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What’s up people my name is jack welcome back to another video today we’re gonna be talking about make lots of money editing videos online how to make lots of money editing videos online now first off it technically depends on what lots of money is to you because there’s definitely ways to make a lot of more money um than freelancing on the internet but freelancing

Is a very controllable way to uh one you know sort of be your own boss but two make money on your own terms you know wake up today make however sort of much money you could sort of drum up like it’s it is case-by-case basis is uh is down to you but i recently launched the coaching program and the methods that i’m going to teach you guys today are the basics of

What i’m breaking out of my coaching clients and more or less almost everybody in my coaching program let’s say about 60 to 70 percent um is on track to not only make back the money they paid me for the coaching but you know make a lot more i mean we got a couple success stories in there like they’re making four or five times the amount back that they pay me um

But the average is about 60 70 of them are all gonna make their money back plus a little bit more obviously we got a couple people who i gotta work a little bit better with but games the game um today i’m basically gonna distill down to you guys the the lessons that i’ve taught them and the basics now freelancing is something that’s actually very very very simple

Like i guess it’s easy for me to say that looking back to be honest based on the fact that i had a extensive three plus plus year remote freelancing career now i’m still in the freelance game i got active freelance projects right now but i’m more in the referrals game now where i work with people in person and that’s sort of i got that work from being passed on

From a previous client that i also worked with in person opposed to the heavy remote freelancing game which is what i’m going to be referring to today based on the fact that i sort of know that the best i had three plus years in the game made hundreds of freelance videos we’re revisiting it today and uh we’re gonna be talking about it first though a word from our

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For your grandma and uh without further ado let’s get back to it so i’m gonna present to you guys the basic strategy that i am uh you know sort of helping my coaching clients understand and been getting results from my coaching clients that three-step plan is very very basic it’s very very simple hear me out all right i’ll i’ll break it down to you and then well

I’ll list it to you then i’ll break it down so one position yourself correctly two stand out from the competition and three aggressively chase opportunity these three things are what i’ve been putting in front of my clients and um basically these three things have propelled some of my clients to success especially the standing out from the competition one this

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Will make more sense so number one put yourself in all the necessary places you need to be by by position yourself correctly i mean put yourself in the places where the work is i’m going to do this this is going to be the quickest one because it’s the most no-brainer one but to my new freelancers put yourself in the right position for me the absolute best place

To go to is upwork alternatively you could go to twitter you could type in i need a video editor to twitter boom you start filtering through i know a lot of guys to this day that are having great success doing that um also you could go direct to youtubers or brands through email youtubers super easy they’re all making money off advertisements uh you

Know ad revenue i speak from experience so they have cash flow which means they can you know sort of justify hiring an editor and it’s super easy to get in contact with them you go to their about section you find the little business email whatever boom you send them an email then it’s up to you based on your copywriting skills and your overall proposal writing

Skills whether you convert them or not but if you send enough emails someone will probably convert this is my experience right um and you know those are a couple different methods i’d advise you guys go straight to upwork biggest freelancer marketplace in the internet it’s a little bit competitive obviously based on the fact that everybody goes there

But it still has the most opportunity and using step number two which i’m gonna break down now you can do amazing there and all my coaching clients most of them at least are doing pretty amazing using up work uh based on this thing right here which is stand out from the competition every single one of my coaching clients every single one of them i get on a call

With them and none of them have a sort of specialized approach right it’s always just sort of like a standard approach now what i mean by standard approach is you’re just sending like a big wall of text a big proposal like you know trying to you know pitch the client over text form and the biggest most pivotal thing um that i do with my coaching clients is i have

Them create a a video intro or a show reel right this is massive right here because what this does is it enables you to send one link to a client when you’re pitching a client um and you’re applying to a job you send one link and you sort of say hey what’s up you know i think i’d be great for this job uh you know here’s my video intro showreel to get a little

Bit more of an idea of the stuff i can do boom you you pass it off in the message to the client and make them click that link and when they click that link that is a one to one and a half minute pitch video ideally if you’re like me or you have a little bit of the of the talking ability you just you just pitch them while talking right however i’ve got some you

Know some clients as well who don’t necessarily uh gravitate to that articulation uh basically they’re not really great at articulating themselves so what i do with them is we just create a show reel right just like a real nice bang bang bang highlight reel basically um with some nice titles to sort of like break down the specific stuff they’ve done etc but

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What this does is it creates instead of like a whole bunch of links that you’re sending just one dedicated amazing piece of content the video intro is absolutely the best thing where you sit down and you actually talk to them for a minute like hey what’s up guys i’m jack i’m a freelancer i’m a video editor i’m a videographer i’d love to boo-boo you know what i

