Ken Sim elected as the next mayor of Vancouver

Ken Sim, leader of the newly formed centre-right ABC Vancouver party, has won Vancouver’s mayoral race over incumbent Kennedy Stewart by a commanding margin. Sim is the first person of colour to secure the city’s top job.

Believe that we can all work together to reclaim our title of best city in the world vancouver has elected its first chinese canadian vancouver businessman ken sim has won that city’s mayoral race over incumbent kennedy stewart by a commanding margin sim lost to stewart in the last election by fewer than a thousand votes the leader of the newly formed center-right

Abc vancouver party has committed to reducing crime and wait times for building permits we’re joined now by cbc susanna de silva who is in vancouver susanna this victory by ken sim was part of a lot of changes we saw in this year’s municipal elections that’s right there certainly was change in the air last night there were a lot of voters who went out to vote

Yesterday wanting to see a different mayor a different member members of council and they voted that way and those were the results not only did we see the incumbents lose in vancouver and zurich but a number of other municipalities in metro vancouver fraser valley and across the province places like maple ridge langley langley city rather west vancouver white rock

Saanic and that list goes on people were clearly dissatisfied they went out voted that way and sent those incumbent mayors who normally are able to take advantage of being the incumbent of that name recognition that people know who they are when they walk up to that polling station but for a lot of those mayors that did not work in their favor yesterday there were a

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Couple of issues for a lot of them obviously each city has its own particular issues but for a lot it was those mayors who have come in now who are campaigning around crime around issues of policing as well as mayors who went out who are on councils that were maybe seen as not functioning well that maybe they didn’t get along with other council members those mayors

Went out now some some of the ones who have been voted in aren’t quite what maybe some people were expecting i was speaking to a political scientist earlier who talks about the fact that vancouver has moved to a more conservative mayor more conservative party his whole slate got on council while outside of vancouver more progressive candidates have been voted in

And he says this points to a shift in the population and and i think that might be related to demographic changes we’ve seen a lot of young people leave the city moving out into the distant suburbs to find more affordable housing leaving sort of an older guard back in vancouver it wasn’t that long ago that vancouver families used to drive out to the fraser valley

To visit grandma and grandpa and now families are driving into vancouver to visit grandma and grandpa and i think that that may have had an impact on on the electoral outcomes we saw both in vancouver and in the wider lower mainland region and of course that shift is something that will be watched by politicians at all levels of course so shifting demographics

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Can play in at elections on the federal and the provincial level as well okay let’s talk more specifically about vancouver and surrey why did we see changes there yeah in the case of vancouver a lot of it did have to do with crime and the issues around policing a lot of recent random violent attacks on the streets were played up by ken sim the police union here

Broke tradition actually supported him he is promising 100 new police officers 100 new mental health nurses as well to bring back the school liaison officer for the vpd in the school so this was an issue he hammered home throughout this campaign clearly it did resonate with voters he did also talk about the housing issue which is of course a play here very much so

Increasing the speed in which permits can be issued for new developments but crime was one of the issues that did play up quite high in this election and in surrey it was also a case of policing brenda locke has come in promising to stop with previous mayor doug mccallum had started which was transition away from the rcmp to the surrey police service she insists

That that transition can still be stopped there are already officers on the ground for the surry police service but she insists she has spoken to the federal minister already about this issue that there are officers who can be brought back into the rcmp are elsewhere so she insists that that can still happen and will happen of course issues around costs and what

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Exactly that is going to involve are things now she is going to have to deal with she does have a half of council she has a tie-breaking vote on council so that comes into play but for her and for ken simmons all of the other new mayors who’ve made a lot of promises in the campaign of course what begins now is actually turning those things into action okay cbc’s

Susannah dasilva in vancouver thank you

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Ken Sim elected as the next mayor of Vancouver By CBC News