Mario Arrizon Story

How you guys doing this is mario arazon from riverside california and what an honor to speak to you today i want to inspire a lot of you guys out there that you probably thought that man your past determines your future and i almost bought into that see my mom had me at 15 years of age my dad was a teenager himself and guys did we struggle as a matter of fact

At the age uh when i was five years of age and my brother was a newborn my parents unfortunately got a divorce and guys we struggled when i mean we struggled we struggled i remember praying to praying to god and saying god why do you hate me so much why’d you take away my father from me guys my father was my everything he still is i love him to death but at

The time as a five-year-old he was my superman and i remember praying to god saying god why do you hate me so much why’d you take away my my dad why are we so poor we used to live in this van with my mom and i i remember like to just praying like hey you took my dad away from me we’re so poor and i’m short like come on god give me a shot here at least make me

Tall but you know what he was doing he was preparing me for my destiny i realized i wasn’t even short i’m just down to earth i actually feel bad for you people are tall up there man you guys are not humble like us we’re just humble people we’re down earth okay and look i almost bought into it i almost bought into it because of my grades because i was not good at

School as a matter of fact this was my report card in pacoima middle school d minus for reading d minus for writing d minus for everything the only thing i was good at was pe that was what i thrived in so you hear that all the time if you don’t get good grades you’re going to end up in a dead-end job you’re going to end up you know stuck and i bought into that

Guys i actually was working at a flea market since i was a kid and i said you know what there’s nothing wrong with that people make a great living out of that also i’m like this is my life this is what i’m gonna do for the rest of my life because i’m just not good at school i bought into that like a lot of you guys bought into hey i’m just a construction worker

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I’m just a nurse i’m just a teacher i’m just a stay-at-home mom or a dad see i want to let you know right now no one put a period to your name and said that’s your life story that’s where you’re going to end up for the rest of your life i almost bought into that into this amazing company came into my life i said no uh no way there’s a comma that you can be way

More there’s way more to your life why not be a stay-at-home mom and be a powerful entrepreneur why why not do that you can see guys i want to inspire you that i i dare to dream and some of us guys that’s all we need we just need one person to believe in us and maybe you bumped on a bump into this show by accident but i don’t think this is an accident i think

You need to listen to this see because i bought into this and i give that everything i got and i won a trip to hawaii and i remember telling my father dad sit down i got amazing news for you your son’s gonna take you on your very first vacation dad here here we are together at the beach together and he was in his work clothes he thought i was gonna drop him off at

His job and we went straight to lax got on a plane and took off to hawaii he was so nervous he was shaking he’s like what am i gonna tell my boss i’m gonna get fired i didn’t really think we were gonna go i was 20 years old in this picture there i was 20 years old and i got to take my dad on his first company trip it was life-changing my dad got emotional on how

Proud he was of his son see they could have offered me a million dollars for that moment and i wouldn’t have took it i wouldn’t have took it because that moment is ingrained in my heart forever you know my mom said she’s she’s like hey uh uh what about me what about me i’m like don’t worry mom don’t worry because guess what look at this guys we got to win together

With my dad we got to get the green jackets together it was the most amazing feeling look at this picture my dad underwater he hates when i show this picture i’m like that’s what you get for not believing i was going to take you to hawaii all because i dared a dream see my mom married this amazing man that never treated me like his stepchild even though he was my

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Stepfather and guys he don’t smile in pictures that’s not the cool thing right my dad my stepdad he’s a gangster right guys and but you know what he stopped hanging around bad people because he seen i started dressing like him talking like him wanting to be just like him i’m so proud of him and guys look and then i got to take one of puerto rico look at this

Picture with my son it’s one of my favorite pictures that i have that i cherish this picture i can’t describe to you how amazing it is see frannie and i in this picture were just kids but what a dream we just wanted to win so darn bad we just wanted a shot we didn’t want it to be easy we just wanted a shot thank god he put the right mentors in our life change

Everything for us see stop being jealous of people in their winning season you have no idea what they went through in their losing season and look what happened to me is we buy into it i was i was around my uncle and he was telling me he’s like oh yeah you’re good right now but wait until you get my age when you get my age it’s just it’s in our genetics everyone

Gets fat look at that uncle look at that uncle look at that aunt over there all of us we’re just big voted that’s who we are and i almost believed it then i’m like uncle i’ve never seen a fat skeleton in my life what do you mean big boy he’s like damn that’s true right we we blame it on other things but you know what happened three months later i seen him and

I’m like uncle what happened he’s like man i didn’t know i had diabetes i went to the doctor and guys he lost so much weight in three months i’m like what happened he’s like i got scared i didn’t even know i had diabetes i didn’t even know what was going on and and and i was like what what do you mean uncle he’s like yes they told me that if i don’t change

The way i eat they might take away some of my limbs mario they told me they told me that i can go blind mario they told me that my mojo as a man can be gone and it scared the heck out of me man and i started eating different exercising guys a year and a half later my uncle has no diabetes no more i thought once you get it it stays with you forever he got off


Instantly got off all that why because something had to happen drastic in her life in order for him to change and guys i want to make sure that you understand this that you need you have what it takes inside of you you just got to be disciplined guys make sure that you stay disciplined when your emotions betray you because it will happen the man and woman that

That masters themselves through self-discipline can never be mastered by others but in order for us to go to the next level you got to let this go see guys life will be much easier if you let go of self-doubt of regret of thinking man i’m not good enough yes you are who are you hanging around with see guys this is everything if you want to elevate to the next

Level you need to stop complaining you got to stop hanging around complainers you got to stop hanging around people are still hating still losing still broke still not motivated to make any type of change still living in the past still making excuses for a long time my beautiful wife frannie and i we were like man is anyone ever going to follow us now we get to

Lead an amazing team over 60 regional vice presidents i can’t tell you how amazing it is to lead this team they inspire us and and more to come guys i’m telling you this can be you but are you going to buy into those lies that you’re this is who you are and this is what it is and genetics and and you know what we were born poor so we’re going to die wrong wrong

You have way more inside of you i challenge you to dream bigger i challenge you whoever shared this video with you whoever showed you like hey watch this tell them to tell you more and i can’t wait to meet you i can’t wait that you’re one day speaking to somebody telling your personal story how everything changed once you started to believe thank you so much for the honor

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Mario Arrizon Story By David Rodriguez