu-shabu the fabrica factory jobs i think they paid two thousand lira every week they give them 500 lira if i send a rocket i mean turkish lira or tele tl inning but in turkish this italian – telly that’s 5

Lira but i prefer to say libra you know it’s shorter so you should look if you have if you come here you should look for a good job you should at least try to look for paying job maybe your first job won’t pay you well but at least your second should pay you better also you should be careful many of the employees don’t want to do working permits for foreigner so

You should be careful about that ok you should really be careful about the working permit and also you shouldn’t be illegal at least you should have a residence permit you can search more about that there is a website you can get information also there’s a facebook page dr. martens you can get information about results from it and all that stuff teachers how much

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Do teachers pay or how much they earn it the depending on the school you’re teaching is it a preschool is the primary there’s a secondary school and also is it a private school okay some people work in the med schools the money is it’s okay and some people work in private schools it’s not a college it’s a college the money is good some call it just don’t pay well

They will make you work like stress through stress and the money is little so i should all look out for all these things okay guys you have to fight for your rights like you should know what amount of money you should be working for i think preschool the list you should be getting and this is actually this money is not even it’s illegal to be paid to foreigners

But if there are many people who are working illegally so and i have seen some posts on facebook of pages of jobs and they are saying 3000 turkish lira so i think the list maybe right now is three how the turkish lira okay but you should be getting an is 5,000 turkish lira and i the job is nanny job most such people prefer to work with filipinos the people from

Philippines they prefer those ones so they pay them more money like $1,000 and then they pay a little money to africans maybe 800 700 600 even 500 so you have also to know like i have to look for this job and i want this amount of money and you have to be kind of like assertive like you have to be confident like you have to be confident guys most people be shy or

They don’t want to say maybe my boss will think i’m i love money too much like come on your everyone loves money and we all need money so whatever job you’re going to if he says the money is too little just say you know what i can’t work for an amount of money what cuz go look for another i’m joking but you could just talk to them guys talk like you guys should

Talk about everything and also before signing any contract and this is for the teachers you should look out like read it through with someone maybe a lawyer or someone because sometimes people sign contracts and the terms of the contracts actually not favorable to the teacher okay and then yeah to our guides i don’t know about that but i think this you have to get

A license for that actually all these things there are offices where you can go and then they can give you like they can like their edges as you can go to they help you with the jobs like for daddy also on facebook there are pages where someone posts like i need a walker i need this i needed this so you can’t you should look out for those pages also their pages

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On about acting and modeling on facebook i think they paid for photographers and models in istanbul and sometimes when someone in the model or someone they they post also there are some agencies still for modeling you can’t sign up with any agents or you can be a freelance i don’t know the details like how they do it also you could work as of money cane if you

Want to if you are into modeling you could work for like a store a farm or a shop wholesale shop and for you just mud of their clothes like you see you stand and then you dress the clients come they say oh can you ever ask this can you wear for us this you murder the clothes there and also there are agencies and the money is good i think it’s about $100 to $200

Per week for these jobs also you could work as a translator if you have another language the better apart from english if you know maybe arabic that is very nice and french if you have those if you have english arabic french very good because there are many arabic people who come here and then nobody detection or because they don’t know they are not arabic okay so

They come money they need to communicate so if you’d know well i’m good you could work as a translator in a hospital or in those hair clinics where they do transplanted or in in call centers actually they also those call uh centers jobs guys but those ones are very difficult i think you’re i won’t even go there because i’ve had some stories like they are too hard

You could work also if you know a translator in shop where you translate for them if like you are a salesperson in a shop and you have other languages because guys if you like chucky’s has a lot of textile that textile industry is doing very well for turkey and also their hair transplanting so if you’re in you can go as a salesperson in hair truck in the clothes

Business like the shops you work for them and then they get clients who are foreigners you translate for them and yeah which other job did i forget you could work as an animator during summer you do acrobatics bla bla bla and nannies / housemaid doctors to a guy its pilot business here so those are the jobs i think you can do here if i have forgotten a mean job

Guys just let me know or if you have any questions comment below and if you like this video thank you for watching don’t forget to like it and share and yeah bye guys bye

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