Local Collector Tries to Sell 1,400 Comics! What Would You Pay?

In this video we go check out a local Florida collection from a collector who reached out to us over email! He invites us to his home and shows us through the whole collection. We show you all the raw and slabbed books he has in the collection. Do you think we picked it up or not?!

Going on everybody it’s angela over here at the comics den i hope you guys are having a wonderful day mike had emailed us actually on yours and then he’s looking to sell he let us know there was about like 1400 books and he’s looking for around like fourteen hundred dollars hopefully we can get the deal done today we’re about two hours away right now so i hope you

Guys enjoy this video don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button and leave a comment down below we’ll bring you guys back once we get to mike’s house we just got here just got to mike’s so let’s head on in and meet him really excited to check out the collection no pleasure hey here’s angelo it’s a pleasure pleasure mike yes let’s be filthy uh come this way guys

Let’s see our sanctuary flower garden little desert scene oh well i bet you read a lot of comics back here huh why don’t i actually read comics anymore i kind of onto other things but this is a beach this is my muscle beach you guys will be looking at here in just a little bit oh check it out oh my god i didn’t even notice this whether you buy or not that’s for

You sarah so you can pack in a few comics oh thank you so much i think you enjoy it i got some sweets some sweet stuff my wife is a little down today and this i’m selling this to get a little something for her oh wow look at all these books okay let’s start here let’s start here yeah it’s an early one and that’s uh got the king in it and there’s two yeah there’s a

World team up falcons a lot of team-ops yeah yeah this is a nice set here yeah some nice team ups i like this one too the cloak and dagger there’s another tank yeah that is a sick one these are all pretty solid shapes yeah they all are in nice condition too yeah there we go oh and then you got the team with spider-man daredevil that’s fun and then you get a silver

Sable first silver sable yep first wow that’s a clean copy too nice copy 265 first appearance of silver stable first appearance the gleason covers you got uh oh wow that’s nice oh yeah see we’re craving oh nice amazing spider-man here these are some nice asm issues oh wow yeah issue 260 259 consecutive i lord some black suit puma that one’s nice too that’s a cool

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Cover yeah these are 100 in order yeah that’s all right these are full yeah it’s a good one that’s a nice idea sunset black suit spidey that’s a fun one with moon nine punisher oh that’s a co-variant yeah it’s a nice variant some of the gang yeah oh that’s a great one right 22. the spectacular spider-man is spiderman one of your favorites it is my favorite that’s

What i really dug when i was a kid that’s awesome it has a mixture of older than new it’s pretty awesome yeah i love it a little peppered i like that the web is funny a foil foil i love the spider web foil my favorite fabio cover oh that was oh another one go back to that other one this one that’s uh miles moral that’s 9.8 spiderman one yeah that’s right and this

Is where they first meet very cool i like that one and these are some nice uncannies oh yeah then there’s this kitty pride cover and then that’s the first appearance of caliban yeah the dominator junior 300. 00 i’ve seen them so much yes i learned that’s a good one i still can’t know it all i feel like i learned something new every time oh great on candy eggs too

Oh that’s a cool one new stand copy on that top 54. oh i like that one with the venom the keith issues oh yeah look at that same keith oh those are yeah these are so awesome that one’s so cool yeah these are great they’re keith cover this is a vance kelly that’s a one in 300 that’s they only made so many of those so when that movie comes out that’s gonna be a hot

One this is a gold foil i wish i’d get a candle to sign that he comes over every so often there’s some chicken but yeah yeah it’s kind of sloppy so i should quit inviting oh well look at the wolverine one yeah where do you see this one mystery box and i don’t usually go for those but i went for this because they had a 181 that’s a grand prize yeah i thought i’m

Getting that i’m gonna get that 181 well i did it but i got this which is very cool marble rising it’s a variant yeah some people are trying to sell them for 450 of them yeah on ebay that’s a very unique spider gwen and she’s really popular these are like twenty dollars each when i got them but they’re they’re just really neat i don’t think i’ve ever seen that i

