Learn from the Best in the World with These Tips for your Golf Game

Elevate your golf game by learning from the players at the PGA Championship. PGA Coach Gavin Parker has the takeaways from Southern Hills that will improve your golf swing.

To hit that wedge shot like brian harmon just did there’s a few tips that you want to make sure you’re focusing on for me i’m going to make sure that as i’m swinging i’m steadying that swivel i want to make sure on the way through i’m dripping a little bit of water out of my trail here and when it goes to hitting the shot there’s no need to have a follow-through

That’s all the way over your head it’s okay to kind of saw it off a little bit we’re gonna put all those things together it’s gonna look something like this bunker shots can be a little tricky to get out the bunker like our man ricky did the first thing you want to do is settle into the sand you want to get a really solid foundation then when you’re

Taking your setup you want to have the club closer to your body nice and tight that way when you’re swinging it gives you the best opportunity to return the club to the same place it was at a dress oh and by the way don’t be afraid to splash that sand we’re going to give it a try and let’s see how it comes together early in roy mcelroy’s second round he

Found himself in the trees if you ever find yourself in the trees here’s something you want to try out the first thing you want to do is you want to choke up on the golf club so you have more control you then want to put the ball in the back of your stance to keep your ball flight lower and then when it’s time to actually swing it you want to swing hard but

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Stop quick that’s going to make sure you don’t decelerate it’s going to look something like this tough shots out of the rough no wonder will zola taurus is amongst the leaders going into the final round here’s a little tip when you have that buried lie first thing you’re going to want to do is leave that high lofted club in the golf bag grab a pitching

Wedge or a 50 degree once you do that you’re going to take your golf club you’re going to spin the face open from there you’re going to take your lie angle and increase it a little bit then when it comes to the shot you want to take the toe and get it under the surface of the golf ball i know you don’t miss a lot of green but if you ever miss a green and

You want to hit that pitch and run like our boy joaquin neiman this is how you’re going to perfect this shot you want to start off with a 9-iron or a pitching wedge you want to have it in the back of your stance in fact you want to have your handle slightly in front of the golf ball not too far in front because then it’s going to dig into the ground then

When it comes to hitting the shot you want to make sure that on your follow through the butt of the club is in line with your belly let’s put it all together right here like our man willie z just showed us you don’t have to take a drop when you’re on the cart path you can play it from here when you’re gonna hit this shot it’s really important that you

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Have the ball in the middle of your stance then when it’s time to actually hit it keep the club head under your hand you also want to maintain constant motion on the way back and the way through oh and don’t forget pick it clean not once but twice on the 18th hole justin thomas hit clutch shots when you’re nervous and you want to hit that key shot

To get it on the green the first thing you want to do is take a nice deep breath through your nose hold it for a few seconds and then let it out then when you’re actually over the golf ball don’t stand still add a little bit of motion and then you’re gonna look at the target and as soon as your eyes get back to the ball start your swing to guarantee that

You get good solid contact take your lead shoulder make sure you turn it behind your trail knee

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Learn from the Best in the World with These Tips for your Golf Game By PGA Championship