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Foreign guys welcome back to another episode of daily dream exotics and this one’s special her friend manny has a brand new car lair basically a palace basically a shopping mall invited us to come check it out so let’s go right now and see what matt is up to and what new cars he has on the way i know it’s an eager but smart advantages to that nah i know it’s not

The same the manual is better i told my manual murcielago with august motor cars recently two of them actually and it was like crazy like a different car we can’t clean too much we were still in an lp 640 oh what’s crazy is manny’s new layer is like five minutes from our hotel so we’re gonna be really good neighbors constantly borrow stuff maybe even hyper cars

Or a cup of sugar this is the wrong spot what are the exits that’s okay look at the gates unreal vip treatment look at this place bro bro i’m not joking this is all manny’s like look around i’ve seen it in videos but it’s used in real life what’s even two of all this what the hell sorry i’m losing my words right now i was ready for this but i wasn’t ready it’s

A shopping mall this is crazy maddie how are you this is not real hey what is this it’s my church this is insane we live street fight you’re like two inches this is amazing oh thank you that’s amazing oh wow it’s the loudest car we have still hear it you’ll hear it very very soon very humble i don’t even know what to say to you like this is insane 71 000

Square feet on 6.2 acres it’s really beautiful no this is beautiful man dude you’re rolling there you have literally like half an inch on each side you didn’t even blink you’re like it’s called it’s called negligence doesn’t care these are cheap mirrors these are like pagani mirrors yeah these aren’t 30 000 to replace one you get bent knees you know whatever you

Want stop everyone you don’t have my property i don’t want to get lost good to see you thanks for having us at your place of course this actually was a church at some point it was it was yeah yeah that’s what i’m broadcasting network it’s been uh 14 months since i owned it and it’s wow yeah done a lot of work to it he said that’s hand carved in italy it’s 37 000

Pounds yeah marble two different cranes to bring it in oh you want to do it let’s see if it’s wider is the svj wider or the murcielago and eager so he’ll be down here more than a mirror on that car i think you’ll do a fine job i’ll be right here all week valet at manny’s new place anytime you guys want to comma park i’ll park your rv for your fifth wheel come on

In let me let’s get it to him 71 000. this is going to be like mtv cribs right here yeah it’s gonna be a long episode three hq so you’re calling it your hq correct yeah headquarter well i only want palazzo so plots on my cars man that’s the name of the property i’m gonna have two floors as an owner user the rest is going to be an event center this is like something

Straight out of like yeah they spent so much money like the detail work in this building is off the chart you have to feel like scarface yeah this is what it reminds me of this is like straight out of the movie well i got the cigarette say hello to my little friend yeah this is really cool it’s so grand how high are those ceilings oh easy it’s a car prop area wow

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We’re shooting content here so this is where you’re gonna put the cars yeah i’m gonna have the cars here it’s gonna look pretty similar to fish you know where i have the cars now yeah it’s gonna have a sci-fi look to it with a linear led lights it’s gonna have a hard lit ceiling so pretty pretty modern right flooring is castle marble which is one of the softest

Marble you know out there so um it was already here yeah so you’re worried about that cracking yeah i know yeah the car is late yeah how old is building yeah it was built i think i want to say 1980. oh wow yeah well super young yeah my age yeah throughout the years when you’re done kind of your vision with this place how much would you have you kind of budgeted

To try to revive this to be your brand five million five million yep he says it like it’s like really no big deal he’s like huh five million here you go this is what you do i mean you buy real estate as an investment you look at how you’re going to capitalize on this this is so insane everybody offered double what i bought it for a year ago but i ain’t selling i

Ain’t leaving yeah come on it’s so cool yeah so there’s a lot of things to look at it all of this has been here you haven’t changed this no you haven’t changed that nope this is exactly how it was annie manny oh yeah just even like look at the detail oh there’s so much detail this is not little every little piece it’s almost like caesar palace right it’s like

Yeah look at this dave you guys you honestly have no idea how big this place is my gosh look at this so this this was their bottle i haven’t done nothing this was like this except i put the red carpet in i have a better floor upstairs i’m going to show you another four oh yeah there’s it’s three floors on each side and then there is a two-story lounge in the back

You gotta see this yeah so now over here is dd squatters rights we’re not leaving yeah one elevator here another elevator on this side another room with all these murals and gold and the white and the detail it’s crazy it’s like being in vegas in a casino yeah it’s like caesar’s palace bro this is the coolest thing to own ever somebody knows what they’re doing with

The wires right oh yeah let me just touch this one so here’s gonna be my corporate offices and i’m putting my employees up here really cool lounge over here sitting area kitchen two more months you won’t recognize it’s going to be all done dialed in so these will be like little offices conference room and these are going to be individual offices for my executives

And employees are you hiring um interesting you said yes i need a nanny and i ask you but i’m just kidding david i can do both i’ve seen your actual house your actual house is beautiful oh thank you nanny right here dave and i’m between the two of us we got five kids so you’re too no problem dd nanny services hey strad man take that james we were just at your

House sorry bro your house seemed big when we were there but now it seems very simple how much do i have to pay you to put dave’s face on one of these stupid dave’s face on one of those so that you have to come here and find it so now you’re walking into the auditorium split ceiling let me turn on the light this is crazy i didn’t have the idea to build all this

