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Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman sits down for his first interview following his stroke, L.A. mayoral candidate Rick Caruso claims being Italian makes him non-white, President Biden proposes gig workers be given employee status, Tom Cruise plans to shoot a movie in space, NFL star Davante Adams gets charged with misdemeanor assault, and Fat Bear Week has a cheating scandal. #DailyShow #Comedy

This entertainment news is from out of this world tom cruise is planning to shoot scenes for a new movie from the international space station which good for him he’s finally getting to work a little bit closer to his home planet this is nice this is it’s all about that work-life balance no but seriously people tom cruise stays winning he’s one of the greatest movie

Stars and stuntmen he’s doing things that no one has ever done before just success after success so maybe scientology is right i don’t know i’m just putting it out there i’m just putting it out there in other space news remember how nasa slammed a spaceship into an asteroid to test whether they could change its course well yesterday they officially announced

That it was a success yeah the the asteroid wasn’t actually headed to earth and they hit it and now it is so good work everyone yeah you just kept us dying i’m really i’m not really sure this is all necessary though like to like send a like a vessel up to hit the asteroid you spend all that money like if we honest one immigrant mother could have done the same

Thing just by holding up a slipper that’s all she needed to do just be like come to earth and see what happened come to earth and see what happens yeah that’s right turn around turn that turn that turn that asteroid around in in sports news nfl star devonte adams of the raiders has now been charged with misdemeanor assaults for shoving a sideline photographer on

Monday yeah luckily the photographer was attended to by nfl doctors so he’ll be fine i mean he died but the doctors still getting to play next sunday they said the game must go on all right let’s move on to some of the biggest stories of the day starting off with a major story about the gig economy you know the gig economy the reason your tinder date had to make

A stop to deliver shake shack well over the past decade more and more people have been making a living at jobs where the companies they work for are technically not their employers but now america’s most famous employee might be changing that all right a potential game changer for millions of gig workers the bite administration proposing a new rule that would

Reclassify millions of them as company employees the new rule could have wide-ranging impact on profits at uber lyft doordash and other companies that rely on on contractors with that employee label workers would be eligible for protections like a minimum hourly wage overtime pay jobless benefits and workers comp wow if biden gets this done it’s going to shake up

The world of apps completely because you realize right now the reason delivery and call apps can take in billions of dollars is partly because they don’t technically have employees which is great for them right it’s the same way some people aren’t technically in a relationship but they still get all the benefits yeah they get the sleepovers but then they don’t have

To take care of you when you’re sick you know it’s just like oh i’m sorry you’re not feeling well i guess i’ll see you when you’re ready to smash bye what biden is suggesting is that these companies have to give their workers the benefits that employees would get and i know that you’ll agree with me no one deserves it more than them right because these people

Are hard workers they’re driving everywhere they’re biking they’re delivering they’re taste testing our food before it gets to us this is hard work so this is a big step for a lot of people in the gig economy but don’t forget there are drawbacks to being considered an employee yeah like for instance people singing you happy birthday at work yeah you’ll love it

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Initially but once they start on the how old are you now how old you’ll be like i have health care but at what cost all right let’s move on to some news about the midterms the reason your inbox is now full of emails with the subject line send me four dollars or i’ll kill myself let’s catch up on some of the tightest races in our ongoing coverage of votedemic 2022.

Right now any single senate race in america could determine which party could take control of the senate giving them the power to get nothing done for the next two years and few races are closer right now than the one in pennsylvania on the republican side you have dr oz famous tv doctor and proof that even oprah makes mistakes and on the democratic side you have

John fetterman former lieutenant governor and dude who’s just going off in the marsh pits this race has hinged on a number of issues like crime abortion and the fact that dr oz has only lived in pennsylvania for less than two years which is that even a real pennsylvanian huh has this dude even been in a fist fight in a wawa parking lot yet but now another question

Has begun to take censor stage in the race john fetterman’s health back in may fetterman suffered a stroke and even though he’s been back on the campaign trail he still hasn’t fully recovered and now his first major interview since the stroke has everyone talking can voters trust that you will be able to do this job on day one yeah of course this is pennsylvania

Democratic senate candidate john fetterman’s first in-person sit-down interview since a stroke sidelined him from the campaign trail for months that auditory processing where i’ll hear someone speaking but sometimes they’ll be it’ll be precise on what exactly that they’re saying i use captioning his camp pain required that he’d be allowed to use a transcription

Program on his computer during our interview i always thought i was pretty empathetic uh emphatic i think i was very excuse me empathetic you know that’s an example of instruct empathetic i always thought i was very apathetic before having a stroke but now after having that stroke i really understand you know much more kind of the challenges that americans have

Day in and day out so yeah this interview came out and now obviously you’ve got people on the right saying fetterman forgot a word and he can’t understand speech so he’s not fit for the senate and look this is politics so i get it people will jump on any weakness to give their party an advantage i understand that but let’s be real people if stumbling over a word

Every now and again disqualified you from politics america wouldn’t have had a president for the past six years in fact in fact at least fetterman acknowledged that he messed up the word and he corrected himself wouldn’t have noticed and he would have just negroes man and trump can you imagine trump trump would never even acknowledge that all like trump would

Have tried to convince us that he actually got the word right he’d be like i i always knew that i was emphatic and i was and also empathetic i was emphatically empathetic and so emphatic about being empathetic emphatic about emphysema do we love emphysema folks we love it so much and also as for needing to read captions because he has a troubled understanding of