Mean i’ll link my video intro down below in the description um based on the fact that i don’t do remote video editing anymore it’s a little bit of an outdated video intro but it converted massively for me when my full-time only income was remote video editing through sites like upwork not sites like upwork literally upwork so number one put yourself in all the

Necessary places you’ve done that ideally get yourself on upwork get yourself you know on twitter get yourself in all these zones direct via instagram dms as well but you know it’s a little bit tricky to find the people you can find by location etc but yeah one put yourself in all the necessary places number two create one dedicated piece of content that pitches

You perfectly it could be a show reel or ideally a video intro where you sat down talking um anybody and literally anybody who’s incorporated the video intro has had at least two three five times the responses that they’re getting back like literally anybody anybody doesn’t matter if you can’t jump on here and talk at the rate that i can talk the end of the

Day i’m a trained professional in a in articulation i’ve been talking since i was a wee little kid and you know what i mean even if you can’t spit words out at the rate that i can uh which is probably a good thing to be honest i’m pretty annoying you know what i mean but at the end of the day i could definitely spit out words uh you know if you can’t at the end

Of the day doesn’t matter even if you just make a monotone video hey guys what’s up i’m a video editor i’m a boo you know what i mean it’ll still be better than sending a big ass wall of text because it’s personal it’s uh they get to see you and also you can give a call to action at the end say message me back i’d love to work with you boom that one tip alone

Anybody who’s been paying attention to my channel for more than three hours they know that i talk about the video intro often because it’s just such a powerful piece of content that jumps you to the front of the list um you know even if you’re not as qualified as some of the other people they can see you they feel the personality and uh you know overall it’s

Gonna do better than a big wall of text number three apply to loads of jobs this this is number three number three was aggressively chase opportunity and that’s the other thing right i i i had a kid i laughed my ass off so hard he hit me up like jack i’ve been applying to so many jobs bro i’ve only gotten one in the past week and i was like first off you’ve got

Something so what are you complaining about but two i was like i was like let me dig a little deeper how many jobs have you applied for bro ten he said i’ve applied for ten i’ve only got one and i messaged him i was like bro that’s a great conversion rate you converted 10 10 of the of the jobs you applied for you converted right um so i think like there’s a

Little bit of a disconnect with how much stuff you have to apply for i was literally insane i used to wake up apply to 30 jobs a day when i was heavy in the freelance game 30 a day a day every day i’d uh make an upwork account apply to 30 jobs wake up the next day make a new upwork account apply to another 30. because the way they used to do it now you have to

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Buy applications aka connects back in the day they used to just give you 30 applications every month per account but they didn’t do any background checks so you could just print accounts basically i had 15 accounts churning them out overall upwork did a spree they banned all my accounts upworking me we don’t get along they sent me an email threatening to sue me

If i didn’t take down all my upwork videos big up to you upwork nothing but love games game um anyways back to the video um i’ll address my glasses quick actually these are the blue light glasses all right so you go i’m not a fraud i’m not trying to look more smart than i am i got a couple smarts but overall these are for uh protection of my retinas blue light

Glasses um so let’s review put yourself in all the necessary places you need to be create one dedicated piece of content that summarizes you perfectly three apply to loads of jobs and uh these three these three tips alone um jesus christ i got messages coming in at the wazoo bro i need to go address this in a second so i’ll wrap up the video but yes these three

Steps alone will create an income for you in the freelance industry these three steps alone now there’s a step above this which we’re going to be talking about in the next video and that is specialization aka niching down this is how one you convert almost everything you apply to um and two uh it just becomes a little bit more easy to pick up future work based

On the fact that you’re getting recommended right specialization niching down you can actually even specialize in multiple different niches and multiple different genres of content but um uh presenting yourself and marketing yourself as a specialized freelancer is a is basically a great way to convert massive massive massive amounts of clients even more so than

Using this method method right here because you just sort of lay out the case that you’re a perfect match for the job and it’s a no-brainer to bring you onto the team but that right there is the video done and dusted create a raid shirt on me a link in description if you want to get anything if you know if at all the videos provide value guys i’d

Massively massively appreciate the support grab some merch ship it out to you the homie pete um the printer pete 10 out of 10 legend he’s a little bit slow hopefully he gets your stuff out asap you bug him i need to kick him in the ass he likes cheesecake i think i’m gonna go get him a cheesecake but anyways that’s my day uh back to yours go apply this apply

This stuff and um hell yeah tell me in the comment section below whether you’re doing any of this stuff whatever the case may be whether you need to do it implement it and overall a link to the coaching program down below as well if you’re interested in getting one-on-one mentorship with yours truly at the end of the day all of the stuff i’m gonna teach you in

The coaching program is in video form on my channel somewhere so it’s not necessary but if you want that one-on-one you know basically me on your side um 100 link in description thank you guys for tuning in have a nice day peace

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