Like where do you start holy yeah yeah so this is i just had a mastermind event bro i spoke for 180 people here holy um building a huge curved led wall back here huge like a 70 feet by uh 20 feet height so it’s gonna be really cool with great sound system and it has over 200 dedicated circuits on top to hang like lights and speakers so they did 25 tbs stations

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Recording out of this place 25. it was the largest i think in the world of christian tv network the audio changed as soon as i walked in here so sound yeah yeah it’s been built for this and you know i like it right away it’s got two indoor palm trees my favorite boom boom well those used to be a stripper i’m just kidding that’s the after hours church mirrors

Make everything look bigger because it gives the appearance that the the room’s continuing on even though it looks like it’s double slightly terrifying it is because if you close the door you wouldn’t know which way it was out if you put mirrors on the back of the doors it’s great for robbers if they get in here this is crazy you have to question what’s going on

In this building so this is where all the big deals happen that’s my seat over there i see it i set up my appointments it’s a member only lounge but with only one member are you gonna choose this or leave this house no no i’m changing everything yeah it’s gonna look like a las vegas vibe green carpet gold furniture yeah like that vibe so it’s gonna be cool this

Is so overwhelming gold ceiling it’s a gold ceiling mammy’s gold secret gold ceiling members only one member i forgot to show you the third floor what there’s a oh yeah we went up and then back down now we’re gonna go back up and up what’s crazy is we were so close to our hotel like we were five minutes from you yeah our hotels right over there get the hell out

Yes we’re like three blocks away look come over for a cigar this is where this is where we’re just gonna start staying here missions are here guys are going that’s right the way your cars catch on fire you’re a hazard by the way by the way i have something to tell you the 720 is actually done what it’s done it’s running again it’s got twice as much horsepower

Yeah twice as much and i’m gonna bring it down and we’re gonna go for a ride does it have a fire resistant engine though no yeah i want to see if we can go two for two okay i’m gonna take you for a ride i think you’ll like it i don’t know from the last time you wrote me in the car i don’t know i was i became a religious man after that yeah so religious you bought

A church yeah holy third floor i definitely got to work out more i got like a lot of breath a little bit going up all those stairs holy okay now we’re going into the actual layer this is manny’s layer with three million dollars worth of melwood here look at the woodwork yeah bro what the heck this is wild dude i’m just like an old castle from scotland this is

All hand and whittled just think about it like it’s one thing to buy this place it’s a whole other thing to have the plan in place to understand how to fix it all up and how to monetize this manny is a real estate genius he knows he knows he knows the market he knows what he wants to do all about juan having the idea but number two what’s even more important than

The idea is execution and taking action and having a plan to obviously put it all together a timeline all that stuff dude it just goes on and on and now we’re back outside and he’s gonna show us the 37 000 pound mountains he doesn’t look like that big but this thing’s huge it took two cranes solid marble and came like four different pieces 37 000 pounds of

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Marble and comes in italy wow it’s gorgeous it definitely suits the property this is where they baptized people right here but there’s a step down there ah it burns just joking i don’t need money get baptized that man become a billionaire well all right you guys this is crazy manny’s place is absolutely nuts we’ll come back when manny’s got some of the cars here

But before we go one thing i wanted to ask you was in 2023 you have some car deliveries yes what’s coming what’s expected what can people see the most exciting one i would say is the valkyrie spider when’s that coming they said mid 2023 but you know they’ve already been pushing out the coops delays so mine’s probably gonna get delayed is are there valkyrie street

Legal they’re not in my price range so i don’t know a lot about them actually they say they are but i think it’s gonna be showing display show and display yeah so that’s a special detail right got you got you so you’ll be able to drive up it’ll be limited to like what 2500 miles on it yep i knew that one oh that’ll last me a lifetime that’s true yeah there’s so

Many cars to choose from what else is everything else is delayed you know the bugatti bullied is 2024 obviously the absolute amg one still in limbo i’m not canceling yet i’m gonna buy it the amg-1 is still not confirmed for deliverance wow no not for us because they’re not going to go through the homologation okay so i have to bring it in as either shawn display

If i get lucky or just a race car that’s the bummer waited six years for it it’s g63 4×4 a square oh really the new one yeah that’s cool i can’t wait can we please get a tour of that when you get 100 that can’t be delayed is it no okay that’s coming i think end of this year that’s cool yeah that’s fast you’ve also sold some cars or i saw the bayron you sold the

Blue and white veyron was that your very first bugatti no no it’s my third bugatti okay so it’s my fourth one i got the sheeran and then i got the vetes now this was my fifth one sorry really yeah nate what else do i have coming in i mean i have a bunch of regular i have four four portions yeah i got four questions curry gt no i sold mine gone i bet you made it

Out hand assembly i did pretty good yeah i made enough that if you need some in-house financing we got you manny yeah i know times are tough fountains and all we got you low interest rate we’ll take it out of dave’s salary so you guys are too tough financiers i’m trying i’m trying i’m trying i got you like this is how you do you do the handshake okay i got you yeah

Well thank you for having us here my pleasure we’re gonna be back when you got some new cars we’ll do some reveals i think you need a lamborghini we’ll chat on that bombshell all right well we’ll save that for my channel traction control line all the uses room for yeah so you know they have they had a little show over here there was a theater all the kinds of

Stuff i think this was their reception maybe i don’t know to be honest with you but there’s questions there’s questions back here so i think they brought people here give them a little you know booze and that took their money

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MANNY KHOSHBIN REVEALS NEW 2023 HYPERCARS AT $44,000,000 HQ … By DailyDrivenExotics