Speech now i i don’t know is that really a deal breaker huh in fact if you ask me i think america needs more people in politics who actually know how to read maybe that’s just how i see it if anything if anything needing captions is super relatable these days yeah have you tried watching house of dragon without captions it’s impossible i mean half the characters

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Have the same name aegon tell aemon to get renera to warnerys about egon’s dream but don’t tell viserys he’ll gel just serious did you get that no i didn’t i don’t know what that was so look so look i’m not i’m not vouching for fetterman over dr oz or anything like that but i do think this whole debate is veering into the territory of saying that people with

Disabilities cannot be lawmakers which is trash all right especially since america already has disabled lawmakers serving right now shouldn’t be disqualified right dan crenshaw is missing an eye tammy duckworth lost both her legs right and mitch mcconnell he’s literally melting all the time but has he let that hold him back no he gets up every day and he vows to

Keep on working until the moment his face slides right off of his skull wow that’s right every night i tie my skin into a ponytail now even though the sentence is getting the most attention there’s also a heated race for mayor of los angeles where congresswoman karen bass is facing off against real estate tycoon recuruso and in their final debate last night there

Was one moment that got everyone’s attention and it’s when the moderator mentioned that karen bass is a person of color and then rick caruso said uh me too and this question goes for the both of you the next mayor of los angeles will be either an african-american woman or a white man i’m italian italian-american thank you that’s latin thank you you’re not white

You’re latin get the out of here man what is that what is that we all know what this is about right this guy’s running in los angeles so now he’s saying i’m italian which is a latin language so i’m basically latino right and look i’m not i’m not claiming to be an expert but if you tell someone you’re grabbing latin food i think they’ll be pretty pissed off when

You come back with olive garden right we cannot agree on that so i think we can all agree that rick russo is just bullshitting here because i promise you when he gets pulled over by the cops he’s not like hola officer what is the problem senor what’s funny about this whole thing is that when they came to america italians weren’t considered white but then they

Fought for like a hundred years to change that yeah and let’s be honest any debate was definitely over by the time the mario trailer came out last week mario the senate races are heating up the mayoral races are heating up but it turns out even in the animal kingdom my friends elections are being fought tooth and nail an update on fat bear week it’s the popular

Bracket it has been rocked by a big cheating scandal so each year people vote on the beefiest bear in alaska’s cap made katmai national park before hibernation season well the national park tweeted quote like bear stuffed their face with fish our ballot box 2 has been stuck there were thousands of fake votes for bear 747 but even with the fake votes removed 747

Weighed in at 1400 pounds and still won the semi-final round now 7 47 will face off against bear 901 for the final round voting start this morning yes my friends it appears that a voting scandal has tainted the dignity of fat bear week and don’t you dare laugh don’t you laugh if we cannot trust the sanctity of the fat bear vote then what can we trust i honestly

Don’t understand this who would even care enough about a fat bay election to try and cheat and stuff the ballot box who is this person who’s like oh i’ve got to rig this and like why the fattest bear doesn’t get any power if it wins it’s not like a bear is going to win the election and then cut taxes i use my claws to cut the taxes and now for the zoning laws what

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Are you doing and by the way i feel like this story is almost the perfect encapsulation of american culture right because when other countries engaged with nature there’s a reverence you know it’s like the mighty brown bear weary of the coming chill hunkers down for the winter months but with america it’s like look at this chunky boy look at him he’s so chunky

I just want to oh dude oh my god oh he just ate my arm take a picture all right that’s it for the headlines but before we go to a quick break let’s check in on the stock market with our finance expert michael costa everybody michael what is happening in the market today well like a fat bear on a scale i’m crushing it everybody i mean and i got a hot tip for you

All right you gotta have tips i got a hot tip for you but uh before we get into this fat bear week you know here’s a question why are people voting and we have the information from the scale doesn’t that tell us who the fattest bear is am i the only one watching this story we have a scale the scale tells us who the fattest bear is there’s no need to vote okay oh

Officer officer i know your radar gun says i was going 100 but can we just take a vote on this first let’s call it what it is trevor these bears they’re depressed think about it they overeat they sleep for months they always seem upset they freak out when you point a hunting rifle at their cub i mean they’re unhinged dude all right that’s an interesting way to see

Bears let’s talk let’s talk about you know you want to talk about money yeah let’s talk about money trevor uber and lyft now i’m an expert on this topic i actually use uber black trevor because i’m an ally so that’s for you no but but that’s not a joke it’s not a joke look okay let’s look as you can see on this chart after president biden announced that gig workers

Should be considered employees uber and lyft shares have taken a ride of their own okay now this chart also perfectly demonstrates my enjoyment of making conversation with my uber driver okay at the beginning it’s fine you know offers me a man gives me a bottle of water for a baby but look it it starts to drop right here when he asked me to come sit up front oh god

Right and another big drop in value again when he finds out i work at the daily show and asks me if i’m the guy that goes to the trump rallies but look his value increases when i learned it used to be a doctor and i can ask him free medical questions but turns out he’s actually just a chiropractor so he loses all his value but then i find out that he has prescription

Meds in his trunk for me so it goes back up and you know mikey likey okay so now thank you i offered you a hot tip and it’s usually a financial tip but i feel like i have to explain this because it keeps happening to me if you’re my uber driver and i fall asleep in the back seat do not try to wake me up i will bite you okay back to you trevor my brother michael costa everybody

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