Make Way For Noddy Ep1 Too Many Noddies

Noddy learns a magic spell from Big-Ears that will make any one object into two. Noddy thinks he can use it on himself to split his workload. Trouble is, no matter how many times you duplicate a Noddy, they all think alike. #Noddy #NoddyInToyLand #Toyland

Come on out and on his way is too many noddies it’s a magical day in thailand and big ears is planting a special flower it’s the perfect place for a flower yes it does look nice once this magic spell is through what was one shall now be too whoa marvelous isn’t it i call it my doubling spell with that spell i could have two ice cream cones instead of one

You funny little noddy magic should only be used for doing good like making the garden a prettier place for everyone to enjoy i have to go now martha monkey needs a taxi ride from the train station you run along then toyland relies on you and your car but on a beautiful day like today there are so many other things i’d rather do now noddy you know how important

It is to keep your promises oh all right so car i just thought of a way we could go and pick up martha and enjoy the beautiful day how does that sound i’ll use biggie’s doubling spell on myself once this magic spell is through what was one shall now be two i am noddy i am i am i am me too me too me too me too okay noddy number two go to the train station and

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Pick up martha and make sure you’re not late okay noddy number one i’ll wish for one more naughty and then i’ll wish for two with many many naughties there is nothing i can’t do and when this day is over you’ll see how much i’ve done cause many many nadis can do so much more than one come on car let’s go into town and enjoy ourselves huh oh noddy must you always

Show off hey you what are you doing here there are two of you i know i know i know i thought i told you to pick up martha i was having too much fun so i used the doubling spell and sent a third naughty to pick her up i really hope he went notice hi noddy’s hi noddies it was such a beautiful day i used the doubling spell and sent that noddy to pick up martha

I really hope hello mr plod hello noddy and hello again noddy oh are you all right mr flood oh noddy i think it’s time i paid a visit to the eye doctor i keep thinking i’m seeing more than one noddy i’ll drive you there diner do you have any licorice if i don’t have it it doesn’t exist oh you all want licorice i have some but now i’m not sure i have enough

Good i can’t believe it we’ve got noddy’s car it’s just the open road ahead with no noddy in sight it looks as if magic has been used i’m afraid noddy has been using the spell he heard me say this morning but if you can get them all to listen i’ll put it right all you noddies stop in the name of plod kindly listen big ears has something to say noddy why did

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You use my spell when i warned you not too one more you funny little noddies i think you will all agree there are just too many of you so where there are many thou make one too much of something is never fun yeah one noddy the proper number what were you thinking noddy oh i wanted someone else to pick up martha for me i suppose i shouldn’t have used magic to

Do that i hope you’ve learned that you should always keep your promises right as my dear old grandad always said good gracious i forgot martha she’s waiting for me at the train station that’s our noddy he’s certainly one of a kind is you

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Make Way For Noddy Ep1 Too Many Noddies By Noddy Official (english)