Joe Rogan: The LAWLESSNESS IN CHICAGO & Money Cant Rebuild The Culture, That Takes Time!

WATCH TO THE END!! Joe Rogan & Coleman Hughes discuss the lawlessness in Chicago & how we go about fixing it. It cannot happen over night but these problems need to be addressed so these communities can be elevated and our country become stronger in every aspect!

Are you talking about man you live in south side of chicago you think you could just pull yourself up by your bootstraps you’re crazy like if there was a wild west type neighborhood for white people or white people are shooting people the same way people are getting shot in the south side of chicago they would be freaking the out can you imagine if there was a place

Like that like if tucson arizona was just like shootouts in the street like what on a a weekend of gang violence in chicago is is occasionally stunning yeah stunning numbers yeah there can be like 50 people shot in the weekend at its worst imagine if that same scenario was playing out in right-wing neighborhoods and right wing all white neighborhoods if they were

Basically like jesse james in it and just out there shooting each other we have very very different discussion what would happen though would it be more sympathy for them or would it be more law enforcement because there’s less you know less guilt involved it would be it would be something different that’s for sure especially if they grew up in good neighborhoods

Imagine imagine if they’re like people from good neighborhoods with good education like middle class yeah like no excuses and then there’s always been this like insane galling asymmetry of like you’re caught with a dime bag in the hood meanwhile how many harvard kids are smoking weed in their dorm rooms well but even better yet how about the crack laws you know

Yeah dr carl hart is uh outlined this so so perfectly because it’s the guy that does heroin right yeah yeah he’s amazing he’s a fascinating person but one of the things that he’s said dr hart said like it’s the same physiological effect as cocaine but if you get arrested completely different sentencing structure yeah if you get arrested with crack there’s minimum

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Sentences that they have to put you away for if you get arrested for coke it’s nothing yeah that’s probably the the most galling example i know of of a of a allegedly colorblind law that ends up having a massive disparate impact amount of people of color massive um i’m sure why people do crack too i know why people have done crack but the difference is that has

Infested and destroyed black communities and they know that and so to handle the overwhelming amount of crime instead of addressing it at a root level they just decide to just put everybody in a cage right which is crazy so one difficulty with addressing it is uh you know in a way you made this analogy before of we spend all this money overseas trying to reshape

And rebuild other countries but we don’t spend it at home i think that analogy it works in more ways than one the other way it’s useful is that often when we try to spend monies and reshape these countries you know in the middle east for instance no matter how much money we spend it doesn’t seem to make a lasting impact like we can’t just rebuild the country the

Rebuild the culture of the country by throwing money at it because it’s not that simple um i think that same lesson is is another one of the difficulties with uh creating healthy vibrant communities out of communities that are intergenerational poverty intergenerational violence which is that okay we can get a bunch of government bureaucrats and people outside

The community that want to do good and throw a bunch of money at community programs and so forth but if it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from credible people in the community it may have very little impact you know role models in general are very important but they usually have to come from the place you’re from in order to matter to you right right like me as

A black guy who grew up privileged in the suburbs in in new jersey housing interest you know the average inner city kid looking for a role model to have a better life is not really going to be able to look to me just because we’re the same skin color and say well if he he could do it i could do it right it’s not going to work because i’m not from where he’s from

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In order to feel like you can actually do something most people need a person that is from where they’re from has a similar background to them and nevertheless went on to go to college went on to you know make six figures or somebody’s like when when you see that then it actually can change you for the most part and and um you know i know this guy bob woodson

Who who runs the woodson center and the kind of outreach work that he does it really acknowledges that principle which is he will find people in the community you know former gang members uh pastors at churches and work with them in a way that you know they know the community they feel you know their work feels credible it actually has a much bigger chance of

Of making a difference and this is one challenge with uh getting you know government to sort of throw money at the problem is if they don’t understand that principle i’m often skeptical that interventions are going to work as well as they could i think that’s very accurate and i think there’s an expression from gambling particularly from playing pool like guys

Would try to bet double or nothing like they would lose a bunch of games in a row and they’d maybe be down 200 bucks and i’ll bet you i’ll bet you all of it on one game double or nothing and the expression is you got to get better the same way you got sick like i’m not gonna let you win all your money back that quick why would i do that because all i can do is

If i lose then i don’t have anything now i’m back to zero but if i keep making you bet the same way it’s going to take you hours to win your money back like if i’ve been beating you for five hours and we’re playing you know 100 bucks a set and i’ve got you down six seven eight nine sets and you say all right 900 bucks how about 900 bucks on this game right now

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Like why would i do that it’s gonna i would rather it’s gonna take a long time right i think that sort of thought process kind of applies to fixing these communities i don’t think you’re going to take a place that’s been since 1910 and make it better in five years i think it’s going to take generations sure but i think it’s a valuable thing to invest in and i

Think it should be a thing that should be thought of as i always say it this way so i’ll say it again the if you want to make america great you should have less losers how do you have less losers by giving people a better path by making it so that they don’t feel like from the beginning they’re settled down with uh massive amounts of problems massive amounts of

Unsurmountable issues in their community in their life in their personal life and and the the people that they surround themselves with their friends you’ve got us invest a lot of time and a lot of money and do it with the goal of transforming these places eventually how much time is it going to take we don’t know because we’ve never done it before we’ve never

Done it before the only thing we’ve ever done to a neighborhood is wreck it you know if you look at the worst neighborhoods i mean they’ve gentrified some places and made them but all they’ve really done is like they’ve taken rich neighborhoods and expanded them they didn’t take a poor neighborhood and elevate it it’s a different thing and i think there’s a way

To do it and i think there’s a way to do it but it has to be done in a way like it has to be addressed nash nationally it has to be something that’s sold to the american people like like there’s a lot of the problems that we have with crime and violence and despair and poverty they don’t have to exist

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