Let Car Get Repossessed?

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Chris is with us chris is in pittsburgh how are you chris i’m good and how are you better than i deserve what’s up so i recently came into a very difficult financial decision i uh i own a buick enclave i still owe about seventeen thousand dollars on and now i moved to south carolina from pennsylvania but a lot more miles on it i thought and in return obviously i

Was upside down on the lurmen when i moved back to pennsylvania i got back up here and the engine went in the car and there again you giving me a quote about $8,000 for place the engine who’s giving you a world of $8,000 for an engine yeah well that’s the engine that r is r it’s a new engine with 100,000 mile warranty for the other options from buick ah yes this

Is the highest possible place on the freakin planet to buy an engine no you don’t put that engine in that car not a millionaire and i’m more than capable of putting an engine in the car but it’s good you know from when i priced them out they’re still about five thousand dollars to put it in no there’s a jasper rebuilds not going to be that much for that car not if

You can turn a wrench and drop that thing in there you’re going to be half that i maybe maybe not have that but i mean this is just i mean what do you make a year i currently it just recently got another job we moved back up to pennsylvania i’m making about a seventy thousand dollars a year good how’d you blow the engine on a car this new so apparently they have

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Timing chain issues the timing came stretched it’s about 20,000 miles oliver extended warranty i bought a model lock huh so it’s a timing change all the sauter you blew it because the timing chain was out yeah because of the timing chain stretched or not and from the timing chain stretching it went out of timing and it’s a type of engine that when it goes out of

Timing it blows the ends out right yeah they will if you run it hard enough with that okay all right okay so you’re going to drop i rebuilt something like a rebuilt jasper i’m giving jasper a dadgum hat here but there’s people out there that do rebuild or drop in a used engine out of a junk yard exactly and you know the issue without is it eventually it will most

Likely have a mission i’m not saying you’re keeping the car but you can’t sell it the way it is you’re you’re going to be so far upside down you will be able to breathe so the things worth sounded right making payments on the product why i just recently got another rodgers recently got this other job and i wasn’t sure what i was going to do with it so i mean i’m

Not only probably two months behind that are now so you think repo is a plan because you blew your engine that’s kind of what i was going for ah and how’s that going to work out for you well i would actually i’m just going to make him a lump sum settlement so iso 17,000 on it i have about thirteen thousand in cash that if i made a lump sum settlement to get out

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From underneath the car then you buy another car but you seem to think or to think buick owes you something here well i’m paying further for an engine to go a little over one hundred thousand miles they i mean i think that they should do something but buick isn’t doing anything but off i like financial may allied financial didn’t didn’t put the engine in the car

I’ll tell you what i lied financials going to do they’re going to sue your but that’s what they’re going to do they’re going to laugh at you for your little plan and they’re going to sue your but after they repo you so you’re going to lawsuit a repo destroyed credit all because no dude this is really a stupid but plan no absolutely do not do this no but imagine if

You put an engine in it and sell the car and write a check for the difference and that way you don’t destroy your credit over this this is your responsibility you’re going to get eaten alive man the legal system doesn’t doesn’t abide you just feeling like you were inconvenienced by buick they don’t go along with that you signed a document called a loan contract

That you will get sued on with allied and so no absolutely no no no no no no no i’ll put a used engine in it sell the car write a check for whatever you’re in the hole after the engine is repaired you can’t sell it the way it is because it’s not worth anything is worth salvage like it since with no engineering so put a used engine in it tell the buyer what they’re

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Getting and make the loss on the car that way write a check for the difference and get out of dodge in this case get out of buick this is the dave ramsey show hey guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video click the subscribe button to get the latest content and check out these other great clips from the show

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