Labour: We dont need another round of cuts

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves says Labour does not accept there’s a need for more cuts to public services.

Joining us now for labor is the shadow chancellor blake shelves hello to you mrs thanks for joining us you’ve got your hands full now that they’ve got their app together with jeremy hunt the problem is kay is that so much damage has already been done this was a crisis made in downing street but it is ordinary working people who are paying the price with higher

Mortgage costs and higher borrowing costs and that’s still the same today as it was yesterday before these chaotic zigzagging u-turns but he knows that doesn’t he um and he’s scrapped all of the um almost all of the mini budget and it does look as though he’s going to potentially increase taxes come the 31st of october which is exactly what labor would do isn’t

It the problem is though is that anybody who’s coming off for fixed rate mortgage deal and there’s 1.8 million people in that situation just by the end of next year is looking at paying now 500 pounds a month more on average because of the um the the the problems that the tories have created and any combination of tory prime ministers and chancellors and we’ve now

Seen four conservative chancellors in just four months isn’t going to be able to undo that damage that has been done both with our international standing and with our credibility in financial markets and we’re seeing that today when mortgage rates continue to go up for ordinary working people what would you do you put taxes up well i’ve said and you know okay i’ve

Said this to you on many occasions that the government should expand the windfall tax on the big profits that north sea oil and gas companies are making the government yesterday reduced the amount of support that was available for uh families and businesses with their energy bills but he refused to commit to an expansion of the windfall tax that would help people

With their gas and electricity uh bills i’ve also said that if you make britain your home you should pay your taxes here and that’s why as a labor government we would abolish the non-dom tax status that would bring in 3 billion pounds a year the chancellor yesterday case spoke about eye-wateringly difficult decisions i don’t think it is difficult to ask people who

Make britain their home to pay their taxes here i don’t think that is difficult i don’t think it is difficult to ask oil and gas giants who are making billions and billions of pounds of profit to pay a bit more in tax those are just some of the differences between what an incoming labor government would do compared with what this conservative government is doing

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What about income tax how difficult would it be to put that up well i don’t want income tax to to go up i want taxes on working people to be low which is why um again for all of this year i’ve been saying that increasing national insurance was the wrong priority in the middle of a cost of living crisis to increase taxes on working people and the businesses who

Employ them was a mistake i want to see a fair tax system at the moment though those with the broadest shoulders under the conservatives bear the lightest load and that isn’t by accident that is by the choices of this conservative government not just in the last of 40 days under liz truss’s leadership but the last 12 years of conservative government you’ve also

Said this morning that your pose cuts to the police the nhs and schools um how are you going to balance the books well you know that we so far have no independent forecast from the office for budget responsibility so none of us know the extent of the damage that the conservatives have done to our public finances but the truth is a month ago nobody was talking

About cuts to public spending the only reason that these cuts are now on the agenda is because of the mess that the conservatives have made now you know an arsonist is still an arsonist even when they turn up at the burning building with a bucket of water this conservative government has put the economy up in flames and they are not the people to put out the fire

That is why it’s time for not just another conservative prime minister or another conservative chancellor it’s time for real change and a labor government that would always put a financial stability a fiscal responsibility first with a real plan to grow the economy recognizing that growth and prosperity comes from the efforts of millions of working people and

Thousands of ordinary business is the country obviously is in economic crisis but how much do you think the public appreciates the sort of name-calling that we’ve seen from people like your leader sakia stamba allegedly saying about jeremy hunt if you ever need a sign of a dying government it’s surely the return of jeremy hunt the man who butchered the nhs risen

From his political grave i mean it’s not really appropriate to use that sort of language it’s surely that’s below his eye level well the latest chancellor was one of the key architects of austerity season one and now he comes to the house of commons and says that what is needed to fix the mess that he inherited from his own government is austerity season two well

The truth is austerity season one killed off the economic recovery and now public services are on their knees and the idea that what we need is another round of cuts to essential public services like our health service like our schools and our police forces i just do not accept that and the only reason where we are in this position today is because the damage that

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The conservatives have caused we don’t need any more damage we need the government now that puts economic stability respect for economic institutions and growing our economy through the efforts of millions of working people first the conservatives cannot fix the damage that they’ve done it’s time for real change yeah but you know you talked about windfall taxes i

Mean jeremy hunt um has not ruled out to win full tax he says i am not against the principle of taxing profits that are genuine windfalls nothing’s off the table we’ll get on with it i’ve been saying for months and months that the government should expand the windfall tax but what the government keep doing is borrowing more money adding to the national debt and

Failing to support families and pensioners in the way that is absolutely needed during a cost of living crisis so you know to be honest i think many of us are sick and tired of uh words what we need is action to help people with the cost of living crisis to restore economic and financial uh stability and also a real plan to grow the economy you know i’ve set out

Labor’s green prosperity plan to invest in tidal in new nuclear in floating offshore winds and carbon capture and storage and modern industrial strategy to work in partnership with businesses reforming the outdated business rate system to help our small businesses and high streets to thrive a real plan for growth and prosperity in all parts of the country not just

A failed trickle-down economics of the conservatives talk to me about coordinated strike action a general strike this winter is that something that labor supports i don’t want to see a general strike but i do understand why working people when they are faced with the inflation that we see today or when they are faced with the the increases in mortgage rates that

Families and working people whether they work in the public or the private sector are facing i can understand why people are standing up for their rights and demanding higher pay we didn’t see this sort of industrial action under the last labor government because the last labor government respected ordinary working people and worked with those industries and also

With those trade unions to resolve industrial disputes rather than fanning the flames of them so instead of fanning the flames i would urge the government ministers to get around the table with those industries and with those trade unions to resolve these problems because at the moment we’ve got working people who are struggling with the rising cost of living and

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We’ve also got working people who rely on those essential services who are struggling to get to work and so you know we’ve got to resolve this rather then the government just seeing this as another issue to divide people rather than trying to bring the country together what do you make of um secure backing tom watson for a peerage i’ve got a lot of time for uh

Tom watson he was deputy leader of the labor party i think he’s got an important contribution uh to make i also welcome the appointment of my old colleague ruth smeeve to the house of um lords she was a fantastic member of parliament but she also faced a lot of abuse as a member of parliament and as a labor member at parliament for being a jewish woman and kia’s

Efforts to stamp out anti-semitism in the labor party i think is one of the things that he deserves most credit and respect for because anti-semitism and racism was a stain on the labor party kia’s first priority when he became leader of the labor party was to root that out he has done that and i think it is wonderful that ruth smith will now be back in parliament

As a baroness in the house of lords interesting that you use the word stain it’s the same word that lord lamont has used saying it’s a stain on the house of lords to give tom watson a life period is it acceptable that someone who supported false claims about a pedophile ring within westminster is being rewarded in this way well norman lamont of course was the last

Chancellor to crush the economy with uh black wednesday uh well i think it is an important point because you know he was the last chancellor who destroyed britain’s economic credibility and saw mortgage rates go through uh the roof look yeah beach ruin people’s lives and tom watson supported him well look you know tom watson has made a number of contributions he

Was wrong on that uh that issue uh but he has made many contributions as a parliamentarian as deputy leader of the labor party and uh he’s been rewarded with a position now in the house of lords but you know i’m not going to take any lessons from uh lord lamont the man who previously crushed our economy i can’t believe that the one day that you come into westminster

And i’m here in downing street who knows you might be behind the door of number 11 before too long let’s wait and see it’s good to see you as always thank you

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