KW Command Video | How to Add a Mortgage Calculator to your Agent Website

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I’m going to show you how to add a mortgage calculator page to your kw now that have been populated and one of them is the mortgage calculator now what website there’s no charge for this calculator hopefully they will third-party applications but for now everybody’s doing this so let’s make a to do open a new tab and you’re gonna type in mortgage calculator org mortgage

Down to full page calculator okay then we’re gonna have some code down here and website and by going down to sites then you’re gonna click on create a new site so click create a new site that button and then on my agent site create page a workaround in the future we believe that we will have the ability to drop in thing and since we don’t have that functioning yet a lot

Of is to drag in this text widget but i’m not going to do that let me tell you why to mobile and so i’m using instead widgets up here that have a centering the people are teaching the text and if you look at the mobile it’s too wide and agent profile your company profile so if we drag in the company profile what bottom right we’re gonna go to configure widgets we’re gonna

Click on company on the contact widget it cuts off and i had to edit it to get it and fixed in you can leave the title in here the way if you want and you can put mortgage then let’s just look at it before we do anything on the bottom so you can see calculator but then it’ll be more mobile-friendly rather than being the in the middle and most people are mobile and then


You’ve got the option to edit this could be you could change these and put your color mortgage in here more you could put download my app and then here you could put latest and greatest example okay and then here you can browse for an image and whatever you me see even apply so i can show you how to work with this so now you can see it kind of informational sections here

And then you can also create a footer let’s see if that’s required so that’s optional so we can just get rid of that section two let’s see if that’s required it looks like it is so let’s see if we number make this your own play with it whatever you think you want to put there done right i mean that’s not fancy but it’s it so you get you have the choice delete all but that

One and leave that here or you can draw use a different work you can just make them your own and gonna click done and you’re gonna click save changes others click yes now this is where people mess up is they automatic have to add it to the menu so what you do you can see all of these are here in to pages and then you’re going to go to the bottom here and click add a page

Domain i like to use dashes between words keep it url friendly their a quick description of what somebody would find if they click through from a much can i afford they find a list of results for mortgage calculators your find out how much your house payment might be using ballen vegas mortgage up on the search engines as a description of the property so then down here go

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To select page now you have to choose whatever page you built my case you can see here i have an instant home value estimate i have a it in from a third-party tool and then mortgage calculator i have about my team so that they’ll be somewhat functional on mobile until this is all mobile homekeeper blog so i’ve got that installed in there and then i’ve got an and widgets i

Also have a video on the how to sell house so here’s how you working on building out those pages if you need help building out your website jeff and paul helvin i’m lori ballen in las vegas

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KW Command Video | How to Add a Mortgage Calculator to your Agent Website By Lori Ballen