Jobs in the Sports Industry | What Career Path Can I Take With a Sport Management Degree?

In today’s video, I share the many different career paths that someone with a sport management degree can follow. The sport industry has so many different opportunities and it is important to find the path that fits you best.

Hey guys it’s manager kylie and in today’s video i’m going to share with you the many different careers that you can get with a degree in sports management so when pursuing a degree in sports management you may think what career paths you have but it’s not like pursuing a nursing degree and you’re going to become a nurse or an accountant degree and you’re going

To become an accountant there’s many options on what you can do with a sports management degree so today i’m going to share with you the many different career paths that you can take with that degree i am actually currently pursuing a sports management degree and some of these are career paths that i’m interested in pursuing so i thought i would share with you the

Many different options that you have and it’s all based on what you’re interested in but if you guys are interested in more sports administration coaching tips and drills that you can do with your team definitely subscribe button turn the bell so you get notified every time i upload as i post a new video every single wednesday at 2 p.m eastern time before i get

Into all these jobs definitely let me know in the comments down below which field you’re interested in going to personally i’m interested in athletic directing at either high school or college level but definitely let me know which field you’re interested in and why you want to go into that field and some of the reasons you’re really interested in that field and

Now let’s get started with all the different jobs we have so when pursuing a sports management degree there’s a few different majors paths you can take you can go into professional sports you can go into collegian sports you can go into media or you can go into some sort of like au specialist program there are so many different options that you can do and they’re

Within those different options there’s a lot of different jobs that you can take so i’m going to list off some of the major jobs that you can take and these are at all the different levels some of these include the higher levels and some of these include or specific to like media companies but there’s so many different options that you can do with this degree and

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I’m going to give you a little bit of details about each one of the jobs so the first is an athletic coach you can coach at the high school college and even if you want to get into professional coaching there’s a lot of options that you can do with this and you can even coach at the youth level or an aeu team so there’s lots of paths you can take that are paying

Coaching jobs it’s hard at the youth level but if you do like an aau program you can do that so there is the way to go into athletic coaching you can do an athlete development specialist this is more of your aau personal trainer you can go like a path like that specifics on a certain athletic event and working on building those skills and gaining the knowledge

And everything about that specific athletic event you can become an athletic director so this could be at the high school or college level and work to organize everything this is the path i’m actually looking at taking between athletic coaching and athletic directing that’s the path i’m looking into you can work out the athletic department of a college which is a

Little larger and there’s a lot of other jobs within the athletic department or at a high school which are generally a little bit on the smaller side that have only a few people in their office but it’s an awesome job if you’re interested in lots of different athletics and leading and managing and running the athletic programs and organizing the different events

That are held you can work in contracts so this is more at the professional level you can work to organize and manage different people’s contracts getting them different contracts negotiating contracts and everything that involves that this is especially helpful for professional players and trying to sign and figure out which team they’re going to sign for and

How much they’re going to sign and all of that and all the details of their contract you can work as an event coordinator this is organizing the many different events this could be at the college level or at the professional level organizing those game day events and figuring out everything that needs to go on along with other events that you may held with your

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Teams like practices fundraisers all of that you can organize and keep track of everything that’s going on you can also work as a facility manager this is more on the game days making sure everything’s running properly doing what it’s supposed to everything’s running smoothly as many people are coming into your facility for like a game day or organizing even just

The schedules of when everything’s gonna be used for practices there’s also many jobs in marketing you can go into sports marketing that has lots of different paths between this is especially in like the media companies you can be social media marketing all of that to make sure that the media companies that run sports like nespn some sort of league like that is

Running everything an nfl network you can work for something like that or even for like schools they need some sort of marketing to make sure that people are coming to their games especially some of the bigger colleges they want to make sure people are attending their games they’re selling tickets all of that so you can work on marketing campaigns through that

They also do need finance accounting all of that so even if you have a specialty in a different field so if you want to do like a minor or something in another field that could help you in your sports management as you can work for a sports organization but specifically focus on some sort of finance marketing or other operation within a business sales is also a

Big one that people get into early if they want to work in professional sports they need people just be calling and see if people are interested in buying tickets buying season tickets all of that so sales is definitely a big one of that you can work it’s definitely an entry-level job there’s lots of people who just spend a lot of time cold calling people and

Seeing if they’re interested in buying tickets so that’s definitely a good job and on that you can even get it up into ticket sales and higher levels where you get to interact with the customer as they come to the games you can work with season ticket holders all of that and make sure they’re renewing their tickets make sure they’re getting everything that they

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Want out of the experience you can also work as like a sports lawyer or a sports agent organizing your client this is more than a professional you get some sort of client in the professional leagues and you can work as their lawyer agent everything getting them the job that they want this goes along with the contracts too making sure that they’re getting the

Contract that they deserve and everything and getting them sponsorship deals and brand deals and all of that you can also work as a general sport manager this can include managing a league and organization something like that and working your way up a lot of these jobs you got to just start at the lower levels and work your way up it’s all about who you know in

The sports industry and definitely work on those networking to make sure that you connect with different people that you are in the fields that you’re interested in you never know who they have connections with so definitely be hard-working and connect with lots of people especially if you’re in the college level work to connect with people even in your college

Athletic department as they may know other people in other leagues and everything to help you get those jobs that you’re really looking forward to so i hope you guys enjoyed watching this video don’t forget if to like if you did again comment down below which one you’re interested in pursuing the most i hope you found this helpful if there’s any other jobs that i

Didn’t mention that you’re interested in pursuing definitely let me know those too there’s lots and lots of different jobs in the sports field this is just some of them i just think it’s really important to find what you’re interested in and definitely pursue that there’s lots of options whether and what levels you’re interested in there’s lots of different options

In that there’s so many different paths that you can take with a sports management degree it’s a great degree to go in lots of different paths and i think it’s very important to find something that you love but i hope you guys enjoyed watching don’t forget to like if you did and i’ll see you next wednesday you

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Jobs in the Sports Industry | What Career Path Can I Take With a Sport Management Degree? By Manager Kiley