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Which means that today and then this time   try it out and use it to your advantage   today’s method is going to pay you real money  into your paypal account you’re not gonna have   you’re not gonna have to promote anything   facebook or literally any other platform   mentioned our method for today is going to

Be   that is why i know that you guys are gonna   this entire video until the very last second   of it to know everything that you need to know  what’s up everybody and welcome back to the  money shark channel we post new and exciting   sure that you like this video and subscribe to   our youtube channel if you

Haven’t already and  make sure to hit that notification bell to be   notified every time we have a new video up so you  can be the first to know and try it out as i have   told you guys earlier you are going to be paid in  paypal by today’s platform so we’re gonna start by   going to and actually creating a paypal 

Account now as we all know and can’t see paypal   actually works in 200 countries which is why we  are pretty sure that it is definitely gonna work   in your country as well now our next in our main  platform is of course google and as we’ve just   mentioned we are gonna be getting paid today just  by using a very simple and brand

New google trick   so what we want you to do is actually go to google  and then you’re gonna be searching up things just   landscapes nature and whatnot and all you want   to do is find like really good looking photos  and this is the thing you’re gonna want them in   like a lot of different sizes so you’re gonna want 

Photos that are all very different from each other   and later on we’re gonna explain how this makes  sense as soon as we reached our third website so   in this case okay we’re gonna look for cute cats  okay now before you’re gonna download a photo   you’re gonna have to click on the tool button  right here then you’re gonna see

Usage correct   and you’re gonna click on that and then you’re  gonna select creative comments now as some of you   might have already guessed it this google trick  that we were talking about this is it okay it’s   done that a lot of people know about and that  is what it does is that it actually gives you   permission

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To use any of the photos really so if  you download the photos and use them they’re going   to be taken down for violating copyright but now  you can actually use any of the photos under this   certain filter that we just taught you you’re  completely free and from there all you need to   do is find a nice looking photo and find

Your  best pick right click on it and then click on   save images and after that you should look for  something different so if you save like a cute   cat photo you’re gonna then look for another photo  go through the same process saving the images and   to it until you have like 10 images or maybe five  images and with like

Very unrelated like concepts   to want to make your way over to the platform   now we’ve mentioned it like a lot of times this  is our platform that is really going to pass okay   if you guys want to know how you can make even  more money online over a thousand dollars every   single day make sure you check our description

Box  down below i’m sure you guys are gonna love what   you’re gonna find i also want you guys to answer  this question in the comments down below what are   you gonna do when you earn your first 400 with  this strategy i’m just curious and while you’re   at it include what country you come from and maybe  what other videos

You’d like to see in the future   forward our website is called   and you’re actually gonna see that this website  pays you to share sign up and get paid for your   content your content is those photos that you  actually found on google that are free of use   and you didn’t even have to take them yourself 

So this is how it’s gonna work okay you’re going   to pass or submit an image to this website and  every time someone is going to view it they are   going to notice a few ads on the side of the image  maybe and the website is actually gonna portion   the ad revenue with you the person who uploaded  that photo now we are assuming

That most of you   watching today’s video it’s either you don’t have  a camera or you don’t really know how to take any   photos right and simply just taking the photos  yourself it would definitely be a better choice   and you have no problem with copyright but   then again you are probably watching this because  you

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Want to earn money you’re not a photographer   yada yada right so as we previously stated this  platform has been around for a long time and it   wasn’t really trendy or in back then but for some  reason recently it just like boomed and bloomed   and as we’ve mentioned in the introduction it now  receives like a million visitors

And we also like   remember that it paid very much less money before  per image uploaded and but now it already pays you   70 cents now this used to only pay out 15 cents  now you may think so many sounds is not a lot   of money but trust me once accumulated literally  if a hundred people actually look at your photo  

That’s almost 70 dollars passively and the website  it gets a lot of millions and millions of visitors   so you’re definitely gonna get a decent amount of  views and that means a decent amount of money as   well so now is definitely the time that you try  it out so you can really make the most out of it   suggest that you give me

A two thumbs up   before the video ends later on so that although  you reached this part of the video and subscribe   family now let’s get back into the video   information about payment on this page right   here now as you can see that the minimum payout  is 15 now it’s not the lowest pamp but it’s not   website

We’re going to show you the numbers   that are available on the platform now we’ve shown  it a lot of times it’s called similar web and as   you can see last month click a snap got nearly  2.3 million physics you’re gonna see that the   website has like a lot of visitors in the past six  months the site already got 350 000 visits

Just in   january 2020 which was not even so long ago this  already increased to 2.7 million in the month of   february and right now we are at 2.3 million so as  we mentioned the site is literally still growing   from when it’s already grown right which means  really today is the best time than ever so make   sure

That you really try this out alright now you  can still make thousands like of dollars on this   website even though you think 70 cents is not a  lot but trust us you just have to try it yourself   and you’re gonna be blown away like and subscribe  before going any further because it really   helps the channel also don’t forget

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To hit that  notification bell so that you’ll be kept updated   on all of our videos and we promise you you won’t  regret it you can also maybe comment down below   you guys are loving so far about today’s video so  we can read through them and maybe even respond to   some now let’s proceed you’re gonna earn like more  than

Ten thousand dollars a month without a doubt   anyway going back to click snap okay what you’re  gonna do is to sign up okay for free and from   there you can actually sign up through or using  your facebook your google your twitter or you can   just sign up you’re using your email and enter  in your email address then you’re

Gonna create   an account by entering the username your password  agreeing to the term and as soon as you’re done   there’s one catch that you have to remember it’s  not free uh if this site which is equivalent to   just under three dollars per month okay you two  pounds which is equal to three dollars per month  

Literally you’re gonna earn from that now many   of you might be a little saddened by this news but  just imagine you pay as little as three dollars   and you can simply use google to upload 10 images  every single day or even more and once you’ve like   gathered and collected a few like dozen images  you’re gonna be able to make

Thousands of dollars   passively because a lot of people are literally  discovering this website every single day   viewed like years months after they’re uploaded   such a great opportunity for you guys if you   to you anymore but that’s basically what   like it and we’ll see you in the next one   if there’s

Nothing else then thank you guys so  much for watching today’s video we finally hit 60   000 subscribers thank you guys so much for all  of your support and our next goal is 70 000 so   make sure that you like subscribe and hit that  notification bell so you won’t miss a single video   because it would be a total bummer if you

Missed  anything at all we hope you guys enjoyed today’s   video we can’t wait to make more and we will see  you in the next one have a great rest of the week

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