Know i don’t think i’ve ever seen these either it’s an annual oh yeah one through four came back an eight and that’s when the new goes but well i’ve taken this to comic book places and they said that should be a nine plus but i never pressed any of these if i depressed that yeah i think you could probably bump that hey bob brought up into 9-2 i bet that is a sick

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Book here’s the oh yeah the two three and four this is such a great limited series very nice conditions too well that black one the black one’s always hard to get without the spine takes up and these aren’t the one these are the facts emily paper girls nine six agents this is really cool oh and some tmnt yeah look at that that’s great beautiful the back of the

Van yeah oh yeah that is cool 9.8 that’s a supergirl the flash yeah oh those are cool that’s the um that’s the punch line think right is that the first question i don’t think so i think so but it’s the third print uh i’m pretty sure it’s the third print yeah look at all these books we’ve got some nice cgcs some tmnt some dc wow and they’re all in really nice shape

The variants are beautiful too nice dc’s there’s 1352 1350 books so it’s pretty much about a like a dollar a book yeah look at all these this right here is awesome yeah so one through five complete that is a sick hey check this out a little submarine one three four black panther’s coming out soon yeah first appearance of angela on issue nine that’s a pretty good

Yeah there’s your darth kind of popular and then some early star wars and then nice little collection oh cool cool some parts for any people in your family might like oh yeah we have a secret wars too the moon night yeah this is a nice variety though somewhere that crisis yeah and then you got the number one number one yeah oh there you go that’s a nice one yeah

Yeah these are just beautiful covers yeah i love this yeah the fine art variants are really nice oh yeah this one’s really nice too oh that’s a cool oh yeah that one’s called star fox oh there you go i think that’s the first appearance of bane’s daughter if i’m not mistaken oh there you go black adam yeah the lenticular batman detective batman 96 oh that’s another

Cool one too i think that’s a little bit of a key in there too detective 1000 variants you got two face these detectives are sick yeah those are really fun that looks like frank miller yeah frank miller oh yeah these batmans are great so some of these are like recent ones yeah oh yeah but you’ve been collecting yeah those are the cool reprints you got four shuri

Number one that’s a nice green area yeah and oh there’s venom number two agent anti-venom you have 67 79 that’s a pretty classic one two and 56. great silver surfer covers another screen some gi joe reptile number one ren and stimpy oh that’s cool red sonja is it the first legion yeah 24. that’s cool second print oh there you go that’s a cool one though with moon

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Knight that’s the first appearance of hunter’s moon the complete iceman set limited series and then we got some tony stark variants that’s number one oh wow that is funny that’s cool oh that’s god country number one it’s gonna be a project down the road that should be really good yeah oh really yeah that’s number one the kitty prize i like it well yeah i would

Say i mean you definitely have a nice collection here all right so we’re over here looking everything over just taking a couple minutes so the thing with this collection that’s so awesome is the slabs you really have to take into account the price of the slabs before you start going through the other stuff so that’s what we’re trying to do right now just kind of

Figure out what the slabs are worth i figure on the low end some of these are probably like 60 bucks a piece but a lot of them are like hundred dollars eighty dollar book they might be more depending like stuff like this is obviously a little bit more so you know if each slab is worth about you know say a hundred dollars one two three four five six seven was there

Nine of them yeah nine five so nine hundred dollars say there’s 700 bucks in slabs that means for 1400 you’re paying 700 yeah for all the for the rest of the raw books which is one two three four five six short boxes yes six short boxes the other thing is three long boxes yeah six short boxes and three long boxes the other thing is this spider-man box is really

Nice so i’m gonna do you another solid too because i picked this up not too long ago and so your uh viewers could know you’re getting the deal i’ve got a guitar and they’re in my own oh wow that’s awesome i love it that’s awesome that’s the esteban an s1 guitar or the new elvis the new elvis oh when you hit it big time she always said yeah so it becomes a star

Put everything together now load it up in the car so you guys have to comment down below let us know for 1400 bucks you think we got a good deal car is loaded up got all the short boxes in here definitely got a good amount of exciting got everything inside we’re gonna end the video out here hope you guys enjoyed awesome having you guys thank you so much thank you

Comment down below let us know what you thought of the collection and we’ll see in the next video see you later guys foreign

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