Loan Calculator in PHP

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Hi there everyone welcome to my channel and in this tutorial video we will create loan calculator using php programming language before we continue guys i would like to say thank you very much to all my subscribers if you are new with my channel and then you like this video please click the like button click the notification bell select all so that you will be

Notified with manually uploaded video and don’t forget to share and and please support me channel by clicking the subscribe button so let’s get started in every business particularly people who are does not have enough money most of the time they will loan so companies should have a way or a method to make the computation of the loan interest much faster and

Efficient in this tutorial video we will create a very simple loan calculator for small business using php so here in my sublime text editor we have here the doctype html we have here the title loan calculator in php and then we have here the post format post and then this is the body of our page which will perform computation so amount in a dollar amount

Equals the interest and the score rate equals per year equals null so does not have any value at all so dollar total interest equals a dollar total underscore payable equals dollar monthly underscore payable equals to zero we initialized all the variables here to zero if you ask me what is the main reason why we initialize the variables to zero is that when


We are writing a program there are some instances the or scenario that if we failed to initialize a variable in our program especially integer during the execution or running time of our program it gives us a wrong or erroneous result so that’s why it is a good programming habit to initialize your variables to zero next we have here if conditional statement i

Said if the user press the compute button so we have your dollar amount dollar underscore post amount dollar interest under uh rate underscore rate post interest rate for the period which refers to number of months dollar period equals dollar and the score post period so dollar total underscore interest equals dollar amount multiplied dollar interest underscore

Rate slash 100 close parenthesis multiply by period and then we have here dollar total underscore payable equals dollar total underscore interest plus amount for total amount and then for the month monthly payable we have your dollar monthly underscore payable equals dollar total and scorpio ball plus period okay so we have here the form that will be accepting

Uh text we have here the amount and then we will display here shorthand for in page pay and then amount in the name interest rate and then period and then we appear the bottom so it will display here we are using number underscore format dollar amount comma total to decimal places total interest total payable monthly payable close we have closed the form body

In html we have overall 34 lines of codes here don’t worry guys because i will put a link in the description below where you can download the complete and free program listing in my websites okay so we have to okay we have here in the ui you know of our browser i’m using mozilla fire oh no opera no as my browser so loan calculator in php the ui is very simple

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Very straightforward guys okay so let’s say we have here five thousand five thousand pesos interest rate let’s say we have five how many months we have to pay let’s say we have four months when we click the compute button loan amount is five thousand interest is one thousand pesos total is six thousand five thousand plus one thousand six thousand so before

So because all we have the payment is four months so we divide so so we have here a calculator so we we try not to make the computation for you know so six thousand in pesos divide by four so that’s why we have one thousand five hundred so the user or the customer will pay 1400 500 for four months okay so another example let’s say we change this to twelve

Thousand interest rate ten percent how many months let’s say we have six months compute okay so total amount being loaned is twelve thousand pesos total interest seven thousand two hundred people is nineteen thousand of the total amount is nineteen thousand two hundred pesos so people is three thousand two hundred for six months so six months multiply by three

Thousand two hundred you can have no the nineteen thousand two hundred okay so that’s it guys this is the end of our tutorial video i hope that you have learned something new i will put a link in the description below as i mentioned before so that you can download the complete and free program listing thank you so much for watching don’t forget to like share

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And then if you are new with my channel please support guys by subscribing your support is highly appreciated thank you very much this is your friend jake seeing see you in the next video tutorial guys bye bye for now

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Loan Calculator in PHP By Jake Pomperada