L&S Home Improvements – Website Review

How to increase your online presence with these few tips and tricks!

Hi adam and angela and everyone with l s home improvements my name is christian i’m with rin gen seo local digital marketing agency just wanted to shoot this quick video for you give you guys some free tips and tricks on how you can increase your online presence on your own contrary to popular belief your website can actually bring you leads in and of itself without

Paying outside services like homeadvisor and angie’s list and the leads that come through your website are going to be exclusive to you so they’re they’re not going to be sent out to three or four different contractors um moving forward uh the three things we’re going to talk about today content citations and backlinks the first being content google loves content

Content is king in the eyes of google the more content you have the better but content isn’t just the words on your website it’s also um the photos and what’s behind the photos and how the photos are saved and alt tags and meta descriptions and site titles so on and so forth and so the thing to remember is any page you’re trying to rank you want to have 1500

Words so if we go to your roof installation page here um kind of short and sweet to the point but we do not have that much volume of content okay that’s going to help you out dramatically to make sure to have 1500 words let’s go over to your siding kind of looks like you guys are roofers ciders a little bit of everything siding page um short and sweet again

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But not that much content so i would highly recommend going into any of these pages that are important to you and making sure to have 1500 words so definitely going to help um and then just make sure also that your photos are all saved uh with the correct content and the correct size and stuff like that very important um next is citations so what a citation is

Is anywhere on the web that your business name address and phone number is listed in various directories uh these directories would include facebook instagram twitter better business bureau yellow pages yelp uh chamber of commerce just to name a few these are going to give you citations the more citations you have the higher up you’re going to rank in this map

Pack for the various buyer intent keywords as you can see i typed in construction companies warren michigan we got angelo we got mike’s and we got tilly so you guys aren’t here this is where you want to be if not you at least want to be on the first page and so um this has to do with citations the next thing is i have your google my business page pulled up so

A couple things i want to point out congratulations on the reviews um 90 reviews with a 4.9 uh definitely something to be proud of so keep up the good work on that um nothing to complain that’s super good something to be proud of you got your address your hours and your phone uh so you do have a completed profile uh the only other thing i’d like to mention is that

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We recommend having no less than 10 photos it looks like you guys have exactly 10 so you’re doing good there just make sure that all your photos are saved the right way as buyer intent keywords and then and that should help your google my business page as well and then the last thing we’re going to talk about today is backlinks so what a backlink is is anywhere

On the internet that lnshomeimprovements.com is at you guys actually have 68 backlinks from 19 referring domains but if you notice your domain rating is only a 1.9 and that’s a 1.9 out of 100 so a lot of room to grow in this area the thing to keep in mind is that not all backlinks are created equal and so you want to make sure you’re getting your backlinks from

Sites that are relevant to the trade uh and sites that aren’t spammy with 68 backlinks the good thing is that you only have 68 to go through but you’re definitely going to want to remove the backlinks that are coming from spammy sites that aren’t relevant to the trade domain rating is kind of the same as like um power and visibility so the more backlinks you

Have the more power your website’s going to have and the and the more visible you’re going to be to the world and that’s the same with the content the more content you have the search engines are going to pick up um that you’re providing value to the consumer being me and people who you know want home improvement work done and so they’re going to it’s going to

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Rank you based on that because they want to bring value to and so that’s where the 1500 words come in uh and then just make sure you save your photos as these buyer intent keywords as we talked about um and then 1500 words citations and get yourself some more backlinks uh just make sure you get them from the right place so if you have any questions or comments

Feedback feel free to get in touch with us i hope this video finds you well and thank you very much for watching

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L&S Home Improvements – Website Review By Freedom LEADS